Xenos Hunters

Mission 13: The Green Zone

3 week in-game downtime during travel.

The Kill Team led the charge to hunt down Oeris, with not only a Chaos Warhound Titan destroyed but also a Harbinger bomber and an Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine. The Kill Team smashed through the three lines of defence in their sector before infiltrating the fortress proper while helping the Ultramarines on the planet make a breakthrough. Inside, in a sub-basement chamber Oeris was revealed to be an Alpha Legionnaire enacting some kind of ritual which Anselm managed to disrupt. Before the team could capture Oeris the slippery and treacherous Eldar of the Sar-Crys Craftworld attacked the ritual site led by an Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine.

After a bloody battle with Oeris, the black-shield Decimus redeemed himself by killing the traitor and revealed he was a member of the Iron Hands Chapter. Oriel was injured severely in combat with an Eldar Farseer he betrayed and Oeris who was attempting to escape through the Internal Prosecution Inquisitor. Anselm slayed the Eldar Daemon but not before the xenos caused the apparent deaths of Balmung’s two servants, Wolfy and Kant. Somehow Patriclus revived them both and assisted Sinbad in saving Oriel’s life. The battle was not all once sided however as half of Gonmar’s squad and the Ultramarine veterans and scouts were killed in the final battle.

Thanato is a graveyard, upon its muddy plains lie the bodies of both Imperial and Heretic alike. The planet is a mausoleum to the hundreds of thousands lost on the first day of the siege. Your Kill Team uncovered something that may make the entire endeavour a moot point. Some kind of psychic beacon crafted from the flesh of a Norn Queen and combined with now defiled Imperial technology was activated. It is unknown if the call through the sector for the Tyranids was heard by the xenos but the person responsible must be stopped regardless. That person is none other than Inquisitor Tellion of Ordo Xenos. Having played the Kill Team into providing pure genetic samples from the splinter fleet attack on Rahas she has somehow created an emitter to draw Tyranids to locations of her choosing.

The siege continues with the front line fluctuation and the initial momentum being slowed as Imperial guard regiments are destroyed by Iron Warrior ambushes inside the mountain. High Command seems to be torn between pulling back to prepare for a Tyranid invasion or pushing onwards to achieve a Pyrrhic victory over the Traitor Legionnaires holding the fortress mountain. Oriel has no such hesitations and through curt discussions with the Salamander Captain and Deathwatch representatives in charge of the planet’s defence has secured the service of the Velox Venator and the Kill Team to hunt down Inquisitor Tellion. Leaving through the underground tunnel leading to the redoubt they saved during battle the Kill Team is preparing to leave the planet.

The Navy has informed the Kill Team that a Defence Monitor brought along to defend the supply ships was on a long range patrol when it veered off course. It is believed that Tellion absconded with the ship to escape and Imperial Navy navigators have traced the ship’s path through the warp to have it headed towards the heart of the Green Zone, a group of off-limits Ork systems between the Orpheus and Acheros Salients. With the last of the Raven Guard dead after suicide bombing an Iron Warrior barracks their Thunderhawk has been sequestered for your use on this vital mission.

+++Author: Inquisitor Oriel+++
+++Subject: Private/578

Primary Objectives:
1. Hunt Down Inquisitor Tellion
2. Secure any information on her research into the Queen Psychic Emitter.
Secondary Objectives:

Terrain: Jungle rainforest, flora and fauna has not been examined by the Imperium’s Genetors.

Insertion: Thunderhawk, Aquila Lander, Arvus Lander and Drop Pod are all available.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: When there is no other way, the perilous path is the only road to salvation.

[Req 150 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req and buy assets as normal.

[Recovered Pict file and attached note from Inquisitor Tellion’s private cogitator found destroyed in her quarters aboard the Velox Venator]

  • Subject #3 Prior to purge, 1 week of growth. Damage to superstructure endangered null fields and necessitated destruction. Splicing pygmy gene sequence into next subject may achieve size requirements.
    Test subject
Mission 12: Revelation

The void space around Thanato is awash with ships, many wrecked or heavily damaged. The fleet engagement was a minor victory for the understrength Imperial fleet, the destruction or hulking of 10 frigates and three cruisers to the loss of a Grand Cruiser, two cruisers and two cobra class frigates. However the enemy battleship as well as a cruiser and two frigates disengaged towards the troop and supply ships waiting at the edge of the system. These Imperial vessels scattered and the Chaos fleet ignored them heading into the warp and likely on their way to the Iron Collar now.

