A master of close combat seeking to disconnect with the failures of his Chapter.


Brother-Champion Anselm
Chapter: Knights Teutonic
Specialization: Assault Marine; Deathwatch Champion (Rank 8).
Deeds: No Quarter Given
Distinctions: Enduring Name; Falkner Reborn; Unshakable.
Serfs: Abitrator Joffery, Sister Elona.

Demeanor: Hot-Blooded
Chapter Demeanor: Scorn the Weak

The Imperial Laurel – having undertaken the task of delivering an explosive to a Tyranid Norn Queen;
Terminator Honors – servitude to the Deathwatch;
Skull and Motto (Terror to Heretics, Slayer of Xenos, Bane of Daemons) – earned after the slaying of a Bloodthirster of Khorne.

WS – 75 (47 Base +5 Chapter, +3 Deed, +20 Advance)
BS – 42
S – 62 (47 Base +15 Advance; 82 due to Power Armor)
T – 63 (48 Base +5 Chapter +10 Advance)
Ag – 62 (42 Base +20 Advance)
Int – 45
Per – 46 (41 Base +5 Advance)
WP – 47
Fel – 46 (41 Base +5 Advance; 48 with rhoc pelt)
Movement: 7/14/21/42
Wounds: 26 (23 Base +3 Sound Constitution) (26 Current)
Fate Points: 1 (1 Current)

Solo Mode Ability: Armor of Contempt
Squad Mode Attack Pattern: Oath of Vengeance
Squad Mode Defensive Pattern: Combat Discipline

Corruption: 0
Insanity: 8
Primarch’s Curse: Supremacy

Acrobatics, Awareness +10, Charm, Ciphers (Chapter Runes, Deathwatch), Climb, Command +20, Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Imperium, War), Concealment, Demolition, Dodge +20, Drive (Ground Vehicles, Skimmer), Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Interrogation +10, Intimidate +20, Literacy +10, Logic, Navigation (Surface), Pilot (Flyer, Personal +10, Space Craft), Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes), Search, Silent Move, Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Techna-Lingua), Tactics (Assault Doctrine), Tech-Use, Tracking.

Air of Authority, Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapons Training, Berserk Charge, Blademaster, Bulging Biceps, Catfall, Combat Master, Counter-Attack, Crippling Strike, Crushing Blow, Deathwatch Training, Disarm, Fearless, Good Reputation (Sisters of Battle: Order of the Bloody Rose), Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Killing Strike, Iron Discipline, Lightning Attack, Lightning Reflexes, Nerves of Steel, Peer (Adeptus Astartes, Imperial Guard), Preternatural Speed, Quick Draw, Resistance (Poisons, Psychic Powers), Signature Wargear (Master-crafted arm-mounted bolt pistol), Signature Wargear: Hero (Artificer Armor), Signature Wargear: Hero (Deathwatch Relic Blade), Signature Wargear: Hero (Greck-Pattern Storm Pistol), Signature Wargear (Master) (Master-crafted Power Sword), Sound Constitution (x4), Strong Minded, Sure Strike, Swift Attack, Takedown, True Grit, Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic, Melee), Unarmed Master, Wall of Steel, Wings of Angels.

Distract, Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2), Xenos Bane.

(All weapons are now listed with Errata damage)
(All attacks count as Toxic against xenos)
Master-crafted Astartes Bolt Pistol mounted to right arm (21m; S/3/-; 1d10+11 X; Pen 4; Clip 14; Rld Full; Tearing; Req) (14 rounds currently) (Does not jam)
Anselm’s Greck-Pattern Storm Pistol mounted to right arm (Pistol; 30m; S/2/-; 1d10+11 X; Pen 4; Clip 30; Rld Full; Storm, Tearing; Req 25; Distinguished) (grants +10 to semi-automatic attacks; no possibility of Jamming) (“My Craft is death!”)
Astartes Frag Grenades (x3) (45m; 2d10+2 X; Blast (4))
Astartes Krak Grenades (x3) (45m; 3d10+4 X; Pen 6)
Master-crafted Astartes Power Sword (1d10+24 E; Pen 6; Balanced, Power Field) (+20 bonus to hit) (Felling 1 for duration of Mission 11)
Personal Sword (1d10+22 E; Pen 6; Balanced, Power Field)
Relic Blade (2d10+24 E; Pen 9; Power Field; Special) (auto-destroys any non-power weapons; 25% to destroy non-relic power weapons parried against or used to parry)
Combat shield buckled to left arm (1d5+17 I; Balanced)
Fists (1d10+16 I)

