The all-knowing. A Librarian who is as keen, cunning and persuasive as he is cruel.


Brother-Epistolary Bastianus
Chapter: Knights Teutonic
Specialization: Librarian/Epistolary (Rank 8)
Deeds: Return to Duty
Honors: Crux Terminatus (Servitude with the Deathwatch)
Demeanor: Calculating
Chapter Demeanor: Scorn the Weak

WS – 48 (38 Base; +5 Chapter, +5 Armor)
BS – 28 (33 Base; -5 Armor)
S – 36 (36 Base; 56 due to Power Armor)
T – 40
Ag – 41
Int – 70 (45 Base; +5 Chapter, +20 Advance)
Per – 40 (40 Base;)
WP – 70 (50 Base; +20 Advance)
Fel – 70 (43 Base; +10 Advance, +2 Trapping, +15 Armor (When dealing with other Marines))
Movement: 5/10/15/30
Wounds: 20 (20 current)
Fate Points: 0/3 (3 base; +1 per mission, lost if not used)

Solo Mode Ability: Armor of Contempt
Squad Mode Attack Pattern: Oath of Vengeance
Squad Mode Defensive Pattern: Combat Discipline

Corruption: 0
Insanity: 0
Primarch’s Curse: Supremacy

Awareness, Charm, Ciphers (Chapter Runes), Climb, Command +10, Concealment, Dodge, Drive (Ground Vehicles), Interrogation, Intimidate +10, Invocation +20, Literacy, Logic, Lore: Common (Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Imperium, War), Lore: Forbidden (Adeptus Astartes, Black Library, Daemonology, Deathwatch, Heresy, Inquisition, Mutants, Traitor Legions, Xenos, Warp), Lore: Scholastic (Codex Astartes, Legends), Navigation (Surface), Psyniscience +10, Search, Silent Move, Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic), Tactics (Assault Doctrine), Tracking.

Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapons Training, Bulging Biceps, Deathwatch Training, Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Infused Knowledge, Killing Strike, Nerves of Steel, Peer (Deathwatch, Ecclesiarchy), Quick Draw, Resistance (Psychic Powers), Rite of Sanctioning (Hoarfrost), Talented (Forbidden Lore [Xenos]), True Grit, Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic, Melee), Unarmed Master, Warp Sense, Wisdom of the Ancients.

Astartes Implants, Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2), Xenos Psychology.

Psychic Powers:
Psy-Rating: 10
Chapter: Atrophic Light, But They Shall Know Fear, Shield of the Righteous.
Telepathic: Compel, Dominate, Long-Range Telepathy, Mind Probe, Mind Scan, Short-Range Telepathy.
Divinative: Reading.
Codex: Smite.

Astartes bolt pistol (30m; S/3/-; 1d10+9 X; Pen 4; Clip 14; Rld Full; Tearing; Req)
Astartes frag grenades (x3) (45m; 2d10+2 X; Blast (4))
Astartes krak grenades (x3) (45m; 3d10+4 X; Pen 6)
Astartes force sword of exceptional craftsmanship (1d10+21 E; Pen 10; Balanced, Power Field) (Bonus of 5 to WS) (Dropped for Mission 13 in favor of Blade of the Unbowed)
Blade of the Unbowed (1d10+24 R; Pen 14; Balanced, Special; Req 35) (Bonus of 5 to WS; if both staff and blade are in hand, grant immunity to mind-control and corrupting influences, and also doubles damage against Chaos-affiliated foes with a psy-rating)
Staff of the Unbowed (1d10+21 I; Pen 10; Balanced, Special; Req 35) (Grants bonus of 20 to Invocation Tests) (Bonus of 5 to WS; if both staff and blade are in hand, grant immunity to mind-control and corrupting influences, and also doubles damage against Chaos-affiliated foes with a psy-rating)
Personal sword (1d10+15 R; Pen 2; Balanced)
(Dropping Astartes bolter with fire selector)

Mk.IV – “Bringer of Obliteration” (Body 11; Arms/Legs 8; Head 7)
Histories: Mk.VIII Elements (Chest); Thine Arm be the Scourge of the Impure; Last Survivor.
Draped with a Rhoc pelt (+2 to all Fellowship Tests)
Mounting an Astartes psychic hood (+5 to all Invocation Tests; can test Invocation to nullify psychic attacks)
Iron Halo mounted to backpack (PR 50; Overloads on Roll of a 1)
Totals: +17 Fellowship, +5 WS, -5 BS.

