Xenos Hunters

Mission 13: The Green Zone

3 week in-game downtime during travel.

The Kill Team led the charge to hunt down Oeris, with not only a Chaos Warhound Titan destroyed but also a Harbinger bomber and an Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine. The Kill Team smashed through the three lines of defence in their sector before infiltrating the fortress proper while helping the Ultramarines on the planet make a breakthrough. Inside, in a sub-basement chamber Oeris was revealed to be an Alpha Legionnaire enacting some kind of ritual which Anselm managed to disrupt. Before the team could capture Oeris the slippery and treacherous Eldar of the Sar-Crys Craftworld attacked the ritual site led by an Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine.

After a bloody battle with Oeris, the black-shield Decimus redeemed himself by killing the traitor and revealed he was a member of the Iron Hands Chapter. Oriel was injured severely in combat with an Eldar Farseer he betrayed and Oeris who was attempting to escape through the Internal Prosecution Inquisitor. Anselm slayed the Eldar Daemon but not before the xenos caused the apparent deaths of Balmung’s two servants, Wolfy and Kant. Somehow Patriclus revived them both and assisted Sinbad in saving Oriel’s life. The battle was not all once sided however as half of Gonmar’s squad and the Ultramarine veterans and scouts were killed in the final battle.

Thanato is a graveyard, upon its muddy plains lie the bodies of both Imperial and Heretic alike. The planet is a mausoleum to the hundreds of thousands lost on the first day of the siege. Your Kill Team uncovered something that may make the entire endeavour a moot point. Some kind of psychic beacon crafted from the flesh of a Norn Queen and combined with now defiled Imperial technology was activated. It is unknown if the call through the sector for the Tyranids was heard by the xenos but the person responsible must be stopped regardless. That person is none other than Inquisitor Tellion of Ordo Xenos. Having played the Kill Team into providing pure genetic samples from the splinter fleet attack on Rahas she has somehow created an emitter to draw Tyranids to locations of her choosing.

The siege continues with the front line fluctuation and the initial momentum being slowed as Imperial guard regiments are destroyed by Iron Warrior ambushes inside the mountain. High Command seems to be torn between pulling back to prepare for a Tyranid invasion or pushing onwards to achieve a Pyrrhic victory over the Traitor Legionnaires holding the fortress mountain. Oriel has no such hesitations and through curt discussions with the Salamander Captain and Deathwatch representatives in charge of the planet’s defence has secured the service of the Velox Venator and the Kill Team to hunt down Inquisitor Tellion. Leaving through the underground tunnel leading to the redoubt they saved during battle the Kill Team is preparing to leave the planet.

The Navy has informed the Kill Team that a Defence Monitor brought along to defend the supply ships was on a long range patrol when it veered off course. It is believed that Tellion absconded with the ship to escape and Imperial Navy navigators have traced the ship’s path through the warp to have it headed towards the heart of the Green Zone, a group of off-limits Ork systems between the Orpheus and Acheros Salients. With the last of the Raven Guard dead after suicide bombing an Iron Warrior barracks their Thunderhawk has been sequestered for your use on this vital mission.

+++Author: Inquisitor Oriel+++
+++Subject: Private/578

Primary Objectives:
1. Hunt Down Inquisitor Tellion
2. Secure any information on her research into the Queen Psychic Emitter.
Secondary Objectives:

Terrain: Jungle rainforest, flora and fauna has not been examined by the Imperium’s Genetors.

Insertion: Thunderhawk, Aquila Lander, Arvus Lander and Drop Pod are all available.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: When there is no other way, the perilous path is the only road to salvation.

[Req 150 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req and buy assets as normal.

[Recovered Pict file and attached note from Inquisitor Tellion’s private cogitator found destroyed in her quarters aboard the Velox Venator]

  • Subject #3 Prior to purge, 1 week of growth. Damage to superstructure endangered null fields and necessitated destruction. Splicing pygmy gene sequence into next subject may achieve size requirements.
    Test subject



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