Xenos Hunters

Mission 12: Revelation

The void space around Thanato is awash with ships, many wrecked or heavily damaged. The fleet engagement was a minor victory for the understrength Imperial fleet, the destruction or hulking of 10 frigates and three cruisers to the loss of a Grand Cruiser, two cruisers and two cobra class frigates. However the enemy battleship as well as a cruiser and two frigates disengaged towards the troop and supply ships waiting at the edge of the system. These Imperial vessels scattered and the Chaos fleet ignored them heading into the warp and likely on their way to the Iron Collar now.

The desctrucion of so much of the enemy fleet, and the grand cruiser itself came about from the chain reaction of two warp drives overloading in the skies above Thanato. These pair of immateria breaches almost sucked in the members of the Kill Team hunting Oeris down on a Chaos frigate. Those same Kill Team members were at the time engaged in combat with four champions of chaos, two were slain, one greviously injured and the last was lost to the warp rift. The Kill Team lost two Knight’s, one to the Champion of Khorne and one to a trap set by Oeris that detonated in the bridge, throwing them into the void near the warp rift. Almost all of the strike teams suits were compromised and Ex-Arbite Joffery almost suffocated before the Dark Sons managed to teleport them aboard.

The ground assault had mixed results, the Commandery sustained 90% casualties and the Canoness Commander lost an arm in the landing. Heavy flak and chaos void fighter intercepts also caused the Dark Sons and Salamanders to suffer 20% casualties in the drop. Sinbad rallied the battle sisters and led them to safety while securing the section of trench line he landed near. Chasing signs of Salamander troops nearby he assisted a Salamander ancient, encased in a dreadnaught, a Dark Sons squad and the squad of Space Wolves.

After the battle all Kill Team members were recalled to the Imperial controlled mountain fortress Aethre to plan the attack on the opposite muntain fortress, Nyxa which is controlled by Chaos forces including Iron Warriors if the reports are to be believed.

The merchant ships re-fitted to carry armies of imperial guard and the Mechanicus controlled Mass Conveyor have begun to unload their contents. The most notable of which is the battle maniple of titans from the Legio Igneus. The Ferox Imperator Titan, a pair of Reavers, Erigo and Cuspis as well as three Warhounds, Conticeo, Supernus and Talio

The Ultramarines survived the void engagement, the Raven Guard assault marines were not so lucky, a mere five managed to pilot a thunderhawk back to planet and rumors say they have become more reclusive and vengeful after the loss of their Captain to the warp rift. The mortal regiments landing on the planet include the famous siege troops, the Death Korps of Kreig who seem to have taken the lions share of the mortals burden. Other well known Guard units include Cadian shock troopers, Moridan Iron Guard, Scintillian heavy infantry and a Gunmetalican Armoured regiment.

The Bell of Souls will likely toll many times after the coming battle but the price will be worth it to finally hunt down Oeris and crush traitors tainting the surface of Thanato. The enemy first line of defense is a series of zig-zagging trench lines manned by traitor guard and cultists. The second line consists of fortified bunkers set on artificially elevated berms that overlook killing grounds. The third line is a ring of defences at the base of Nyxa. They consist of thick fortress walls containing garrisons that can fire out through shooting slits, flak autocannon batteries on their roofs and cannons built into their sides.

Combined arms counter attacks are to be expected during the assault, inside Nyxa the enemy force composition is unknown but vicious fighting is to be expected from the insane opposition. If the Iron Warriors are truly present Imperial Command’s sages expect over 95% casualties for front line units and 70% for the reserves to achieve victory, even with two companies worth of loyal marines present.

+++Author: Captain Pellas Mir’san+++
+++Subject: Private/356

Primary Objectives:
1. Hunt Down Oeris.
Secondary Objectives:
1. Break through the first line of defenses.
2. Break through the second line of defenses.
3. Break through the third line of defenses.
4. Assist nearby Imperial forces whenever possible.

Terrain: Thanato is a Fortress world. mud, trenches, bunkers and no man’s lands are to be expected. Nyxa is a garrison filled mountain designed to repel intruders, the enemy will have prepared the battle ground before you arrive.

Insertion: On foot unless vehicle is requisitioned.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: A fortress is built with blood and toil. Only by blood and toil may it be taken.

[Req 200 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req and buy assets as normal.

[Thanato Trench Line: Section Gamma Nine]
Thanato trenches   copy



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