Mark VII – “The Raiment of Karstein” (AP 10 Arms, Legs, Body; 8 Head)
History: Terror be Thy Friend
Horned helm incorporating the Imperial Laurel(+5 to Intimidation; -3 to all other Fel. Tests)
Force Field: Astartes Combat Shield (PR 25; Overload 1-10)

Artificed – “Redemption’s Gift” (AKA the Bloody-Handed Armor) (AP 12-all)
History: Terror be Thy Friend, Mk. VIII Elements (Gorget)
Helm incorporating the Imperial Laurel.
Draped with a rhoc pelt (+2 to all Fel. Tests)
Going helmetless for the duration of Mission 12 (+5 to Fellowship, +5 to prevent Cohesion Damage, no Auto-senses, not sealed)
Force Field: Astartes Combat Shield (PR 25; Overload 1-10)
Totals: +7 to Fellowship Tests; %30 chance of bouncing off shots to the head to the body.

Mission Requisition: 150
Unused Requisition: 85
Loadout: Master-crafted Astartes jump pack, Astartes combat shield, repair cement.

Rank 7.
Total XP: 49,600
Unspent XP: 500
Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) (500 XP) (Assault Marine)
Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee) (500 XP) (Assault Marine)
Fearless (800 XP) (Chapter)
Wall of Steel (600 XP) (Chapter)
Intimidate +10 (200 XP) (Chapter)
Command (400 XP) (Chapter)
Blademaster (1000 XP) (Chapter)
Catfall (200 XP) (Assault Marine)
Simple Weapons Skill Advance (200 XP)
Simple Strength Advance (200 XP)
Simple Agility Advance (200 XP)
Simple Perception Advance (200 XP)
Intermediate Strength Advance (500 XP)
Sound Constitution (500 XP) (General Space Marine)
Sound Constitution (500 XP) (General Space Marine)
Deed: No Quarter Given (500 XP) (from Rites of Battle)
Peer (Imperial Guard) (600 XP) (Chapter)
Simple Toughness Advance (500 XP)
Intermediate Weapons Skill Advance (500 XP)
Ciphers (Deathwatch) (200 XP) (Deathwatch)
Trained Weapons Skill Advance (1,000 XP)
Expert Weapons Skill Advance (1,500 XP)
Lighting Attack (600 XP) (Assault Marine)
Signature Wargear (500 XP) (General Space Marine)
Tech-Use (800 XP) (General Space Marine)
Logic (400 XP) (General Space Marine)
Awareness +10 (300 XP) (General Space Marine)
Sound Constitution (1000 XP) (General Space Marine)
Sound Constitution
Intimidate +20 (200 XP) (Chapter)
Demolition (400 XP) (General Space Marine)
Tracking (400 XP) (Chapter)
Air of Authority (1,000 XP) (General Space Marine)
Simple Fellowship Advance (500 XP)
Crushing Blow (600 XP) (Assault Marine)
Pilot (Personal) +10 (500 XP) (Assault Marine)
Sure Strike (500 XP) (Assault Marine)
Takedown (500 XP) (Assault Marine)
Trained Strength Advance (1,000 XP)
Interrogation (400 XP) (Chapter)
Interrogation +10 (400 XP) (Deathwatch)
Resistance (Poisons) (500 XP) (General Space Marines)
Speak Language (Techna-Lingua) (200 XP) (General Space Marines)
Literacy +10 (200 XP) (General Space Marines)
Search (400 XP) (General Space Marines)
Intermediate Agility Advance (500 XP)
Intermediate Toughness Advance (1,000 XP)
Enduring Name Distinction (500 XP)
Trained Agility Advance (1,000 XP)
Expert Agility Advance (1,500 XP)
Drive (Skimmer/Hover Vehicle) (General Space Marine) (600 XP)
Iron Discipline (General Space Marine) (1,000 XP)
Command +10 (General Space Marine) (500 XP)
Deathwatch Champion Elite Specialty (from Rites of Battle) (4,000 XP)
Signature Wargear (Master) (Master-crafted Astartes Power Sword) (1,000 XP) (General Space Marine)
Signature Wargear (Master-crafted right arm-mounted bolt pistol) (500 XP) (General Space Marine)
Charm (800 XP) (General Space Marine)
Dodge +10 (400 XP) (Deathwatch Champion)
Lightning Reflexes (500 XP) (Assault Marine)
Dodge +20 (400 XP) (Deathwatch Champion)
Falkner Reborn Distinction (2,750 XP)
Unshakable Distinction (600 XP)
Standard Follower (Sister Elona) (1,000 XP)
Pilot (Space Craft)(800 XP) (Elite)
Signature Wargear: Hero (Artificer Armour) (1,000 XP) (Deathwatch Champion)
Signature Wargear: Hero (Deathwatch Relic Blade) (1,000 XP) (Deathwatch Champion)
Signature Wargear: Hero (Greck-Pattern Storm Pistol) (1,500 XP) (General Space Marine)
Acrobatics (400 XP) (Assault Marine)
Crippling Strike (400 XP) (Assault Marine)
Disarm (500 XP) (Assault Marine)
Pilot (Flyer) (800 XP) (General Marine)
Strong Minded (1,500 XP) (Deathwatch)
Preternatural Speed (1,000 XP) (Assault Marine)
Into the Jaws of Hell (1,000 XP) (General Space Marine)
Combat Master (500 XP) (Assault Marine)
Berserk Charge (700 XP) (Assault Marine)
Command +20 (800 XP) (General Space Marine)
Peer (Adeptus Astartes) (500 XP) (General Space Marine)

