Xenos Hunters

Planning Stages, homebrewed rules for Blood Ravens


Blood Raven Rules

New Beginnings

You are all members of a newly minted Death Watch kill team, veterans of countless battles and having shown particular promise as alien hunters you were selected by your respective chapter leaders for this honour. Over the last few months you have endured hypno-indoctrination, flooded with new information about your foes weaknesses and abilities as well as enduring live fire exercises to test your abilities. You have made your Oath of Binding and spent days painstakingly repainting your armour jet black save your right shoulder, leaving your chapter icon standing out proudly. The electro plating of your left shoulder and arm have left them with a mirror shine finish. The solemn Inquisitorial I on your right left shoulder is surrounded by personal inscriptions from devotional texts long ago memorised as a initiate.

Finally the day came that you would be sent on your first mission, supervised by Watch Captain Tauron Oeris. Joining a imperial resupply and reinforcement convoy heading to reinforce Rahas, a world under the threat of Hive fleet Dagon, you patiently trained and prepared for the coming baptism of fire. During a routine stop by the fleet’s Navigators to re-adjust course the astropathic choir picked up two separate but important calls from the planet Hidule. One from a Rogue Trader’s ship that had been crippled when the planets surface to orbit missiles fired upon it and another from the Adeptus Arbites stationed there. Apparently there had been an uprising and the local forces attempted to take control of the Arbites munitions and vehicles. The Inquisitor Jestilla Tellion pushed to have the fleet ignore the rebellion and focus on Rahas but for the first time since they had left port both Captain Manuel Lyons and Colonel Damian Turner agreed on the issue. They believed that the world must be secured as it was where the Navy and Guard would be retreating to if Rahas was lost, while the Inquisitor could have just ordered the fleet to continue, counsel from Watch Captain Oeris stayed her hand.

That was a week ago and no word has come from either source since then. As you drop out of the warp in the outskirts of the system you are called to the bridge by Watch Captain Oeris…



+++Request For Planetary Datafax: Hidule+++
PASSWORD: ********
. . . . . Access Granted

Planet Designation: Hidule
Class: γ-class2 (Civilised World)
Planetary Governor: Julius Barlow
Governmental Type: Dictatorship
Capital: Pithos (~4,500,000)
Total Population: ~20,000,000
Tithe Grade: Exactis-[Crusade-Specis]
Geography: ~7/8ths the mass of Holy Terra, Hidule has one small continent surrounded by a planetwide ocean with a salinity of ~3.12%. It’s land mass is mainly covered by fertile plains with the occasional, river system, forest or mountain. Pithos is located on the Northern coast of the continent and has three three major rivers running through it, each coming from separate mountain ranges to the west, south and east. These mountains provide a natural defence from land based attack. The larger fields to the south between the mountain and the city are protected by long range radar linked to anti air artillery to prevent hostile forces landing within the mountain range perimeter.
Planetary Defence Force: ~50,000
Adeptus Arbites: ~300 Arbitrators, ~3 Judges, one precinct courthouse located in Pithos.
Satelites: Hidule Secundus (Geosynchronous Orbital Station), trade port and defence station.
+++Deathwatch Addendum: Code Omega-Black+++
The defence shield is a potent pre-Age of Apostasy missile defence system that prevented the planets loss during the “Age of Shadow”. Excerpt from deceased local soothsayer psyker “Legend tells that Hidule is watched over by a mythic beast that sleeps in the ocean, whenever his children are in danger he rises from the deeps and smashes sky demons with spears of fire.” It has not been used for centuries and believed to be non-functioning but the myth endured and few dared to approach the planet until the crusades reunited with it. New evidence that the defence shield has been re-engaged and is operational means destruction of the launch structures or their contents is unacceptable. All effort should be made to capture the control systems as they may soon be needed to stem the Tyranid tide sweeping through the sector.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “Information Is Power”


Mission 2: Invasion of Hidule

As you secure the orbital station’s bridge Watch Captain Oeris informs you over private vox channel the nature of your next mission.

