Xenos Hunters

Mission 7: Delicate Misery

The Tau were expelled from Carth by the Kill Team’s efforts however both the main military encampment and the Tau cruiser were destroyed by the Chaos frigate. During this operation several new recruits were found, with Joffery the Arbitrator becoming Anselm’s serf and the primitive tribal people of Carthoga clinging to Sinbad’s shadow. The Tau ethereal was sedated and captured by the 13th Penal Legion (aka: Last Chancers) before being whisked away by the Kill Team.

During the expulsion of the Tau from Carth the Kill Team uncovered a reeducation camp attached to the morgue at Carth Hospital. The parliament was completely wiped out and a military dictatorship from supposedly loyalist staff officers is being set up. The King has also stepped out of retirement to re-take the throne in the power vacuum but that will be for the Ordo Malleus to decide. On that note the Kill Team also uncovered a cultist cell that was involved with a suspected traitor marine and summoned daemonic entities which were slain.

The rogue trader Arcturus Basilicus along with his heir Magdalena Basilicus were sitting at the edge of the system throughout the mission and were called in by Inquisitor Oriel when the forces of chaos played their hand. The fast chaos frigate managed to escape though. They had their navigators attempt to map its route through the warp but interference has meant they could only tell that the ship headed Rimward. That interference is a matter of speculation but Inquisitor Oriel believes that the cultists on Carth were enacting a ritual that allowed the Chaos frigate to exit the warp in high orbit over the planet without being torn apart by the energies involved. He also believes this was the reason why the frigate defeated the larger Tau vessel, the excess warp energy thrashed the Tau vessel, crippling it in the process.

The Ordo Malleus has indeed been called in, they will quarantine Carthoga and begin their investigations. They are spread thin though as both Hidule and Rahas have been rocked by cultist sedition and sabotage. Hidule’s missile installation was attacked by cultists, some of the deathwatch serfs left behind to guard it were cultists. It was however held by some of Inquisitor Tellion’s assets also left there. Rahas however has been dealt a significant blow, a virulent hemotoxin was introduced into the water supply and the initial death toll is grim. Colonel Damian Turner was killed by assassins along with several other staff officers stationed on Rahas.

All these factors have led the Deathwatch and the Inquisition to confirm earlier suspicions that someone in the Kill Team was a traitor. The suspect is none other than Watch Captain Tauron Oeris, the commanding officer of the Kill Team. While it is unconfirmed and the lance strikes on the main Tau encampment where Oeris was located further add to the confusion, the suspicion still firmly rests on Oeris. Oriel revealed himself to be part of Internal Prosecution, a group of Inquisitors whose primary role is to hunt traitors within the Imperium’s many byzantine institutions. The entire Carthoga operation was actually a cover to lure the traitor to reveal themselves, the side effect of reminding the Tau that their expansion cannot go on without recourse was secondary to Oriel’s main mission.

The Kill Team was taken away to Watch Station Hestia where they were interrogated and then taken under Watch Commander Deagon Mitthrawn Mardon’s wing. Several relics recovered by Sinbad were returned to the 2nd Company of the Salamanders, the Captain renewed and strengthened the oaths of the Salamanders to the Deathwatch. Anselm and Bellerophon dueled in personal combat, Anselm won but the battle brought the two brothers together, creating a nascent bond between them.

The Master of the Vigil informed the Kill Team that they would be part of a new task force. One that would hunt down the chaos frigate that was involved in the intervention on Carthoga and follow new leads pertinent to that hunt. In that effort Oriel enlisted the services of Magdalena Basilicus and her ship the Velox Venator to provide transport for the Kill Team. However the Team’s first mission is to rescue an old friend. Inquisitor Jestilla Tellion was taken by Dark Eldar raiders and her acolytes have called for assistance.

+++Author: Inquisitor Oriel+++
+++Subject: Private/460

Primary Objectives:
1. Rescue Inquisitor Jestilla Tellion
Secondary Objectives:
1. Capture or Assassinate key enemy leaders.

Terrain: Close quarter ship combat, the dark cousins of the Eldar are renowned fighters

Insertion: Shark attack boat.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “Many are the faces of the great enemy, and many are the hands which do its work. Trust no-one. Trust not even yourself. It is better to die in vain than to live as an abomination.”

[Req 60 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req as normal.

[Recovered pict from a raid on Rotega]
Dark eldar raid   copy



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