Xenos: ~69 Tyranids; 24 Eldar; 37 Tau; 10 Dark Eldar; 2 Sslyth Bodyguards; ~15 strange xeno-bat-things.

  • Xenos subset – Tyranids: ~50 Hormagaunts; 1 Genestealer; 1 Ravener; 12 Rippers; 1 Tyranid Warrior; 1 Tyranid Warrior Prime; 1 Zoanthrope; 1 Norn Queen; 1 Tyranid Harridan.
  • Xenos subset – Eldar: 2 Dire Avenger Exarchs; 2 Howling Banshees; 2 Guardian heavy weapons crewmen; 10 Dire Avengers; 1 Farseer.
  • Xenos subset – Tau: ~30 Tau Fire Warriors; 5 Tau Crisis Suits; 1 Tau Hammerhead; 1 Tau Crisis Suit.
  • Xenos subset – Dark eldar: 2 Dark Eldar Hellions; 1 Dark Eldar Haemonculus; 4 Dark Eldar Incubi; 1 Dark Eldar Mandrake.

Hereticus: 1 Tau sympathizer; ~20 Carthogan PDF troopers; 3 Carthogan PDF pilots; 4 Carthogan PDF tank crewmen; ~12 Carthogan Ministers; 1 unsanctioned Psyker; 1 Mutant leader; 1 treacherous Interrogator; 1 mounted gun servitor; 6 Traitor Marines; ~30(?) Iron Warrior thralls; 20 Alpha Legion cultists.

  • Hereticus subset – Traitor Marines: 4 Iron Warriors; 2 Alpha Legionnaires.

Malleus: 3 Bloodletters; 1 Bloodthirster of Khorne; 1 Champion of Slaanesh; 1 Champion of Khorne.

Obscuro: 1 Valkyrie dropship; 1 Leman Russ; 1 Chaos Warhound Titan; 1 Hell Talon fighter; 1 Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine.

TOTAL: ~258 kills.

All trophies sacrificed following slaying of Bloodthirster.

Other Notes:
Non-Mastery Skill Bonuses: +20 to Leadership Tests used with other Knights Teutonic or Deathwatch (Chosen of the Chapter);
+10 to Fellowship Tests or Skills based on Fellowship and +2 to Fel Bonus when dealing with someone who knows of the deed of slaying a Greater Daemon (Universal Renown).

Variable Bonuses: May have “greater control over Missions and even the command of other Space Marines” (at the GM’s discretion) (Chosen of the Chapter);
Once per combat, may make an attack with a Melee or Ranged Weapon which cannot be Parried or Dodged (may alternatively choose for one hit to ignore either all his foe’s Armor or Toughness Bonus) (Angel of Death);
All allies who would know of the fight with the Norn Queen receive +10 to WP when in sight of Anselm; all enemies who would know of the fight with the Norn Queen receive -10 to WP when in sight of Anselm (Enduring Name);
Suffers no ill effects from Fear – also, reduces total number of Insanity Points received from any source by half (Unshakable).