The desctrucion of so much of the enemy fleet, and the grand cruiser itself came about from the chain reaction of two warp drives overloading in the skies above Thanato. These pair of immateria breaches almost sucked in the members of the Kill Team hunting Oeris down on a Chaos frigate. Those same Kill Team members were at the time engaged in combat with four champions of chaos, two were slain, one greviously injured and the last was lost to the warp rift. The Kill Team lost two Knight’s, one to the Champion of Khorne and one to a trap set by Oeris that detonated in the bridge, throwing them into the void near the warp rift. Almost all of the strike teams suits were compromised and Ex-Arbite Joffery almost suffocated before the Dark Sons managed to teleport them aboard.

The ground assault had mixed results, the Commandery sustained 90% casualties and the Canoness Commander lost an arm in the landing. Heavy flak and chaos void fighter intercepts also caused the Dark Sons and Salamanders to suffer 20% casualties in the drop. Sinbad rallied the battle sisters and led them to safety while securing the section of trench line he landed near. Chasing signs of Salamander troops nearby he assisted a Salamander ancient, encased in a dreadnaught, a Dark Sons squad and the squad of Space Wolves.

After the battle all Kill Team members were recalled to the Imperial controlled mountain fortress Aethre to plan the attack on the opposite muntain fortress, Nyxa which is controlled by Chaos forces including Iron Warriors if the reports are to be believed.

The merchant ships re-fitted to carry armies of imperial guard and the Mechanicus controlled Mass Conveyor have begun to unload their contents. The most notable of which is the battle maniple of titans from the Legio Igneus. The Ferox Imperator Titan, a pair of Reavers, Erigo and Cuspis as well as three Warhounds, Conticeo, Supernus and Talio

The Ultramarines survived the void engagement, the Raven Guard assault marines were not so lucky, a mere five managed to pilot a thunderhawk back to planet and rumors say they have become more reclusive and vengeful after the loss of their Captain to the warp rift. The mortal regiments landing on the planet include the famous siege troops, the Death Korps of Kreig who seem to have taken the lions share of the mortals burden. Other well known Guard units include Cadian shock troopers, Moridan Iron Guard, Scintillian heavy infantry and a Gunmetalican Armoured regiment.

The Bell of Souls will likely toll many times after the coming battle but the price will be worth it to finally hunt down Oeris and crush traitors tainting the surface of Thanato. The enemy first line of defense is a series of zig-zagging trench lines manned by traitor guard and cultists. The second line consists of fortified bunkers set on artificially elevated berms that overlook killing grounds. The third line is a ring of defences at the base of Nyxa. They consist of thick fortress walls containing garrisons that can fire out through shooting slits, flak autocannon batteries on their roofs and cannons built into their sides.

Combined arms counter attacks are to be expected during the assault, inside Nyxa the enemy force composition is unknown but vicious fighting is to be expected from the insane opposition. If the Iron Warriors are truly present Imperial Command’s sages expect over 95% casualties for front line units and 70% for the reserves to achieve victory, even with two companies worth of loyal marines present.

+++Author: Captain Pellas Mir’san+++
+++Subject: Private/356

Primary Objectives:
1. Hunt Down Oeris.
Secondary Objectives:
1. Break through the first line of defenses.
2. Break through the second line of defenses.
3. Break through the third line of defenses.
4. Assist nearby Imperial forces whenever possible.

Terrain: Thanato is a Fortress world. mud, trenches, bunkers and no man’s lands are to be expected. Nyxa is a garrison filled mountain designed to repel intruders, the enemy will have prepared the battle ground before you arrive.

Insertion: On foot unless vehicle is requisitioned.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: A fortress is built with blood and toil. Only by blood and toil may it be taken.

[Req 200 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req and buy assets as normal.

[Thanato Trench Line: Section Gamma Nine]
Thanato trenches   copy

Mission 11: Brother against Brother

Succundus Prime revealed many secrets, some were put to the flame, others kept hidden by choice while perhaps the most important was brought to light. Oeris, Watch Captain, Ultramarine, Space Marine… Traitor. The findings pointed to the fortress world of Thanato as being the elusive marine’s next destination. The revelation of a chaos fleet heading there along the Gregorian passage, a narrow stretch of navigable warp space leading to the Iron Collar, has further cemented the likelihood of Oeris’ return.

In the week during warp travel to the fleet rally point Tellion was seen in all black with a widows veil covering her face. When asked why she explained that whenever a trusted friend or family member gravely betrayed them the people of her homeworld would mourn that person. The betrayer was now, for all intents and purposes, dead to them. Throughout the rest of the ship the feeling could be summed up as ‘grim’. The sudden thrust by the forces of chaos for the heart of the Imperium’s beach head has shaken their resolve.

Lord Militant Tetrarchus has given the command of the counter attack over to the Salamander Captain Pellas Mir’san who has gathered what forces he can muster to his side. Imperial Navy, Rogue Traders, Space Marine vessels all alongside merchant ships re-fitted to carry armies of imperial guard and a mighty Mass Conveyor singing the hymns of the Machine God.

