Xenos Hunters

Mission 8: Devil in Disguise

[All Deathwatch Kill Team members have access to the “Death World Veteran: The Void” Distinction]

The rescue mission for Tellion was a complete success. The Kill Team not only recovered the Inquisitor (minus a leg) but also a Space Marine of unknown origin (minus an arm) and the Dark Eldar’s Ship Captain (minus his dignity). This was topped off with the rescue of the human slaves and the destruction of the entire vessel via the use of a nuclear device provided by Sinbad.

The Venator took moderate damage and her squadrons took some serious losses that are currently in the process of being repaired or salvaged, the vessel has reconstituted its losses into a single squadron of Fury and Starhawk void craft until full repairs are made with only a handful of shark attack boats surviving the rushed assault.

Tellion was in a wrathful mood when she awoke, blaming Inquisitor Markus Hardgrave for her capture. She asked for the Space Marines to hunt down her Ordo Hereticus rival and was going to join the team. Sinbad convinced her of the need to take a break to regain her strength and calm her mind. Sinbad and Patriclus left on a Kill-Marine mission on Hidule and the Inquisitor departed with them. The Storm Crusader presented gifts from his chapter for each member of the Kill Team prior to his departure.

Oriel stayed to oversee the mission to hunt down Hardgrave which lead the Kill Team to Dissimulo, a fyceline mining complex on Niveus. The Kill Team made best speed with an Aquila lander through the asteroids surrounding the planet to land on the surface where they met a black shield known as Aslan who claimed to have been sent to assist.

+++Author: Inquisitor Tellion+++
+++Subject: Private/746

Primary Objectives:
1. Confront Inquisitor Hardgrave.
Secondary Objectives:
1. Find evidence within the Dissimulo fyceline mining complex to convict Inquisitor Hardgrave.

Terrain: Snow and ice outside, urban within the complex. Dissimulo is set on a mountain overlooking an extremely deep ravine.

Insertion: Aquila Lander

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.”

[Req 70 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req as normal.

[Artist’s recreation of Dissimulo based on eyewitness testimony]



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