Inquisitor Markus Hardgrave


Member of the Ordo Hereticus, under the protection of the Order of the Bloody Rose.

~Was suspected by Tellion of luring her to the world she was captured on by the slave raiding Dark Eldar.

~Tracked to the Dissimulo fyceline mining complex, which was actually a cover for a secret prison containing heretics watched over by the Order of the Bloody Rose. His Interrogator Gottfrid Swedbourg, an ugly man by any measure, was instantly killed by Anselm when the man dared to attack the Knight Teutonic. This sacrifice of blood however led to the summoning of lesser daemons of Khorne and a Bloodthirster that the Knight promptly banished back to whence it came for 1000 years. During this the battle the Inquisitor retreated to his throne while activating acro-flagellants. He escaped through a tunnel hidden behind his throne while the Kill Team was busy.

Inquisitor Markus Hardgrave

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