Cadmus Boitr - On Break

Badass DA Apothecary


Name: Cadmus Boitr

Chapter: Dark Angels (+5 BS, +5 Int)

Demeanors: Altruistic (Cadmus willingly puts himself in harm’s way to save wounded comrades)
Sons of the Lion (Secretive about chapter with outsiders, intolerant of xenos)

Deeds: Price of Victory (Cadmus suffered a horrific injury to his head pulling Omniel, a wounded fellow Dark Angel, to safety, and had his eyes and part of his brain reconstructed with cybernetics) – Best Craftsmanship Cortex Implants and Cybernetic Eyes.

Appearance: Cadmus’ injury has left his face above the nose horribly scarred. His one brown eyes have been replaced with black cybernetic eyes with green lenses. With his hairline ruined by the scars, Cadmus has opted to completely shave his all ready short black hair. As with all Apothecaries, Cadmus proudly displays the prime helix on the right shoulder of his armor, with a pair of black angel’s wings extending from it to signify his membership in the Dark Angels.

Born on one of the many Hive worlds in the Imperium, Cadmus lived with parents who ran a small clinic on one of the middle levels of their hive. Where others would have refused treatment to those unable to pay, Cadmus’ parents treated anyone who came to their door seeking help. They worked to pass this ideal onto Cadmus, and by the time the Dark Angels came to his world recruiting for their chapter, he shared their beliefs. In the trials that followed, Cadmus demonstrated his potential and was recruited into their ranks. After completing his initiation into the Dark Angels, Cadmus was judged to have great potential as an Apothecary, and began his training in the healing arts, soon taking his place among those dedicated to the health and continuation of the Dark Angels. During a seemingly routine mission, Cadmus are inadvertently exposed to the darkest secret of his chapter when his skills were requested to save a badly injured ‘brother’. In the course of his treatment, Cadmus discovered that the Astartes he was treating was much older than he thought. As a result of this, the men that had subdued the Fallen were forced to reveal their existence to Cadmus so that he could ensure that the traitor survived the return trip to the Rock, space borne home to the Dark Angels. There, Cadmus was sworn to secret regarding the Fallen by none other than Grand Master Azrael. Following his selfless actions to save Omniel, Cadmus earned a nomination to the Deathwatch as a reward.

Chapter Ability
Stoic Defense: Once per combat, Cadmus can enact a Stoic Defense, giving him 6 extra Wounds and cutting his movement in half. These extra Wounds are removed first, and Cadmus loses them is he moves, willingly or otherwise, from his chosen location.
Improvement: At Rank 3 and above, the Wounds gained increases to 12. At 5 and above, Cadmus can move 5m without losing the Wounds. At 7 and above, the Wounds gained increases to 18.

Specialty: Deathwatch Apothecary pg. 68
Enhance Healing: Cadmus can restore an additional 1d5 Wound with Medicae.

Rank 2 (17,000 xp – 20,999 xp)
Autosanguine – 500 xp
Chem-Use – 400 xp
Combat Formation – 1,000 xp
Intelligence Advance (Simple) – 200 xp
Signature Wargear (Diagnostor Helmet) – 500 xp
Intelligence Advance (Intermediate) – 500 xp
Intelligence Advance (Trained) – 1,000 xp
Signature Wargear [Master] (Heavy Bolter) – 1,000 xp
Intelligence Advance (Expert) – 1,500 xp
Medicae +10 – 400 xp
Awareness +10 – 300 xp
Toughness Advance (Simple) – 500 xp
Toughness Advance (Inter.) – 1,000 xp
Toughness Advance (Trained) – 1,500 xp
Tech-Use – 500 xp
Speak Language (Tau) – 200 xp
Demolition – 400 xp
Ciphers (Xenos Markings) – 200 xp
Demolition +10 – 400 xp
Speak Language (Eldar) – 200 xp
Ciphers (Xenos Markings) +10 – 400 xp
Ciphers (Xenos Markings) +20 – 400 xp
Willpower Advance (Simple) – 500 xp
Total: 26,500 xp/26,500 xp

Weapon Skill (WS): 39
Ballistic Skill (BS): 48 + 5 (DA) = 53
Strength (S): 43 + 30 (Power Armor) = 73
Toughness (T): 47 + 10 (Simple, Inter. and Trained Toughness) = 63
Agility (Ag): 44
Intelligence (Int): 47 + 5 (DA) +20 (Simple, Inter, Trained, and Expert Int) = 73 (IB 14 with Cortex Implants)
Perception (Per): 43
Willpower (WP): 45 + 5 (Simple WP) = 50
Fellowship (Fel): 40