Of the Space Marines, many are present. A grand host represented by many chapters. Salamanders and Dark Sons make up the greatest number, each with a strike cruiser but others are present. A Raven guard contingent of assault marines make up the next largest in number and there are rumors of at least one other Death Watch Kill Team located somewhere in the fleet.

However some chapters are a reminder of home to the Kill Team. The pious Storm Crusaders have joined their Chaplain in holy prayer, bringing with them the same strange beasts as Sinbad lovingly looks after. Balmung has been reunited with some Grey Wolves of his Great Company, led by Gonmar a sturdy sort prone to drink and merriment. Anselm however has had a more strained meeting, five members of his old squad have turned up with a request that he returns to their chapter and take his place as Teutonic Guard Master. He has turned down the post while there is still the looming threat to the Jericho Crusade but has accepted the assistance of the marines in the swift execution of that threat.

Elsewhere your Watch Commander and Oriel has been working on gaining as much assistance as they can, calling in favors from their contacts to try and plug the breach. There is little that Tellion’s science can achieve against the warped chaos fleets so she has been reduced to private study of her own. The Canoness Commander has been leading prayers throughout the Venator and trying to contact sister orders or the ecclesiarchy for further assistance.

Thanatos will be the meeting ground between the two fleets, set at the neck of the Gregorian passage, guarding the way to the Iron Collar. It is the waystation all ships must stop at before continuing on further through the passage. If the enemy fleet can be broken and the world secured then the perhaps the Crusade may yet survive. A world of towering mountains, flat plains of mud and bunker networks. Every square kilometer of the planet is prepared ground, snaking barbed wire and cris-crossed tank traps sit between long and elaborate trench systems.

+++Author: Captain Pellas Mir’san+++
+++Subject: Private/247

Primary Objectives:
1. Join the Ground or Void Battle
Secondary Objectives:
1. Depends on War Council Decision.

Terrain: Thanato is a Fortress world. mud, trenches, bunkers and no man’s lands are to be expected. Chaos Fleets notoriously weigh heavily on the souls of those who experience their interiors. They are inherently hostile environments, shield your soul with the Armour of Contempt while you walk their insane corridors.

Insertion: Depends on War Council Decision.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day:

“The enemies of the Emperor fear many things.
They fear discovery, defeat, despair and death.
Yet there is one thing they fear above all others.
They fear the wrath of the Space Marines!"

[Req 130 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req as normal.


Mission 10: Wings of Fire

The trial of the now late Inquisitor Hardgrave was not regular, it was swift and is now wrapped in controversy. Taking a mere 20 days to reach a verdict, Hardgrave’s fears of a kangaroo court seem to have been well founded. In the days before the Kill Team took the stand the marines and their servants provided protection for the trial. During their patrolling they were attacked by an unseen foe while surreptitiously laid traps right under their noses were sprung. Maniac noises were heard in the ventilation shafts which put all on edge and led to a lockdown of the trial room.

However the team tracked down the assailant, a pale space marine who lacked an arm. The same one who was saved from the Dark Eldar void raider. This enraged Balmung who entrusted the unknown marine’s incarceration to a Dark Angel Deathwatch Chaplain. The porcelain skinned warrior fought with Anselm in an impromptu duel which escalated when the marine stole Anselm’s personal sword. With this heraldry bedecked weapon he scored a vicious blow on the Knight before being knocked unconscious by an infuriated Anselm. The Kill Team took the jet black haired marine to a dungeon to torture him, figuring out that he was a member of the now fallen Night Lords legion. They gained what information they could from him before a vindictive Sinbad arranged for the damned soldier to have his gene seed removed and destroyed along with his limbs, leaving him helpless with the dark halls of Watch Station Hestia.

Soon after they were called to the trial to provide their “expert opinion” on Inquisitor Hardgrave and they did not give a glowing testimony as to the character of the man. The Ordo Malleus Grand Master Lothar Constantine presided over the Conclave with his fellow lords from the two other major ordos. The Kill Team’s scathing report and material evidence coupled with Hardgrave’s outrageous support of the radical Casophilian philosophy was enough to convince the Grand Master to sentence him to a summary execution.

After the Kill Team dismembered the guilty party two of the Hereticus Inquisitors relayed a message from “The Asp”, thought to be Watch Captain Oeris, which they punctuated with the reveal of no less than four bound daemonhosts. The Kill Team and the Grand Master engaged the heretics but not before one of the daemons conjured a warp rift that sent the Kill Team and the other humans scattering while Sinbad tried to beat the insubstantial warp hole with his Crozius Arcanum. Eventually it retreated and subsided, whether due to Sinbad’s attack or the fickle nature of the warp only the damned know.