Available Distinctions: Campaign Hero (Tyranids); Deathworld Veteran (The Void); Enduring Name; Master of Blades (Astartes Power Swords/Astartes Power Claymores); Falkner Reborn (Universal Renown, Angel of Death, Chosen of the chapter) (2,750 XP); Unshakable (600 XP); Favored Foe (Daemons).


Slightly taller than the average Space Marine, Anselm strikes an impressive figure with his sharp features, shaved skull and light complexion. At just over a century in age, he is coming close to the border between junior warriors and veteran Marines… though his confidence already places him in a league which matches those twice his lifespan.
Knight-Brother Anselm was born on the world of Girobia, which at the time was under the dominion of the dreaded Terminator-Lord Petarek. He was inducted as a Page very early, and was greatly admired by his instructors for his base love the blade. After completing the Rite of Ascension, he opted to enter a mortality contract with Teutonic Guard Master Falkner, interested in gaining further experience under the already venerated warrior. Anselm remained Falkner’s Squire for fifty years, serving both as his retainer and at various times as a member of Tactical Groups Ludwig, Albrecht, and Gustav.
Anselm, as Falkner’s Squire, followed him to the world of Umbaros when Grand Master Heront Klavier commanded the Knight-Order to bring its entire weight to bear in aid against the Archons of the Goring Blade, a band of old traitor-Astartes who had amassed a small army and considerable allies to suit their cause. The understanding was that the Goring Blade planned to activate an ancient warpgate found on Umbaros, which would engulf Sectors Calixis, Ixaniad, and Scarus, as well as all bordering regions in a second Eye of Terror; the reality was that Umbaros was a tomb world of ancient and alien machine-men. Anselm, attached to Tactical Group Wilhelm, was evacuated alongside only four other survivors of his squad of ten. Of Falkner’s fate, an Imperial Guard Commissar later reported he died aiding his Grand Master in battling the gargantuan monstrosity which acted as the heart of the planet, obliterated in an all-destroying blast-projection.
As a majority of the Knight-Order’s fleet was engaged in combat with traitor warships and a surprise third-party appearance of Eldar of Craftworld Sar Cyrs, Anselm’s Thunderhawk was rescued by the Battlefleet Calixis frigate Fury of Markayn – the experience of being recovered by mortals humbled Anselm nearly as much as watching Umbaros implode with nearly all of his glorious Chapter’s Knight-Order dead upon its surface.
Following Umbaros, the Knights revealed an astounding stockpile of geneseed and wargear, much of it recovered from dead Chapters. The Knight-Order was able to quickly recover its numbers, but its visage of terror was greatly wounded. Anselm, disillusioned, became one of many Knight-Brothers who joined the Deathwatch as a result of their Chapter’s humiliation. He has served with some noteworthy distinction, having demonstrated his Chapter’s prowess in shock-tactics on the Greyhell Front, where he has gained a reputation for cruelty amongst Tau sympathizers for his vicious executions of any who thought the Greater Good mightier than the mailed fist of the Astartes.
Anselm speaks little of his Chapter anymore, and it seems he wishes to permanently remain with the Deathwatch… yet even he acknowledges that the Knights Teutonic need experienced bodies, men who can sooth the unjustified arrogance which now defines the Knight-Order. Honor, duty and camaraderie all clash in his conscience while he forges a path in blood – his, or that of whatever stands in his way.

Following the death of the Khornate Greater Daemon on Niveus, Anselm has heard rumors that his name is gaining a reputation at home in the Teutonic Realm. While some have said he may be inducted into the Teutonic Guard of current Grand Master Bruno, he has presently received such words with scorn. Amends must be made for the Knights’ dishonor, he tells his Brothers.

Logs of personal insanity
In descending order of occurrence.
Anselm being crazy-stupid and attacking heavily-armed aircraft (Mission 5/Session 21)
Anselm being even crazier and openly dueling a Leman Russ and other horrific things (Mission 5/Session 22)
Anselm forcing Carthogan Parliament to make a Sub-Committee to contemplate the issue of Parliament being horribly murdered (and his subsequent lobbyism), and later shenanigans involving Tau (Mission 5/Session 22-23)


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