Commissar Patriclus


Kills: 3 genestealers, 45 Hormagaunts, 23 termagaunts, 3 Tyranid warriors, 2 Eldar guardians, 2 vespid, 1 Dark Eldar Hellion

Build: Well-built
Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Age: 53 (Re-Juved)

Power Armor (Quality Unknown), Decorative Tabard
Impressive Hat

Anointed(?) Bolter
Astartes Knife/Sword
Power Sword
Bolt Pistol

- Camo-Cloak
- Stummer
- Grapnel

Misc. Items:
- Shard of Sinbad’s Ceramite Armor (memento)
- Seal of Serfdom
- Hidule Mementos
- Commissar Tools of Office (career memento)


An old veteran Commissar sent to Hidule to act at the PDF political officer as a retirement plan for the old hard bastard. He was attacked by the PDF on orders of their colonel when the Governor decided to enforce martial law in a foolish disregard of Lord Commander Ebongrave orders for worlds not ‘directly’ threatened by the tyranid threat to maintain a normal posture and not to alarm the citizens of their world of the incoming horde. He fell in with the hiding Arbites and prepared to strike back. However before he could the Kill Team made planet fall so he brought up their time table in the hope of striking the Governors palace. When he smashed his way onto the main road from the pulpit of a Leman Russ to charge in however the Kill Team was mopping up and moving to escape. The Commissar joined the group and escorted them to Imperial lines.


~Joined the Kill Team as Sinbad’s serf after the Hidule operation.
~Assisted the Kill Team during the purging of the Genestealer brood infesting a promethium plant on Rahas.
~Helped hold the line during the 1st and 2nd siege of Lensberg on Rahas.
~Assisted the Kill Team on the Carthoga operation.
~Joined the Kill Team in the rescue of Inquisitor Jestilla Tellion.

Current Honors:
[Previously earned Honors]

Valoris Imperator
Taking the form of a soaring two-headed eagle, the Valoris Imperator is awarded only to soldiers who have served for extended periods in the Imperium. It is technically awarded in recognition of long service, but in fact it is often awarded posthumously to veterans who have died in particularly unpleasant circumstances.
Valoris imperator

The Winged Skull
The Winged Skull is a traditional badge of ancient origin. Classical convention is to represent the skull with an iron device. It is usually displayed on the shoulder guards of armour and is most commonly awarded for inspirational leadership leading to righteous victory.
Winged skull

Merit of Terra
The Merit of Terra is awarded to soldiers who have voluntarily postponed their own demobilisation. A bittersweet award, the Merit of Terra signifies that the bearer will be required to serve much longer than expected. However, it is a well-known sign of steadfast loyalty toward the Golden Throne.
Merit of terra

Order of the Eagle’s Claw
Awarded to warriors who have engaged in dangerous combat zones and triumphed. This award is only given to those who have proven victorious, this award denotes considerable dedication and devotion to service.
Order of the eagle s claw

[Earned during his time with the Kill Team]

Victory Star [Awarded after the 2nd siege of Lensberg.]
A commonly awarded medal, the Victory Star denotes successfully taking the fight to the enemy and laying them low in the Emperor’s Name.
Valor star

Commissar Patriclus

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