Xenos Hunters

Mission 10: Wings of Fire

The trial of the now late Inquisitor Hardgrave was not regular, it was swift and is now wrapped in controversy. Taking a mere 20 days to reach a verdict, Hardgrave’s fears of a kangaroo court seem to have been well founded. In the days before the Kill Team took the stand the marines and their servants provided protection for the trial. During their patrolling they were attacked by an unseen foe while surreptitiously laid traps right under their noses were sprung. Maniac noises were heard in the ventilation shafts which put all on edge and led to a lockdown of the trial room.

However the team tracked down the assailant, a pale space marine who lacked an arm. The same one who was saved from the Dark Eldar void raider. This enraged Balmung who entrusted the unknown marine’s incarceration to a Dark Angel Deathwatch Chaplain. The porcelain skinned warrior fought with Anselm in an impromptu duel which escalated when the marine stole Anselm’s personal sword. With this heraldry bedecked weapon he scored a vicious blow on the Knight before being knocked unconscious by an infuriated Anselm. The Kill Team took the jet black haired marine to a dungeon to torture him, figuring out that he was a member of the now fallen Night Lords legion. They gained what information they could from him before a vindictive Sinbad arranged for the damned soldier to have his gene seed removed and destroyed along with his limbs, leaving him helpless with the dark halls of Watch Station Hestia.

Soon after they were called to the trial to provide their “expert opinion” on Inquisitor Hardgrave and they did not give a glowing testimony as to the character of the man. The Ordo Malleus Grand Master Lothar Constantine presided over the Conclave with his fellow lords from the two other major ordos. The Kill Team’s scathing report and material evidence coupled with Hardgrave’s outrageous support of the radical Casophilian philosophy was enough to convince the Grand Master to sentence him to a summary execution.

After the Kill Team dismembered the guilty party two of the Hereticus Inquisitors relayed a message from “The Asp”, thought to be Watch Captain Oeris, which they punctuated with the reveal of no less than four bound daemonhosts. The Kill Team and the Grand Master engaged the heretics but not before one of the daemons conjured a warp rift that sent the Kill Team and the other humans scattering while Sinbad tried to beat the insubstantial warp hole with his Crozius Arcanum. Eventually it retreated and subsided, whether due to Sinbad’s attack or the fickle nature of the warp only the damned know.

In the aftermath, the Lady of Ordo Hereticus was confined while the Grand Master withdrew into his own council. Lord Inquisitor Revan of the Ordo Xenos spoke to you, thanking you for your timely intervention while also whispering that the current events bode well for his Ordo while less so for their rivals in Hereticus. The Ordo Malleus is likely to shift their attention squarely onto them and the Grand Master is not known for his clemency. Your Watch Commander was not amused by the recent attacks within the Watch Station and has called for all involved to leave at once until The Asp is brought down lest their proximity to each other garner more unwanted attention.

This came at a good time though as Oriel has sent word of a strong lead from his contacts, of a world recently visited by your quarry, the chaos frigate with presumably Oeris aboard. He has tracked the frigate to the world of Succundus Prime, a world wracked by volcanic activity. Oeris previously visited the planet on Deathwatch business during a hunt for a heretic but the return their raises questions. By your Watch Commanders command you are to hunt down the planet in the hopes of catching the frigate or its trail so that swift death can be brought to the traitors.

There is no record of sustainable human life on the planet so any sapient life you encounter is likely left behind by the recent enemy visit and is likely corrupted by service aboard a traitor ship. Ensure their deaths so that their plans go unfulfilled. In the greater Sector, the Orpheus Salient is once more hard pressed against the ever encroaching Tyranid horde as grim news comes from the Archeros Salient. The movement of Chaos fleets suggest another, even more fiercer 2nd wave coming on the heels of the "Infernal Offensive”. Only the Canis Salient has made ground in recent months, built upon the recent timidness of the Tau.

+++Author: Watch Commander Deagon Mitthrawn Mardon+++
+++Subject: Private/547

Primary Objectives:
1. Find clues to Oeris’ (Codename: The Asp) location.
Secondary Objectives:
1. Cleanse any humans you encounter, they are likely contaminated by traitor ship’s presence and cannot be trusted.

Terrain: Succundus Prime is volcanic in nature with sulfur pits, endless fields of charred rocks and a wildly fluctuating gravitational field.

Insertion: Aquila lander or Drop pod most likely, gravitational fluctuations will inhibit the insertion and extraction.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “As the Emperor’s sons learn, so do we grow closer to His ideal, but to forgive and forget is the most heinous of crimes.”

[Req 70 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req as normal.

[Pict on file, age: 1146.452 years]



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