Inquisitor Oriel


~Mastermind of the Carthoga operation.

~Known Aliases include: Orion, Odin.

~Provided guidance and intelligence to the Kill Team while on Carthoga. He sent Navarre to assist the team after their assault of the spire. Oriel then joined the Kill Team during their assault of the Tau military encampment, primarily to retrieve the Ethereal captured by his 13th Legion assets.

~After this operation Oriel revealed himself to be part of Internal Prosecution, a group of Inquisitors whose primary role is to hunt traitors within the Imperium’s many byzantine institutions. The entire Carthoga operation was actually a cover to lure the traitor to reveal themselves, the side effect of reminding the Tau that their expansion cannot go on without recourse was secondary to Oriel’s main mission.

~Bargained with the Kill Team for the capture of a Dark Eldar Archon ship captain in exchange for releasing an atomic weapon into their care. Its use ensuring the destruction of the Dark Eldar Frigate and preventing further raiding in the system.

Inquisitor Oriel

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