Devotion Swords of Anselm

weapon (melee)

Melee; 1d10 R; Pen 3; †Special

†This sword’s blade is forged from metals commandeered via the Lathes, and cannot be destroyed by the effects of a weapon with the Power Field Quality; if attacked, the weapon counts as having an Armor Value of 25. The serf is free to upgrade it further as they see fit.


When Knight-Brother Anselm deems a mortal’s actions of significant enough worth, he offers them a position at his side as serfs. In homage to his Chapter’s practice of keeping personal blades, Anselm commissions swords for each of his serfs.
The practice began with his induction of Arbitrator Joffery into his service on Carthoga.

The practice involves ordering metals from the Calixian Lathes. Once Anselm has obtained the metals (often placing himself in debt to certain people for the act) he will request Brother-Chaplain Sinbad to forge the blade from the acquired materials.

While it is not even known of Sinbad to ever create any weapon of poor quality, Anselm will likely gently request that a weapon of less-than-stellar craftsmanship be reforged. (Minimum of Good-Quality)

Current Bearers:

Arbitrator Joffery
Sister Elona

Devotion Swords of Anselm

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