In the aftermath, the Lady of Ordo Hereticus was confined while the Grand Master withdrew into his own council. Lord Inquisitor Revan of the Ordo Xenos spoke to you, thanking you for your timely intervention while also whispering that the current events bode well for his Ordo while less so for their rivals in Hereticus. The Ordo Malleus is likely to shift their attention squarely onto them and the Grand Master is not known for his clemency. Your Watch Commander was not amused by the recent attacks within the Watch Station and has called for all involved to leave at once until The Asp is brought down lest their proximity to each other garner more unwanted attention.

This came at a good time though as Oriel has sent word of a strong lead from his contacts, of a world recently visited by your quarry, the chaos frigate with presumably Oeris aboard. He has tracked the frigate to the world of Succundus Prime, a world wracked by volcanic activity. Oeris previously visited the planet on Deathwatch business during a hunt for a heretic but the return their raises questions. By your Watch Commanders command you are to hunt down the planet in the hopes of catching the frigate or its trail so that swift death can be brought to the traitors.

There is no record of sustainable human life on the planet so any sapient life you encounter is likely left behind by the recent enemy visit and is likely corrupted by service aboard a traitor ship. Ensure their deaths so that their plans go unfulfilled. In the greater Sector, the Orpheus Salient is once more hard pressed against the ever encroaching Tyranid horde as grim news comes from the Archeros Salient. The movement of Chaos fleets suggest another, even more fiercer 2nd wave coming on the heels of the "Infernal Offensive”. Only the Canis Salient has made ground in recent months, built upon the recent timidness of the Tau.

+++Author: Watch Commander Deagon Mitthrawn Mardon+++
+++Subject: Private/547

Primary Objectives:
1. Find clues to Oeris’ (Codename: The Asp) location.
Secondary Objectives:
1. Cleanse any humans you encounter, they are likely contaminated by traitor ship’s presence and cannot be trusted.

Terrain: Succundus Prime is volcanic in nature with sulfur pits, endless fields of charred rocks and a wildly fluctuating gravitational field.

Insertion: Aquila lander or Drop pod most likely, gravitational fluctuations will inhibit the insertion and extraction.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “As the Emperor’s sons learn, so do we grow closer to His ideal, but to forgive and forget is the most heinous of crimes.”

[Req 70 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req as normal.

[Pict on file, age: 1146.452 years]

Mission 9: The Hestian Conclave

The mission to hunt down Hardgrave had greater ramifications that could have been foresaw. The Kill Team breached the complex before meeting a Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus who was vague and evasive when questioned. Alarms and an explosion however led the space marines to an underground prison. Inside they found a wide variety of mutants and psykers that were inexplicably released simultaneously.

Fighting their way downwards through the prison block they saved some sisters of battle that were hurt badly by a conflagration summoned by a strong willed witch. Continuing further in to save Canoness Commander Isabella Chevalier of the Order of the Bloody Rose they came upon a horrific scene of butchered and hanged sisters. Those still alive were being tortured by a group of massively oversized mutants which the Kill Team dispatched quickly. Though the ministrations of the Apothecaries and Techmarine the Canoness was stabilised and her armour patched up so that should could accompany the group.

At this point Hardgrave’s Interrogator, a Gottfrid Swedbourg, turned up with a force of normal prison guards and then escorted the Kill Team to his master. The ensuing verbal sparing led to a physical confrontation between Brother Anselm and the interrogator. Gottfrid died and this triggered a daemon summoning to occur with lesser daemons of Khorne appearing, all the sisters and guards ran while the Canoness held her ground as did the serfs alongside the Kill Team. Hardgrave activated some acro-flagellants while retreating down a hidden passageway. The lesser daemons were destroyed just as a Bloodthirster burst through the warp and the serfs were ordered to retreat in the face of this foe.

Omniel grappled the daemonic entity while urging his brothers to escape, they however stood by the techmarine’s side and worked together to slowly bring down the bestial looking creature. Anselm took up the Black Sword of the Imperial Blood-heirs from Balmung’s belt and used it to banish the daemonic general. The unique sword, hand forged by Sinbad, was powerful enough to accomplish this feat and lay low the titanic monster.

In the aftermath the staff of the entire complex were rounded up and ferried back to the Venator to be incarcerated including a reticent Magos. It took several days of void patrols through the asteroids surrounding the planet for Lady Captain Basilicus to track down Hardgrave hiding in the back of a powered down Arvus Lander that had attached itself to a large asteroid.