“Due to your quick capture of the orbital station as well as it’s relay for the surface to orbit missiles the invasion can soon commence. The small but fast vessels of our fleet are maneuvering to avoid the weaker underground based detection of the defense shields control center. They are located deep under the Governors palace and rely on the orbital station for the ability to hit smaller and faster ships. Thus the next course of action is to pave the way for the decisive end to this rebellion. First the radar slaved to the cities conventional anti-air installations must be disabled, after this the Governors Palace and the control center it has been built over must be secured. The recovery of this holy, now active technology, will be vital to this worlds defense against future threats and will give breathing room for the Emperor’s armies and fleets.”

“Obviously the capture of the Governor has been requested by Inquisitor Tellion but that is of secondary concern to the capture of the ancient technology beneath the planet’s surface. Also, if you have the time, sabotage alongside removal of their command structure will weaken the resolve of the PDF and hasten our own Guard’s victory. This will save many lives needed for the coming battles and will garner glory for you all. More than a mere boarding action, this will be your first true test as to whether you possess the ability to serve with the Deathwatch and prove the trust your Chapter Masters have placed in you.”

“I am sending a preliminary outline of your mission objectives to your dataslates, evaluate it and organize an appropriate strategy that builds upon your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses.”

+++Author: Watch Captain Tauron Oeris+++
+++Subject: Private/572

Primary Objectives:
1. Destroy the AAA radar site so that Colonel Damian Turner can land his invasion force to rout the local forces and restore order.
2. Secure the Governors Palace and it’s underground missile defense shield control center.

Secondary Objectives:
1. Capture the Governor
2. Destroy Command post bunker.
3. Destroy ammo dump.
4. Sabotage or destroy vehicles/crew at Hidule’s tank park.

Terrain: Prepare for city fighting. Even if you land outside the city and sneak in, the predominate terrain will be man made hab blocks, PDF defenses and of course the gilded palace of the governor.

Insertion: Drop pod is likely the order of the day to avoid the ground AAA, landing within the city or within the fields to the south of the city will get you close to your objectives. Landing outside the mountains will allow other options of insertion and resources being able to be brought with you but will delay your assault as you traverse the guarded mountain passes.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “Stand as one or fall as many.”


[Req: 80 per kill team member]

Mission 3: Promethium Problems

After two weeks transition in the warp, much of it spent integrating the Mantis Warrior, Ultramarine and Black Templar into the squad, you arrive in the Forheim system. The shadow in the warp causing the fleet to make shorter jumps to prevent loss or disorientation and cutting you off from communication with the wider universe. As you enter the system contact is slowly made via the picket ships operating a wide net to help alert Rahas to when the hive splinter arrives, luckily the splinter fleet has either been busy somewhere else or has been slowed down for some reason. However in that time the Tyranid vanguard has made it on to the planet, perhaps they were always there and have only chosen now to rise up.

Reports of lightning raids from xenos breeds within outlying towns and villages has stepped up and now only a few cities remain untouched, the main administrative city of Lensberg a veritable fortress with the amount of imperial guard regiments now defending it. The presence of Battle Sisters and the Sisters Hospitaller bolstering the courage of the men on the ground, large troop transports from the Imperial navy having pulled back from the planet so not to be caught in a vulnerable position. Your fleet soon joins a force of 2 Sword frigates (“Paladin” and “The Haste”), the Dictator-class Cruiser “The Inevitable” and the Lunar-class Cruiser “The Pious Servant” to protect the planet and you are transported to the main city Lensberg with your commanding officer.

As you punch through the atmosphere Watch Captain Oeris zealously lays down the situation. “Our work on Hidule may of secured The Imperium a much needed fall back position but I would have it that we break this threat here, this far, no further!” “My second kill team has been rooting out the Xenos vanguard forces here for weeks but they have been thorough with their work and have left no trace of the beasts in the places they have cleansed.” “Both Brother Cadmus and Inquisitor Tellion suggest that we will require pure specimens to work on so that we can undermine the enemies strength.”

“Brother Cadmus, recover of this is pure specimen is an added responsibility which I know you will shoulder with pride.” “You men have already brought a world and its corrupt Governor to heel, now you defend a loyal one as is our sacred duty. We will not fail.” “The local liaison has informed me that a vital promethium drilling and pumping station has ceased communications and supply in the last day.” “This resource is vital to the continued operations of Imperial Guard on the planet and the stores it fills will be needed in the face of the coming darkness.”

