Xenos Hunters

Mission 11: Brother against Brother

Succundus Prime revealed many secrets, some were put to the flame, others kept hidden by choice while perhaps the most important was brought to light. Oeris, Watch Captain, Ultramarine, Space Marine… Traitor. The findings pointed to the fortress world of Thanato as being the elusive marine’s next destination. The revelation of a chaos fleet heading there along the Gregorian passage, a narrow stretch of navigable warp space leading to the Iron Collar, has further cemented the likelihood of Oeris’ return.

In the week during warp travel to the fleet rally point Tellion was seen in all black with a widows veil covering her face. When asked why she explained that whenever a trusted friend or family member gravely betrayed them the people of her homeworld would mourn that person. The betrayer was now, for all intents and purposes, dead to them. Throughout the rest of the ship the feeling could be summed up as ‘grim’. The sudden thrust by the forces of chaos for the heart of the Imperium’s beach head has shaken their resolve.

Lord Militant Tetrarchus has given the command of the counter attack over to the Salamander Captain Pellas Mir’san who has gathered what forces he can muster to his side. Imperial Navy, Rogue Traders, Space Marine vessels all alongside merchant ships re-fitted to carry armies of imperial guard and a mighty Mass Conveyor singing the hymns of the Machine God.

Of the Space Marines, many are present. A grand host represented by many chapters. Salamanders and Dark Sons make up the greatest number, each with a strike cruiser but others are present. A Raven guard contingent of assault marines make up the next largest in number and there are rumors of at least one other Death Watch Kill Team located somewhere in the fleet.

However some chapters are a reminder of home to the Kill Team. The pious Storm Crusaders have joined their Chaplain in holy prayer, bringing with them the same strange beasts as Sinbad lovingly looks after. Balmung has been reunited with some Grey Wolves of his Great Company, led by Gonmar a sturdy sort prone to drink and merriment. Anselm however has had a more strained meeting, five members of his old squad have turned up with a request that he returns to their chapter and take his place as Teutonic Guard Master. He has turned down the post while there is still the looming threat to the Jericho Crusade but has accepted the assistance of the marines in the swift execution of that threat.

Elsewhere your Watch Commander and Oriel has been working on gaining as much assistance as they can, calling in favors from their contacts to try and plug the breach. There is little that Tellion’s science can achieve against the warped chaos fleets so she has been reduced to private study of her own. The Canoness Commander has been leading prayers throughout the Venator and trying to contact sister orders or the ecclesiarchy for further assistance.

Thanatos will be the meeting ground between the two fleets, set at the neck of the Gregorian passage, guarding the way to the Iron Collar. It is the waystation all ships must stop at before continuing on further through the passage. If the enemy fleet can be broken and the world secured then the perhaps the Crusade may yet survive. A world of towering mountains, flat plains of mud and bunker networks. Every square kilometer of the planet is prepared ground, snaking barbed wire and cris-crossed tank traps sit between long and elaborate trench systems.

+++Author: Captain Pellas Mir’san+++
+++Subject: Private/247

Primary Objectives:
1. Join the Ground or Void Battle
Secondary Objectives:
1. Depends on War Council Decision.

Terrain: Thanato is a Fortress world. mud, trenches, bunkers and no man’s lands are to be expected. Chaos Fleets notoriously weigh heavily on the souls of those who experience their interiors. They are inherently hostile environments, shield your soul with the Armour of Contempt while you walk their insane corridors.

Insertion: Depends on War Council Decision.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day:

“The enemies of the Emperor fear many things.
They fear discovery, defeat, despair and death.
Yet there is one thing they fear above all others.
They fear the wrath of the Space Marines!"

[Req 130 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req as normal.




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