Inquisitor Oriel conducted private interrogations of Hardgrave, initiating the first through fourth and sixth Actions on the journey back to Watch Station Hestia. Oriel took his leave soon after arriving, stating his desire to contact associates to continue the search for the Chaos Frigate. Sinbad, Patriclus and Tellion also returned to the Watch Station not long after your arrival.

On arrival at the Watch Station the Ordo Malleus Grand Master Lothar Constantine of the Jericho Reach begun interrogations of the entire prison complex’s staff in an effort to find any trace of taint, many of them were granted the Emperor’s mercy, lest their infection grow. Watch Commander Mardon has spared you the indignity of such interrogations while the Canoness has renounced her Commandery’s oaths of protection for Hardgrave and was awarded special dispensation to remain at the Watch Station during your stay there.

A Conclave has been called with Masters of Ordos Xenos, Hereticus and Malleus all present. Grand Master Constantine has been joined by Lord Inquisitor Revan Thysser Nuroman of Ordo Xenos and Lady Inquisitor Lugenbrau Isis of Ordo Hereticus. They have brought two Inquisitors each with them and a few hangers on for the trial of Inquisitor Hardgrave, with Tellion submiting a Carta Extremis declaring him Extremis Diabolus, guilty of consorting with daemons and witchcraft most foul for which there is only one punishment. Death…

You have been called in to not only provide security for the gathering but also provide testimony during the trial.

+++Author: Inquisitor Tellion+++
+++Subject: Private/921

Primary Objectives:
1. Testify at the trial
Secondary Objectives:
1. Provide security for the trial

Terrain: Watch Station Hestia, void station.

Insertion: Leave your room and go down the hall on your left, then take two immediate right turns. Follow the winding staircase down (don’t worry, it is space marine rated) and then take the second turn on your right… If you come to the beast pens filled with orks you have gone too far.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “We must be as unsleeping in vigilance, swift in judgement, merciless in deed.”

[Req 50 per kill team member. Shine your armour bitches, gotta look good for the trial. Parade inspection quality at least.]

You may pool Req as normal.

[Court Room]
Trial room   copy

Mission 8: Devil in Disguise

[All Deathwatch Kill Team members have access to the “Death World Veteran: The Void” Distinction]

The rescue mission for Tellion was a complete success. The Kill Team not only recovered the Inquisitor (minus a leg) but also a Space Marine of unknown origin (minus an arm) and the Dark Eldar’s Ship Captain (minus his dignity). This was topped off with the rescue of the human slaves and the destruction of the entire vessel via the use of a nuclear device provided by Sinbad.

The Venator took moderate damage and her squadrons took some serious losses that are currently in the process of being repaired or salvaged, the vessel has reconstituted its losses into a single squadron of Fury and Starhawk void craft until full repairs are made with only a handful of shark attack boats surviving the rushed assault.

Tellion was in a wrathful mood when she awoke, blaming Inquisitor Markus Hardgrave for her capture. She asked for the Space Marines to hunt down her Ordo Hereticus rival and was going to join the team. Sinbad convinced her of the need to take a break to regain her strength and calm her mind. Sinbad and Patriclus left on a Kill-Marine mission on Hidule and the Inquisitor departed with them. The Storm Crusader presented gifts from his chapter for each member of the Kill Team prior to his departure.

Oriel stayed to oversee the mission to hunt down Hardgrave which lead the Kill Team to Dissimulo, a fyceline mining complex on Niveus. The Kill Team made best speed with an Aquila lander through the asteroids surrounding the planet to land on the surface where they met a black shield known as Aslan who claimed to have been sent to assist.

+++Author: Inquisitor Tellion+++
+++Subject: Private/746

Primary Objectives:
1. Confront Inquisitor Hardgrave.
Secondary Objectives:
1. Find evidence within the Dissimulo fyceline mining complex to convict Inquisitor Hardgrave.

Terrain: Snow and ice outside, urban within the complex. Dissimulo is set on a mountain overlooking an extremely deep ravine.

Insertion: Aquila Lander

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.”

[Req 70 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req as normal.

[Artist’s recreation of Dissimulo based on eyewitness testimony]

Mission 7: Delicate Misery

The Tau were expelled from Carth by the Kill Team’s efforts however both the main military encampment and the Tau cruiser were destroyed by the Chaos frigate. During this operation several new recruits were found, with Joffery the Arbitrator becoming Anselm’s serf and the primitive tribal people of Carthoga clinging to Sinbad’s shadow. The Tau ethereal was sedated and captured by the 13th Penal Legion (aka: Last Chancers) before being whisked away by the Kill Team.

During the expulsion of the Tau from Carth the Kill Team uncovered a reeducation camp attached to the morgue at Carth Hospital. The parliament was completely wiped out and a military dictatorship from supposedly loyalist staff officers is being set up. The King has also stepped out of retirement to re-take the throne in the power vacuum but that will be for the Ordo Malleus to decide. On that note the Kill Team also uncovered a cultist cell that was involved with a suspected traitor marine and summoned daemonic entities which were slain.

