Xenos Hunters

Watch Station Hestia



CLASSIFICATION: Secondary Level Intelligence
ENCRYPTION: Cryptox v 3.5
AUTHOR: Inquisitor Oriel, Ordo Xenos, Internal Prosecution
SUBJECT: FWD: RE: Watch Station Hestia
RECIPIENT: Lord Inquisitor Revan Thysser Nuroman, Master of Ordo Xenos, Inquisition High Council Officio, Jericho Reach Sector, Segmentum Ultima

1 Oriel Addendum: With such flowery abuse of the holy Gothic language I have half a mind to declare this idiot Excommunicate Traitoris. Is he one of Parkov’s recently elevated pupils? Please tell me this fatuous fool has no power over anything of note.


AUTHOR: Inquisitor Phlebas Issior, Ordo Xenos
SUBJECT: RE: Watch Station Hestia
RECIPIENT: Inquisitor Oriel, Ordo Xenos

Salutations, Sir!
I am glad to hear of your interest in Watch Station Hestia, my past work there has provided some intimacy as to its condition. Hestia is a space station that sits in the middle of a deserted system, built to guard an ancient but inert warp gate due to a specific reading of the Emperor’s tarot centuries ago. The markings found by Inquisitorial scholars such as myself and xeno-savants leave no doubt that the gate is architecturally linked to the Jericho-Maw Warp Gate that has allowed the current crusade to exist.

Among the scholarly or bored the gate and its nature are often points of friendly debate or argument. During the initial exuberance when the Jericho-Maw gate opened many Inquisitorial experts flocked to the gate to make active and inert comparisons but there was little progress. With the lack of activity many believe that no answer will be revealed in their lifetime but still, various theories are bandied about during talks between different philosophical factions whenever a High Conclave is called to convene.

The surrounding view of space is full of young nebulae, green, yellow and blue clouds roiling and twisting. Bright lights of nearby systems wink while a circumstellar disk of a young forming star almost feels like an eye watching the station from the deep void1. Closer in a faint dust cloud and the occasional slowly turning asteroids surround the station.

The station itself is large enough to house a full chapter of battle brothers and is well armed. However it is likely to be only lightly manned with a few astropaths, oath bound serfs and the occasional battle brother or kill team passing through. It is located in the void between the Canis and Acheros Salient, quiet, out of the way and undisturbed by interstellar traffic. A perfect location for hiding sensitive prisoners or conducting secret meetings.

I have attached a particularly impressive pict capture of nearby space from a port window for your pleasure.



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