“You will set out to the rural town of Weinestadt that surrounds the caves that house the drill and pump station.” “Brother Omniel, the local Techpriests have informed me that before you leave they will commune with you on the operation of this facility, its layout and how to re-engage its holy works.” “The Squad leader is given full engagements rights, the area is to be considered hostile and vanguard Xenos elements are to be expected.” “Finally, this is a highly dangerous environment, a stray shot hitting an exposed pipe could level the entire area so maintain fire discipline.”

“I am sending a preliminary outline of your mission objectives to your dataslates, the second kill team’s local armory is available for your requisitions, if you require other assets see me and I will request them from the appropriate authorities.”

+++Author: Watch Captain Tauron Oeris+++
+++Subject: Private/612

Primary Objectives:
1. Restore power and full operational capacity to the promethium facility.
2. Purge present Xenos threat.

Secondary Objectives:
1. Recover a pure Xenos specimen, dead or alive.
2. Cause no excessive damage to the facility.

Terrain: Prepare for both open fields and tunnel fighting.

Insertion: Aquila lander is available for drop off if another source of transport is not requested.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “Vigilance is your shield.”

Kokarev target of opportunity 2 tif

[Req: 50 per kill team member]

Mission 4: Last Stand of Lensberg

The week since you returned from has contained much commotion and revelation as to recent events. While you were underground the Tyranids launched a sneak attack upon the Navy fleet defending to planet. “The Wandering Justice” was destroyed by a sudden overload of its warp engines at the start of the battle, destroying an enemy escort ship closing at ramming speed but also throwing the fleets formation into disarray. Word has spread of possible sabotage leading to surprise attack and the destruction of “The Wandering Justice” but this has been clamped down on by senior members of the military. “The Pious Servant” and the two sword frigates were heavily damaged but they and the rest of the fleet managed to disengage after the disaster that befell them, retreating to the edge of the Forheim system.

Soon after, the hive ship begun its invasion, sending mycetic spores into the atmosphere of Rahas. The disgorged Tyranids have amalgamated into a wave of creatures headed to the greatest source of resistance and biomass on the planet, Lensberg. The defense line is made up on a series of trenches with wooden steps for the guardsmen to fight from, behind these are aegis defense lines and bunker complexes filled with heavy weapon teams mounting everything from heavy bolters to lascannons. Behind these are where the reserves and off duty guardsmen linger in case of attack or the need to shore up a point in the defense. Behind these men are another set of trenches followed by tanks and mortar sections that will provide indirect fire when the time comes.

Behind the front lines are the rapidly fabricated or re-purposed buildings for keeping such a large army at the ready, barracks, munitorium stores, mess halls, first aid posts, shrines, all bustling with activity from the forces supporting and operating on the front. You have been staying in a barracks separate from these, closer to the Inquisitors base of operations and laboratory set up, where Cadmus seems to spend most of his days. The barracks was sterile clean but now has the same covering of slight red dust and the smell of the mine now inhabiting it. Omniel and Sinbad have managed to provide the rudimentary repairs required to put your armor back into fighting shape, although pitted and scarred the armor is now once again resolute in its defense.

Watch Captain Oeris debriefed you once his work at the front lines was concluded. “Outstanding once again brothers. My other kill team, now cut off from us, on one of the other continents has encountered only hybrids and a few genestealers up until this point. The purging of that brood eliminates a lingering threat and the new influx of promethium will ensure our tanks engines continue to run. This will also keep citizens within the city provided with electricity and running water, a morale boost to prevent rioting or panic that cannot be underestimated."

“Brother Cadmus’ and Inquisitor Tellion’s work has uncovered several results, confirmation of the link between this splinter fleet and Hive Fleet Dagon, a larger than normal brain in the broodlord and a muscle tissue susceptibility to specific vibration wavelengths. Brother Cadmus has reverse engineered a toxin that affects the brain of the creatures within this splinter fleet as well as helping to deploy a network of vibration emitters just outside out defense perimeter.”