Wounds: 19/19
Fate Points: 2/2
Corruption Points: 0
Insanity Points: 2
Initiative: 1d10+10
Primarch’s Curse: The Secret
Movement: Half- 4m, Full- 8m, Charge – 12m, Run- 16m
Strength Bonus: 4 × 2 (Unnatural Strength) = 8 + 3 (Power Armor) = 11
Toughness Bonus: 6 × 2 (Unnatural Toughness) = 12
Carrying Capacity (SB+TB = 19): Max Carrying – 1,800 kg, Max Lifting – 3,600 kg, Max Pushing – 9,000 kg
Renown: 32 (Respected)

Campaign Hero (Tyranids): Can add +10 to any Int, Per, or Fel test related to Tyranids. (symbolized by an aquilla hanging from Cadmus’ Prime Helix)

Awareness +10 [Per] (73 total)
Ciphers (Chapter Runes) [Int] (83)
Ciphers (Xenos Markings) +20 [Int] (103)
Chem-Use [Int] (83)
Climb [S] (73)
Dodge [Ag] (44)
Drive (Ground Vehicle) [Ag] (44)
Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes) [Int] (83)
Common Lore (Deathwatch) [Int] (83)
Common Lore (Imperium) [Int] (83)
Common Lore (War) [Int] (83)
Concealment [Ag] (30)
Demolition +10 [Int] (83)
Drive (Ground Vehicles) [Ag] (30)
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) [Int] (85)
Intimidate [S] (73)
Literacy [Int] (83)
Medicae +10 [Int] (113 total)
Navigation (Surface) [Int] (73)
Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes) [Int] (83)
Silent Move [Ag] (14)
Speak Language (Eldar, High Gothic, Low Gothic, Tau) [Int] (73)
Tactics (Defensive Doctrine) [Int] (73)
Tech-Use [Int] (73)
Tracking [Int] (73)

Ambidextrous: No penalty for using off hand.
Astartes Weapons Training: Can use all weapons.
Autosanguine: Always considered Lightly Wounded, removes 2 extra Wounds per day.
Bulging Biceps: Can fire heavy weapons without bracing.
Combat Formation: All members of group can use Intelligence Bonus (10) for Initiative.
Deathwatch Training: Auto confirm Righteous Fury against xenos.
Heightened Senses (Hearing/Sight): 20 to sight and hearing-based Awareness Tests (due to implants/armor).
Killing Strike: Spend Fate when making All Out Attack to make melee attacks impossible to Parry or Dodge.
Nerves of Steel: Can reroll failed WP Tests for Pinning.
Quick Draw: Can Ready as a Free action.
Resistance (Psychic Powers): +10 to WP Tests to resist psychic powers.
Signature Wargear (Diagnostor Helmet): Always has Diagnostor Helmet.
Signature Wargear [Master] (Heavy Bolter): Always has Heavy Bolter and ammo backpack.
True Grit: Halve Critical Damage, rounding up.
Unarmed Master: Unarmed attacks do 1d10
13 I Damage, aren’t Primitive, and don’t count as Unarmed.
Unnatural Strength/Toughness/Intelligence (x2): Strength, Toughness, and Intelligence Bonuses are doubled. -1 to Degree of difficulty for S, T, and I Tests. +2 DoS to S, T, and I Tests when a success is achieved.

Larraman’s Organ: Doesn’t suffer Blood Loss from anything without Warp Weapon Quality.
Catalepsean Node: No penalties to Per Tests after being awake long time.
Preomnor: 20 to Toughness Tests against ingested poison (30 total).
Omophagea: Eat people to gain skills.
Multi-lung: Can reroll failed Tests for asphyxiation. 30 to Toughness Tests against gas. Can breathe water.
Sus-an Membrane: Enter suspended animation by meditating 1d5 rounds. Activates when knocked unconscious by Critical Damage.
Oolitic Kidney: Can reroll failed Toughness Tests for poisons/toxins.
Neuroglottis: Can detect poisons by taste with an Awareness Test (
0), by smell (-20).
Mucranoid: Can reroll failed Toughness Tests for extreme temperatures.
Betcher’s Gland: Can spit acid (Range: 3m, Damage: 1d5, Pen: 4, Toxic). 3 or more DoS blinds opponent 1d5 rounds. Can chew through non-living substances.
Progenoids: For replacing fallen brothers.
Black Carapace: No penalty to hit for Size (Hulking).