The rogue trader Arcturus Basilicus along with his heir Magdalena Basilicus were sitting at the edge of the system throughout the mission and were called in by Inquisitor Oriel when the forces of chaos played their hand. The fast chaos frigate managed to escape though. They had their navigators attempt to map its route through the warp but interference has meant they could only tell that the ship headed Rimward. That interference is a matter of speculation but Inquisitor Oriel believes that the cultists on Carth were enacting a ritual that allowed the Chaos frigate to exit the warp in high orbit over the planet without being torn apart by the energies involved. He also believes this was the reason why the frigate defeated the larger Tau vessel, the excess warp energy thrashed the Tau vessel, crippling it in the process.

The Ordo Malleus has indeed been called in, they will quarantine Carthoga and begin their investigations. They are spread thin though as both Hidule and Rahas have been rocked by cultist sedition and sabotage. Hidule’s missile installation was attacked by cultists, some of the deathwatch serfs left behind to guard it were cultists. It was however held by some of Inquisitor Tellion’s assets also left there. Rahas however has been dealt a significant blow, a virulent hemotoxin was introduced into the water supply and the initial death toll is grim. Colonel Damian Turner was killed by assassins along with several other staff officers stationed on Rahas.

All these factors have led the Deathwatch and the Inquisition to confirm earlier suspicions that someone in the Kill Team was a traitor. The suspect is none other than Watch Captain Tauron Oeris, the commanding officer of the Kill Team. While it is unconfirmed and the lance strikes on the main Tau encampment where Oeris was located further add to the confusion, the suspicion still firmly rests on Oeris. Oriel revealed himself to be part of Internal Prosecution, a group of Inquisitors whose primary role is to hunt traitors within the Imperium’s many byzantine institutions. The entire Carthoga operation was actually a cover to lure the traitor to reveal themselves, the side effect of reminding the Tau that their expansion cannot go on without recourse was secondary to Oriel’s main mission.

The Kill Team was taken away to Watch Station Hestia where they were interrogated and then taken under Watch Commander Deagon Mitthrawn Mardon’s wing. Several relics recovered by Sinbad were returned to the 2nd Company of the Salamanders, the Captain renewed and strengthened the oaths of the Salamanders to the Deathwatch. Anselm and Bellerophon dueled in personal combat, Anselm won but the battle brought the two brothers together, creating a nascent bond between them.

The Master of the Vigil informed the Kill Team that they would be part of a new task force. One that would hunt down the chaos frigate that was involved in the intervention on Carthoga and follow new leads pertinent to that hunt. In that effort Oriel enlisted the services of Magdalena Basilicus and her ship the Velox Venator to provide transport for the Kill Team. However the Team’s first mission is to rescue an old friend. Inquisitor Jestilla Tellion was taken by Dark Eldar raiders and her acolytes have called for assistance.

+++Author: Inquisitor Oriel+++
+++Subject: Private/460

Primary Objectives:
1. Rescue Inquisitor Jestilla Tellion
Secondary Objectives:
1. Capture or Assassinate key enemy leaders.

Terrain: Close quarter ship combat, the dark cousins of the Eldar are renowned fighters

Insertion: Shark attack boat.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “Many are the faces of the great enemy, and many are the hands which do its work. Trust no-one. Trust not even yourself. It is better to die in vain than to live as an abomination.”

[Req 60 per kill team member.]

You may pool Req as normal.

[Recovered pict from a raid on Rotega]
Dark eldar raid   copy

Velox Venator



CLASSIFICATION: Tertiary Level Intelligence
ENCRYPTION: Cryptox v 3.5
AUTHOR: Inquisitor Oriel, Ordo Xenos, Internal Prosecution
SUBJECT: Investigation 658-95K
RECIPIENT: Lord Inquisitor Revan Thysser Nuroman, Master of Ordo Xenos, Inquisition High Council Officio, Jericho Reach Sector, Segmentum Ultima

I have concluded my investigation on behalf of our ordo and the rogue trader Arcturus Basilicus, his heir’s ship was indeed being infiltrated by spies working freelance for the great enemy. After I spoke the catechism of abolition and ended the heretic’s life I found the pre-written report to be sent to his masters, I have attached it for your review. Not only does it give us a lead to chase his masters but it also gives us a more in-depth look at Magdalena Basilicus’ ship’s capability.




Captained by Magdalena Basilicus

Firestorm Frigate “Velox Venator” (Swift Hunter in Low Gothic)

Dimensions: 1.8km long, 0.3 km abeam at fins.
Mass: 6 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 25000 crew approx.
Accel: 4.4 gravities max sustainable.