Master-crafted Mind Impulse Unit (+10 bonus to communicating with machine spirits, Tech-Use, Pilot, Drive, Logic, Inquiry, and BS Tests when interfaced with MIU systems)

Mission Requisition: 150
Unused Requisition: 25 (5 given to Balmung for Wolfy’s eyes)
Requisitions: Icons of the Unbowed (Blade; Staff); Iron Halo; Cartograph; Data-slate; Pict Recorder.
Loadout: Psychic hood, repair cement, 3 clips of standard bolts (pistol), Rhoc pelt; Cartograph; Data-slate; Pict recorder mounted to helmet.

Rank 8.
Total XP: 49,600
Unspent XP: 300
Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) (Chapter) (600 XP)
Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee) (Chapter) (500 XP)
Interrogation (400 XP)
Invocation (Librarian) (400 XP)
Warp Sense (500 XP)
Rite of Sanctioning (Hoarfrost) (400 XP)
Psychic Power: Long-Range Telepathy (Librarian) (750 XP)
Psychic Power: Compel (Librarian) (1,000 XP)
Psychic Power: Dominate (Librarian) (1,000 XP)
Simple Willpower Advance (200 XP)
Intermediate Willpower Advance (500 XP)
Trained Willpower Advance (1,000 XP)
Expert Willpower Advance (1,500 XP)
Simple Fellowship Advance (750 XP)
Intermediate Fellowship Advance (1,500 XP)
Psy Rating 4 (Librarian) (500 XP)
Psy Rating 5 (Librarian) (500 XP)
Psy Rating 6 (Librarian) (1,000 XP)
Simple Intelligence Advance (200 XP)
Intermediate Intelligence Advance (500 XP)
Trained Intelligence Advance (1,000 XP)
Expert Intelligence Advance (1,500 XP)
Lore: Forbidden (Adeptus Astartes) (Librarian) (200 XP)
Lore: Forbidden (Psykers) (Librarian) (400 XP)
Lore: Forbidden (Warp) (Librarian) (400 XP)
Lore: Scholastic (Legends) (Librarian) (400 XP)
Lore: Forbidden (Traitor Legions) (Librarian) (400 XP)
Lore: Forbidden (Daemonology) (Librarian) (400 XP)
Psyniscience +10 (Librarian) (400 XP)
Invocation +10 (Librarian) (400 XP)
Lore: Forbidden (Heresy) (Librarian) (800 XP)
Peer (Ecclesiarchy) (Chapter) (600 XP)
Invocation +20 (400 XP)
Infused Knowledge (Librarian) (1,000 XP)
Deathwatch Epistolary Advanced Rank (2,000 XP)
Psychic Power: Shield of the Righteous (Epistolary) (500 XP)
Psychic Power: But They Shall Know Fear (Epistolary) (1,000 XP)
Lore: Forbidden (Xenos) (Epistolary) (400 XP)
Command (General Space Marine) (300 XP)
Charm (General Space Marine) (800 XP)
Command +10 (General Space Marine) (500 XP)
Lore: Forbidden (Mutants) (Epistolary) (400 XP)
Lore: Forbidden (Black Library) (Deathwatch) (400 XP)
Wisdom of the Ancients (General Space Marine) (1,000 XP)
Psy Rating 7 (Librarian) (1,200 XP)
Psy Rating 8 (Librarian) (1,500 XP)
Psychic Power (Mind Scan) (Librarian) (500 XP)
Psychic Power (Mind Probe) (Librarian) (750 XP)
Psychic Power (Atrophic Light) (Librarian) (750 XP)
Greater Follower (Psyber-Rhoc) (1,500 XP)
Psy Rating 9 (Librarian) (2,000 XP)
Psy Rating 10 (Librarian) (2,500 XP)
Command +20 (General Space Marine) (800 XP)
Logic (General Space Marine) (400 XP)
Return to Duty (Deed) (400 XP)

Additional Notes:
Combat Bonuses:

Non-Mastery Skill Bonuses: All Common/Scholastic Lore Skills treated as Basic. Already-Trained Lore Skill Tests gain +10; +10 to Fellowship Tests made interacting with Deathwatch and Ecclesiarchy.