“Now the Tyranid’s initial wave has formed and is headed to the city, you will take a position on the front lines to bolster the defenses. You are to hold the line as best you can while I co-ordinate your actions with local forces and relay battle information as it comes in. Make no mistake, this will be a hard battle. Few forces can withstand the assault of a concentrated swarm, let alone a splinter fleet’s worth, but we will prevail as the alternative is unacceptable.”

“Second kill team’s local armory is available for your requisitions, if you require other assets see me and I will request them from the appropriate authorities.”

+++Author: Watch Captain Tauron Oeris+++
+++Subject: Private/734

Primary Objectives:
1. Hold the line.

Terrain: open ground, trenches, bunkers and if they fall, the streets and buildings of the city.

Insertion: None required, holding ground.

(The other ground and air forces on the front lines will be fighting their own battles in the background, if you want to have forces under your command to respond to enemy attacks or hold ground while you fight elsewhere you will have to purchase them before hand so that they become part of your command structure. You can prepare the area in front of where you are defending if you want to.)

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “To admit defeat is to blaspheme against the Emperor.”

Deathwatch holding the line!

[50 Req Per kill team member, Renown rank: Respected, pool Req as you wish]

Mission 5: Regicide

With the Tyranids on Rahas in disarray the chance to save the planet is fleeting but withing the Imperium’s grasp. The Dark Sons Strike Cruiser “The Steel Trident” with the Imperial Navy’s Cobra class destroyers “The Revelation”, “Steel Talisman” and the Dictator class cruiser “The Inevitable” are returning to Rahas to attempt to prevent the planet’s destruction. Oeris has managed to transport the second kill team from their isolated position on the other side of the planet to join your strike. Your Casteus Ram has been sent from the Steel Talisman’s hangar to provide the deathwatch marines transport to the Hive Ship.

The Kill Team “Victoria Aut Mortis” is composed of a Space Wolf Assault Marine (Brother Balmung) and a Knights Teutonic Assault Marine (Brother Anselm). This Kill Team was decimated in the recent battles for Rahas. Although they were attacked by a weaker force they were defending a smaller city with less fortifications than Lensberg. They managed to hold the line but were reduced in strength to a mere two members that are now being amalgamated with your team. Captain Oeris and Decimus will be going with you but will split off to link up with a demolitions team from the Dark Sons. Their intention is to disable the pyro-acidic batteries of the Hive Ship, diverting attention from you. Your Kill Team must destroy the Nord Queen and shatter the present Tyranids link to the Hive Mind for good. Optional targets include the mycetic spore launchers that are continuing to rain fresh Tyranids upon Rahas and any spawning pools that you find throughout the ship, reducing the overall enemy resistance.

The Dark Sons are sending squads to destroy the Ship’s propulsion and bio-plasma batteries while drawing away more of the Tyranids from the Nord Queen’s side. They will be conveyed by boarding tubes and Thunderhawk gunships while the rest of the fleet engages the Hive Ship’s escorts and Imperial Navy squadrons clear a hole for you through the spore minefield protecting the Hive Ship.

You now stand with Captain Oeris, Decimus and Inquisitor Tellion on a prefabricated landing deck in Lensberg which the Caestus Ram will soon touch down upon.

+++Author: Watch Captain Tauron Oeris+++
+++Subject: Private/765

Primary Objectives:
1. Kill The NordQueen
Secondary Objectives:
1. Destroy spawning pools
2. Disable mycetic spore launchers

Terrain: Interior of Hive Ship, expect a hostile environment.

Insertion: Via Caestus Assault Ram alongside Watch Captain Oeris and Decimus.

Gold aquilaThought For The Day: “You carry the Emperor’s will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows."


[65 Req Per kill team member, Renown rank: Respected, pool Req as you wish]

Space marine Tactical Fire Support and Assault Strike Force Adeptus Astartes Assets are now available from the Dark Sons.