Equipment (Requisition: 90/90)
Heavy Bolter
Damage: 2d10+10
Range: 150m
Pen: 6
RoF: //10
Clip: 250/250
Rld: Full
Special: Tearing (Roll extra die for damage, drop lower), Motion Predictor (10 BS on Full Auto), Master Wargear (10 BS), Deathwatch Suspensor (Counts as Auto-Stabilized, can fire on Full-Auto as Half action and never suffers penalties for moving and firing.) [25 Req.]
Weight: 68 kg x 0.5 (Suspensor) = 34 kg


Damage: 2d10+5 X
Range: 100m
Pen: 5
RoF: S/2/4
Clip: 28/28
Rld: Full
Special: Tearing (Roll extra die for damage, drop lower), Fire Selector (Can switch between different clips at start of each turn)
Weight: 18 kg

Combat Knife
Damage: 1d10+2 + 9 (SB) = 1d10+11 R
Pen: 2
Weight: 2 kg

Astartes Bolt Pistol
Damage: 2d10+5 X
Range: 30m
Pen: 5
RoF: S/3/-
Clip: 14/14
Rld: Full
Special: Tearing (Roll extra die for damage, drop lower)
Weight: 5.5 kg

3 Frag Grenades
Damage: 2d10 X
Pen: 0
Range: 39m
RoF: S/-/-
Special: Blast (5)
Weight: 2.4 kg

3 Krak Grenades
Damage: 3d10+4 X
Pen: 6
Range: 39m
RoF: S/-/-
Weight: 2.4 kg

Astartes Power Armor
AP: 10 Body, 8 elsewhere (-40 to Concealment, -30 Silent Move)
Enhanced Strength: 30 S after Unnatural Strength multiplier.
Auto-senses: Gains Dark Sight, immune to Photon/Stun grenades, Called Shot is Half action. Must wear helmet for effects. +10 to Sight/Hearing Tests (
20 Total).
Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer: Generates own air while helmet’s on.
Bio-monitor and Injectors: 10 to Tests to resist poison (30 against ingested poisons), pain suppressor with 6 uses that lets user ignore Critical effects for 1d10 rounds with each use, and wearer can only be stunned for 1 round.
Vox Link: Built-in vox caster.
Magnetized Boot Soles: Acts as Magboots.
Nutrient Recycling: Provides food/water for 2 weeks before wearer must make Toughness Tests to avoid Fatigue.
Recoil Suppression: Can fire Basic weapons one-handed.
Giant Among Men: Gains Size (Hulking), but Black Carapace negates to hit penalty, still at -10 for Concealment (-40 total).
Poor Manual Dexterity: -10 to delicate tasks unless equipment is designed for marines.
Armor History: Bring Death from Afar (No penalties for moving and firing Pistol or Basic weapons on Semi/Full-Auto, Heavy weapons count as a Basic weapon for this purpose)
Weight: 180 kg

Astartes Cluster Mines x4: hide with Concealment roll, +20 with Demolition, enemies roll opposed Awareness to detect field, does 4d10 X Pen 4 damage. Can roll Demolitions for sophisticated trigger techniques. Pen 8 against vehicles. (25 Req.)

Astartes Grapnel: 100m line, powered winch. (3 Req.)
Astartes Harness: 30 to Climb tests, won’t fall on failure. (4 Req.)
Codex Astartes: A copy of the Codex’s teachings on various types of defensive situations.
Combat Webbing: Holds 4 extra bolter clips. (3 Req.)
Cortex Implants (Best): Provides Unnatural Intelligence (x2) and +10 to Literacy, Logic, and Lore Tests.
Cybernetic Eyes (Best): +20 to resist blinding flashes. Telescopic Sight, Photo Visor, and Dark Sight effects when helmet is off.
Demolition Charges x2: does 3d10 E to anyone within range. Good for blowing doors and infrastructure. (10 Req.)
DeTox (5 Req.)
Diagnostor Helmet: +10 to Medicae, no penalties from darkness, +20 to vision-based Awareness tests.
Narthecium: +20 to Medicae tests, Heavily Wounded threshold is 3x TB, Wounds restored with a success are doubled. Holds 10 doses of a drug.
Recusitrex (10 Req.)
Reductor: Reduces Progenoid recovery to 1 Round per gland. Does 1d10
2 R, Pen 10 damage but doesn’t add S bonus.
Repair Cement: Used to repair breaches in Astartes Power Armor. Takes one Round.
Robe of Secrets: +3 to Forbidden Lore (Xenos).


Cadmus Boitr - On Break

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