GREATER FOLLOWER: Kruger the psyber-rhoc

WS 50 | BS 0 | S (8)40 | T 40 | Ag 50 | Int 25 | Per (10)50 | WP 40 | Fel 5
Movement: 4/8/12/24 ground (12/24/32/64 in-flight)
Wounds: 16

Skills: Awareness +20, Concealment +10, Dodge +20, Tracking.

Talents: Crippling Strike, Crushing Blow, Disarm, Fearless, Heightened Senses (Sight), Lightning Attack, Precise Blow, Step Aside, Sure Strike, Swift Attack, True Grit.

Traits: Brutal Charge, Dark Sight, Flyer (6 (12)), Improved Natural Weapons (Talons), Natural Weapons (Talons), Scrawny (-10 to-hit, +10 Concealment), Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Speed.

Weapons: Talons (1d10+10 R).

Cybernetics: Exceptionally-crafted bionic eye (connectable to owner’s MIU)

Various Bonuses:
+3 to Melee Damage on Charge (Brutal Charge);
Does not take penalties for fighting in dim/no lighting (Dark Sight);
Immune to Fear and Pinning (Fearless);
Flies at double speed (Total-base of 12) (Unnatural Speed);
Has two Dodges (Step Aside),
Takes no penalty to Called Strikes (Precise Blow).



Brother-Epistolary Bastianus stands just barely at the average Space Marine’s height – his body has been rendered somewhat infirm by negligence of regular physical training in favor of study. His skull is entirely bald, any hair which might have ever once grown on his head now erased from existence. Cabling for his psy-augmetics run from the back of his head and snake along beneath the skin of his cranium. A trio of century studs confirms his broad experience spanning the whole of his 314 years of life.

Bastianus was born to the ruling caste of a tribe on Prosson, the homeworld of the Knights Teutonic, where his budding powers manifested in such ways that he gained considerable reverence. Stories of a child with abilities to bend minds soon came to the attention of the Knight-Order, which took the child into the care of the Librarium.
After completing the Rite of Ascension, Bastianus arranged his personal sword to be forged under commission by the master artificer Timo Greck. He initially hesitated to sign a mortality contract with another Knight-Brother, although numerous Knights were willing to mentor him in exchange for the considerable abilities of a Librarian; instead, Bastianus nurtured the favor of Master Lexicanum Herick, lord of the Librarium and Reclusiam, and was provided training by Epistolary Maximilien to enhance his powers.
When Bastianus emerged from ten years of study and practice, he immediately put his new abilities to use in subjugating Yarkatti, a lone world in the midst of largely unpopulated space dominated by techno-despots. Bastianus used his abilities to force the self-professed god-kings of Yarkatti to bend the knee, and then spent the next fifty years following his Initiation into the Knight-Order properly converting the world to the Imperial Creed.

Bastianus was one of the few people who were absent for the Battle at Umbaros. When Grand Master Heront Klavier mobilized the Knights Teutonic to go to battle, Bastianus opted to stay behind on custodial duty in the Realm. For the duration of the Council of Masters’ absence, he was the most senior authority within the Powask Territory – therefore, he was acting Grand Master and acting Chief Librarian. While waiting for the Knight-Order to return from Umbaros, he is known to have indulged in the private tomes available only to the Council’s number; it is whispered that in this time Bastianus also learned the secrets of the Chapter’s origins, which he has never revealed to anyone else.

After the shattered remains of the Knights returned from Umbaros, Bastianus was distraught, but recognized the desperation of the situation. Knowing the Vigil was one of few available opportunities to mend the Knight-Order’s reputation, he and a group of like-minded fellows convinced Grand Master Vandemion Bruno to open the Knights to the service of the Deathwatch. To further his point, Bastianus served as one of the first few sent to Watch Fortress Erioch. After a few years’ worth of solid service in the Jericho Reach, he retired and returned to Yarkatti, content that his intellect had helped the Imperium and saved the Knights from being wiped from history in dishonor.

Decades thereafter, Bastianus returned to the Jericho Reach…


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