Built on Cypra Mundi before being extensively modified, this combat vessel is both agile and deadly.

Weapons: A powerful armour-piercing prow mounted lance sits prominently beneath the fore ram. Running along the uppermost deck are the elongated hangers, launch ramps inside allow the crew to scramble void-craft towards the fore, three at a time when needed. Built into the keel are drop pod launch bays allowing multiple pods, including those designed for unmodified humans to be deployed at the same time for planetary assaults.

Unique decks: The deck beneath the hangar is the manufactorum, where void craft are repaired or salvaged and fresh ammunition is prepared for them. Great lift and pulley systems connect the two decks to allow smooth transfer of recently damaged craft and their replacements. This deck rivals even the workshop of a minor magos in scope and rarity of its contents. Buried four decks below the manufactorum is the medicae deck, full of equipment likely to be found in the most expensive hospitals in the Segmentum Solar it also contains quarantine rooms and well stocked cabinets to keep the vessel’s crew in fighting shape.

Command and Control: Set behind the hangar in an elevated position is the adamantium reinforced bridge, the interior of which is filled with fine artwork. Silk battle honors, silver chased sculptures and painted masterpieces depicting famous heroes, battles and iconic events in Imperial history decorate the rooms and walls. Below the bridge, behind but connected to the hangar is the pilots chamber. A private chapel is present so they can prepare their immortal souls for combat, a training sensorium allows risk-free tactic and performance envelope testing and a finely kept ready room helps keep the pilots at their peak performance.

Additional features: On the exterior of the hull gilded gargoyles leer into space, from their open mouths gun turrets protrude, slaved servitors linked via mind-impluse technology allow them to defend the frigate from torpedo and void-craft attack. Additional retro-thrusters add the ships maneuverability while powerful sensors enable this interceptor to spot predators or prey early. The hull of the ship is more interesting however as it is lined with baffling screens and energy diffusers which turn the ship into a hole in the void, allowing it to close into a position to strike or flee when in danger. Safely enclosed within this hull is a highly disciplined crew who work to fulfill their masters will, often by preparing the various barracks set up inside to house regiments of Imperial Guard being transported throughout the Jericho Sector.

The key points you wanted evaluated are here, if you want to rest and the key weaknesses send those 2 million thrones you promised.

Watch Station Hestia



CLASSIFICATION: Secondary Level Intelligence
ENCRYPTION: Cryptox v 3.5
AUTHOR: Inquisitor Oriel, Ordo Xenos, Internal Prosecution
SUBJECT: FWD: RE: Watch Station Hestia
RECIPIENT: Lord Inquisitor Revan Thysser Nuroman, Master of Ordo Xenos, Inquisition High Council Officio, Jericho Reach Sector, Segmentum Ultima

1 Oriel Addendum: With such flowery abuse of the holy Gothic language I have half a mind to declare this idiot Excommunicate Traitoris. Is he one of Parkov’s recently elevated pupils? Please tell me this fatuous fool has no power over anything of note.


AUTHOR: Inquisitor Phlebas Issior, Ordo Xenos
SUBJECT: RE: Watch Station Hestia
RECIPIENT: Inquisitor Oriel, Ordo Xenos

Salutations, Sir!
I am glad to hear of your interest in Watch Station Hestia, my past work there has provided some intimacy as to its condition. Hestia is a space station that sits in the middle of a deserted system, built to guard an ancient but inert warp gate due to a specific reading of the Emperor’s tarot centuries ago. The markings found by Inquisitorial scholars such as myself and xeno-savants leave no doubt that the gate is architecturally linked to the Jericho-Maw Warp Gate that has allowed the current crusade to exist.

Among the scholarly or bored the gate and its nature are often points of friendly debate or argument. During the initial exuberance when the Jericho-Maw gate opened many Inquisitorial experts flocked to the gate to make active and inert comparisons but there was little progress. With the lack of activity many believe that no answer will be revealed in their lifetime but still, various theories are bandied about during talks between different philosophical factions whenever a High Conclave is called to convene.

The surrounding view of space is full of young nebulae, green, yellow and blue clouds roiling and twisting. Bright lights of nearby systems wink while a circumstellar disk of a young forming star almost feels like an eye watching the station from the deep void1. Closer in a faint dust cloud and the occasional slowly turning asteroids surround the station.

The station itself is large enough to house a full chapter of battle brothers and is well armed. However it is likely to be only lightly manned with a few astropaths, oath bound serfs and the occasional battle brother or kill team passing through. It is located in the void between the Canis and Acheros Salient, quiet, out of the way and undisturbed by interstellar traffic. A perfect location for hiding sensitive prisoners or conducting secret meetings.

