Captain Manuel Lyons


Captain Manuel Lyons is leading a wolf-pack of 3 Cobra-class Destroyers aboard the Steel Talisman. The other two ships are the Revelation and the Wandering Justice. This small wolf-pack is escorting a group of troop and supply ships en-route to the doomed world of Rahas.

A typical Imperial Navy officer with a short temper and a healthy dislike of Imperial Guard. His disdain for landlubbers extends to a insistence that all those who board his ship from a planetary body must have their shoes inspected and thoroughly cleaned of dirt before they may walk his vessel’s holy corridors.


~The Steel Talisman was involved in protection of the fleet during the liberation of Hidule.
~The Steel Talisman was involved in the defense of Rahas and the soon to follow counter attack where it was swallowed whole by the Hive Ship. Omniel and a Navy Techpriest were able to stablise the plasma drives while they were protected by the Kill Team. Sinbad recovered survivors throughout the ship while assisting the Dark Sons in their efforts to blow open a path for the ship to escape back into the void. The Kill Team departed the Steel Talisman just before it was going to be dragged down with the Hive Ship caught in the gravity well of Rahas. The ship is heavily damaged and extensive cleansing is required before it can limp back to a friendly port and be repaired.
~Citizen refugees of Rahas who were displaced due to the tyranid attack have been pressed ganged into The Steel Talisman’s and several other Navy ships that were engaged around their planet to renew crew levels to operational capacity.

Captain Manuel Lyons

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