Watch Captain Tauron Oeris


Watch Captain Tauron Oeris of the Ultramarines commands two deathwatch kill teams, including yours. He has a long history with the organisation, having lead countless kill teams from inception until eventual death or disbandment and return to their respective chapters. It might be expected that the years of being alone, rarely encountering battle brothers from his own chapter would wear down the Watch Captain but he remains fervent in his devotion to the destruction of the Alien.


~Commanded the Watch Team during the operations on Hidule’s space station from the Steel Talisman.
~Lead the main invasion force on Hidule while commanding the Kill Team from afar.
~Commanded the Kill Team from Lensberg during the defense of Rahas and personally becoming involved when the Kill Team was boarding the Hive Ship orbiting the planet.
~Contacted and built up resistance cells on Carthoga. He led the Carthoginian PDF in a push to rout the Tau from the planet. When a chaos frigate emerged from the warp in high orbit over the planet he gained access to a dropship to pick the team up. The area was hit by a lance strike before he could reunite with the team. His fate is unknown but the Watch Captain is suspected to be a traitor after the Carthoga operation.
~Information uncovered on Succundus Prime has helped track the traitor down to Thanato in the wake of the Hestian Heresy.
~Kill Team’s assassination attempt of Oeris on a ship orbiting the planet led to a trap.
~Killed by the Black Shield Decimus on Thanto while he was trying to escape after his plan of summoning a daemon was foiled.

Watch Captain Tauron Oeris

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