I have attached a particularly impressive pict capture of nearby space from a port window for your pleasure.

Mission 6: Carthoga servandi est

While the fleet was heavily damaged the Tyranid escorts were destroyed. The Hive ship burned up due to the kill team’s brave actions and the Steel Talisman survived barely. It orbits Rahas, a broken shell waiting for a long repair and overhaul, while it is currently quarantined. The navy ratings held off a good force of Tyranids that attacked them after they departed the Hive ship. They were however intercepted by a Dark Sons Thunderhawks whose occupants commenced gene scanning of the Navy crew, resulting in 52 ‘stealer infected’ men to be given the Emperor’s mercy. The rest, including Dark Sons dead and wounded where returned into safe Imperial hands.

The ground battle was fierce as ever, the rest of the Tyranids on the planet had re-grouped and were besieging the City of Lensberg once more. Only the timely death of the Norn Queen managed to give the Imperial Guard the opening they needed to break the enemies back. The most optimistic projections now suggest that it will be 10 to 20 years before the world is even begun to be considered fully cleansed of the dispersed xenos. Patriclus apparently acquitted himself with honour, a glowing recommendation from the canoness commander resulting in him receiving a Victory Star.

The footage and samples taken from the ship are being meticulously scrutinized by Inquisitor Tellion’s servants. The Dark Sons Strike Cruiser “The Steel Trident” continues to coordinate cleansing operations with the Imperial Guard on the planet. The shadow in the warp receding has reopened astropathic communication (The few remaining astropaths who managed to maintain their wits now working themselves to death to take up the slack) and a flurry of information about your actions has been set back to the Watch Commander. In return details on how the rest of the Achilus Crusade is proceeding brings grave news. More of Orpheus Salient is being lost to the Tyranid menace (although Inquisitor Tellion is optimistic about the information you gathered being able to turn that situation around) while the Acheros Salient is re-entrenching with the recent heretic “Infernal Offensive” pushing hard on their gains. The Canis Salient is continuing to be a meat grinder on the Greyhell front where Lord Commander Ebongrave is throwing everything that was not involved in the defense of Rahas in a rash attack against the Tau.

After your awards ceremony you were introduced to Oriel (known aliases: Orion) by Inquisitor Tellion. He appears to be taking control of or directing the next operation which is to disrupt the Tau on a fringe world spinward of Rahas. You are given until Rogue Trader Vito Rolf Hurst arrives to attend to personal activities and prepare for the next operation. The enigmatic man outlined his plan to have you surreptitiously secreted into the capital city of Carth under the guise of a diplomatic and trade mission being transported by the Rogue Trader. This is where the main influence of Tau presence is being made by an expansionist colony set up by the degenerate aliens to the south of Carth.

+++Author: Watch Captain Tauron Oeris+++
+++Subject: Private/810

Primary Objectives:
1. Sabotage, misdirect, capture, assassinate, disrupt and terrorise Tau/sympathisers forces.
Secondary Objectives:
1. Remain undetected for as long as possible.

Terrain: City of Carth and surrounding countryside. There are scattered jungles outside the cities limits, the largest surrounds a volcano to the East of Carth. To the south of Carth there is a strip of desert.

Insertion: Via cargo containers being delivered to Carth by the Rogue Trader Vito Rolf Hurst.

Attached: Commissar Patriclus citation submitted by Canoness Commander Isabella Chevalier of the Order of the Bloody Rose.

“-last of the unit’s officers died, the Commissar took command of the remainder of the regiment and lead them in a charge to regain the “Perlow Gap”. There, on the lip of a trench, he battled three larger xenos breed (Tyranid designation “Warrior”) and their servant gaunts alongside the men. With bolt pistol and chainsword the Commissar slew the warriors, breaking the smaller creatures will so that his men could regain proper fighting positions and throw the invaders back. His courageous words and deeds inspired his men and saved the “Perlow Gap. His action were in upholding the highest traditions of the-”

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “A warrior’s faith in his commander is his best armour and his strongest weapon.”

[Imperial instructional pamphlet]
[Req 90 per kill team member.]

Standard ammunition for your weapons will be available in enough quantity for you to resupply during your stay. Everything else you purchase will have to last you your time on Carthoga. This includes any weapons you purchase, ie: if you buy a flamer you will always have access to flamer fuel for resupply. However something like a melta bomb is a one off use and you will have to buy more than one before you go if you want more at hand.

Purchasing special grenades (eg: EMP grenades) provides 3 per purchase. Frag and krak grenades are treated like standard ammunition, you will have enough to last your time on Carthoga.

Vehicles or other personnel can be requested to be brought with you but there are weight restrictions.

You may pool Req as normal.


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