Xenos Hunters

Mission 6: Carthoga servandi est

While the fleet was heavily damaged the Tyranid escorts were destroyed. The Hive ship burned up due to the kill team’s brave actions and the Steel Talisman survived barely. It orbits Rahas, a broken shell waiting for a long repair and overhaul, while it is currently quarantined. The navy ratings held off a good force of Tyranids that attacked them after they departed the Hive ship. They were however intercepted by a Dark Sons Thunderhawks whose occupants commenced gene scanning of the Navy crew, resulting in 52 ‘stealer infected’ men to be given the Emperor’s mercy. The rest, including Dark Sons dead and wounded where returned into safe Imperial hands.

The ground battle was fierce as ever, the rest of the Tyranids on the planet had re-grouped and were besieging the City of Lensberg once more. Only the timely death of the Norn Queen managed to give the Imperial Guard the opening they needed to break the enemies back. The most optimistic projections now suggest that it will be 10 to 20 years before the world is even begun to be considered fully cleansed of the dispersed xenos. Patriclus apparently acquitted himself with honour, a glowing recommendation from the canoness commander resulting in him receiving a Victory Star.

The footage and samples taken from the ship are being meticulously scrutinized by Inquisitor Tellion’s servants. The Dark Sons Strike Cruiser “The Steel Trident” continues to coordinate cleansing operations with the Imperial Guard on the planet. The shadow in the warp receding has reopened astropathic communication (The few remaining astropaths who managed to maintain their wits now working themselves to death to take up the slack) and a flurry of information about your actions has been set back to the Watch Commander. In return details on how the rest of the Achilus Crusade is proceeding brings grave news. More of Orpheus Salient is being lost to the Tyranid menace (although Inquisitor Tellion is optimistic about the information you gathered being able to turn that situation around) while the Acheros Salient is re-entrenching with the recent heretic “Infernal Offensive” pushing hard on their gains. The Canis Salient is continuing to be a meat grinder on the Greyhell front where Lord Commander Ebongrave is throwing everything that was not involved in the defense of Rahas in a rash attack against the Tau.

After your awards ceremony you were introduced to Oriel (known aliases: Orion) by Inquisitor Tellion. He appears to be taking control of or directing the next operation which is to disrupt the Tau on a fringe world spinward of Rahas. You are given until Rogue Trader Vito Rolf Hurst arrives to attend to personal activities and prepare for the next operation. The enigmatic man outlined his plan to have you surreptitiously secreted into the capital city of Carth under the guise of a diplomatic and trade mission being transported by the Rogue Trader. This is where the main influence of Tau presence is being made by an expansionist colony set up by the degenerate aliens to the south of Carth.

+++Author: Watch Captain Tauron Oeris+++
+++Subject: Private/810

Primary Objectives:
1. Sabotage, misdirect, capture, assassinate, disrupt and terrorise Tau/sympathisers forces.
Secondary Objectives:
1. Remain undetected for as long as possible.

Terrain: City of Carth and surrounding countryside. There are scattered jungles outside the cities limits, the largest surrounds a volcano to the East of Carth. To the south of Carth there is a strip of desert.

Insertion: Via cargo containers being delivered to Carth by the Rogue Trader Vito Rolf Hurst.

Attached: Commissar Patriclus citation submitted by Canoness Commander Isabella Chevalier of the Order of the Bloody Rose.

“-last of the unit’s officers died, the Commissar took command of the remainder of the regiment and lead them in a charge to regain the “Perlow Gap”. There, on the lip of a trench, he battled three larger xenos breed (Tyranid designation “Warrior”) and their servant gaunts alongside the men. With bolt pistol and chainsword the Commissar slew the warriors, breaking the smaller creatures will so that his men could regain proper fighting positions and throw the invaders back. His courageous words and deeds inspired his men and saved the “Perlow Gap. His action were in upholding the highest traditions of the-”

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “A warrior’s faith in his commander is his best armour and his strongest weapon.”

[Imperial instructional pamphlet]
[Req 90 per kill team member.]

Standard ammunition for your weapons will be available in enough quantity for you to resupply during your stay. Everything else you purchase will have to last you your time on Carthoga. This includes any weapons you purchase, ie: if you buy a flamer you will always have access to flamer fuel for resupply. However something like a melta bomb is a one off use and you will have to buy more than one before you go if you want more at hand.

Purchasing special grenades (eg: EMP grenades) provides 3 per purchase. Frag and krak grenades are treated like standard ammunition, you will have enough to last your time on Carthoga.

Vehicles or other personnel can be requested to be brought with you but there are weight restrictions.

You may pool Req as normal.



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