+++Request For Planetary Datafax: Carthoga+++
PASSWORD: ********
. . . . . Access Granted

Planet Designation: Carthoga.
Class: γ-class2 (Civilised World), jungles are considered a lesser δτ-class2 (Death World).
Planetary Governor: The Honourable Prime Minister Verithos Gorge.
Governmental Type: Constitutional Monarchy.
Capital: Carth (~8,000,000 pop).
Total Population: ~70,000,000.
Feral jungle population: Unknown, thought to be only several hundred due to the harsh nature of the environment.
Tithe Grade: Exactis-[Crusade-Specis].
Geography: Similar in mass to Holy Terra, a single large continent surrounded by various archipelagos. The surface of the land mass is varied but mainly covered by plains and jungles. There is a strip of desert slightly south of the equator.
Planetary Defence Force: ~100,000. Mainly used to keep order and prevent animal attacks coming from the jungle.
Adeptus Arbites: 1500, 10 judges.
Satellites: Quata, Qulon (Natural Satellites)

+++Deathwatch Addendum: Code Epsilon+++
Tau Disposition: Tau main military encampment is set in the desert at the northern border which meets the plains. A more recently built expansionist tau colony is located close and to the south of the Imperial Capital of Carth. They have been trading with Imperials under the watch of a cruiser class Tau vessel that orbits the planet.
Adeptus Arbites: Thought to be all dead due to failed assault to prevent initial Tau colonisation effort.
Tithe Grade: {Tau presence preventing tithe collection}.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “As the Emperor protects, so must we.”

[Tau Propaganda]


Mission 6: Carthoga servandi est

While the fleet was heavily damaged the Tyranid escorts were destroyed. The Hive ship burned up due to the kill team’s brave actions and the Steel Talisman survived barely. It orbits Rahas, a broken shell waiting for a long repair and overhaul, while it is currently quarantined. The navy ratings held off a good force of Tyranids that attacked them after they departed the Hive ship. They were however intercepted by a Dark Sons Thunderhawks whose occupants commenced gene scanning of the Navy crew, resulting in 52 ‘stealer infected’ men to be given the Emperor’s mercy. The rest, including Dark Sons dead and wounded where returned into safe Imperial hands.

The ground battle was fierce as ever, the rest of the Tyranids on the planet had re-grouped and were besieging the City of Lensberg once more. Only the timely death of the Norn Queen managed to give the Imperial Guard the opening they needed to break the enemies back. The most optimistic projections now suggest that it will be 10 to 20 years before the world is even begun to be considered fully cleansed of the dispersed xenos. Patriclus apparently acquitted himself with honour, a glowing recommendation from the canoness commander resulting in him receiving a Victory Star.

The footage and samples taken from the ship are being meticulously scrutinized by Inquisitor Tellion’s servants. The Dark Sons Strike Cruiser “The Steel Trident” continues to coordinate cleansing operations with the Imperial Guard on the planet. The shadow in the warp receding has reopened astropathic communication (The few remaining astropaths who managed to maintain their wits now working themselves to death to take up the slack) and a flurry of information about your actions has been set back to the Watch Commander. In return details on how the rest of the Achilus Crusade is proceeding brings grave news. More of Orpheus Salient is being lost to the Tyranid menace (although Inquisitor Tellion is optimistic about the information you gathered being able to turn that situation around) while the Acheros Salient is re-entrenching with the recent heretic “Infernal Offensive” pushing hard on their gains. The Canis Salient is continuing to be a meat grinder on the Greyhell front where Lord Commander Ebongrave is throwing everything that was not involved in the defense of Rahas in a rash attack against the Tau.

After your awards ceremony you were introduced to Oriel (known aliases: Orion) by Inquisitor Tellion. He appears to be taking control of or directing the next operation which is to disrupt the Tau on a fringe world spinward of Rahas. You are given until Rogue Trader Vito Rolf Hurst arrives to attend to personal activities and prepare for the next operation. The enigmatic man outlined his plan to have you surreptitiously secreted into the capital city of Carth under the guise of a diplomatic and trade mission being transported by the Rogue Trader. This is where the main influence of Tau presence is being made by an expansionist colony set up by the degenerate aliens to the south of Carth.

+++Author: Watch Captain Tauron Oeris+++
+++Subject: Private/810

Primary Objectives:
1. Sabotage, misdirect, capture, assassinate, disrupt and terrorise Tau/sympathisers forces.
Secondary Objectives:
1. Remain undetected for as long as possible.

Terrain: City of Carth and surrounding countryside. There are scattered jungles outside the cities limits, the largest surrounds a volcano to the East of Carth. To the south of Carth there is a strip of desert.

Insertion: Via cargo containers being delivered to Carth by the Rogue Trader Vito Rolf Hurst.

Attached: Commissar Patriclus citation submitted by Canoness Commander Isabella Chevalier of the Order of the Bloody Rose.

“-last of the unit’s officers died, the Commissar took command of the remainder of the regiment and lead them in a charge to regain the “Perlow Gap”. There, on the lip of a trench, he battled three larger xenos breed (Tyranid designation “Warrior”) and their servant gaunts alongside the men. With bolt pistol and chainsword the Commissar slew the warriors, breaking the smaller creatures will so that his men could regain proper fighting positions and throw the invaders back. His courageous words and deeds inspired his men and saved the “Perlow Gap. His action were in upholding the highest traditions of the-”

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “A warrior’s faith in his commander is his best armour and his strongest weapon.”

[Imperial instructional pamphlet]
[Req 90 per kill team member.]

Standard ammunition for your weapons will be available in enough quantity for you to resupply during your stay. Everything else you purchase will have to last you your time on Carthoga. This includes any weapons you purchase, ie: if you buy a flamer you will always have access to flamer fuel for resupply. However something like a melta bomb is a one off use and you will have to buy more than one before you go if you want more at hand.

Purchasing special grenades (eg: EMP grenades) provides 3 per purchase. Frag and krak grenades are treated like standard ammunition, you will have enough to last your time on Carthoga.

Vehicles or other personnel can be requested to be brought with you but there are weight restrictions.

You may pool Req as normal.

Watch Station Hestia



CLASSIFICATION: Secondary Level Intelligence
ENCRYPTION: Cryptox v 3.5
AUTHOR: Inquisitor Oriel, Ordo Xenos, Internal Prosecution
SUBJECT: FWD: RE: Watch Station Hestia
RECIPIENT: Lord Inquisitor Revan Thysser Nuroman, Master of Ordo Xenos, Inquisition High Council Officio, Jericho Reach Sector, Segmentum Ultima

1 Oriel Addendum: With such flowery abuse of the holy Gothic language I have half a mind to declare this idiot Excommunicate Traitoris. Is he one of Parkov’s recently elevated pupils? Please tell me this fatuous fool has no power over anything of note.


AUTHOR: Inquisitor Phlebas Issior, Ordo Xenos
SUBJECT: RE: Watch Station Hestia
RECIPIENT: Inquisitor Oriel, Ordo Xenos

Salutations, Sir!
I am glad to hear of your interest in Watch Station Hestia, my past work there has provided some intimacy as to its condition. Hestia is a space station that sits in the middle of a deserted system, built to guard an ancient but inert warp gate due to a specific reading of the Emperor’s tarot centuries ago. The markings found by Inquisitorial scholars such as myself and xeno-savants leave no doubt that the gate is architecturally linked to the Jericho-Maw Warp Gate that has allowed the current crusade to exist.

Among the scholarly or bored the gate and its nature are often points of friendly debate or argument. During the initial exuberance when the Jericho-Maw gate opened many Inquisitorial experts flocked to the gate to make active and inert comparisons but there was little progress. With the lack of activity many believe that no answer will be revealed in their lifetime but still, various theories are bandied about during talks between different philosophical factions whenever a High Conclave is called to convene.

The surrounding view of space is full of young nebulae, green, yellow and blue clouds roiling and twisting. Bright lights of nearby systems wink while a circumstellar disk of a young forming star almost feels like an eye watching the station from the deep void1. Closer in a faint dust cloud and the occasional slowly turning asteroids surround the station.

The station itself is large enough to house a full chapter of battle brothers and is well armed. However it is likely to be only lightly manned with a few astropaths, oath bound serfs and the occasional battle brother or kill team passing through. It is located in the void between the Canis and Acheros Salient, quiet, out of the way and undisturbed by interstellar traffic. A perfect location for hiding sensitive prisoners or conducting secret meetings.

I have attached a particularly impressive pict capture of nearby space from a port window for your pleasure.


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