Ascension Character Creation

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This game is not set in stone, no promises that it will be run have been made. This is just to see what interest there is and have characters ready in the case that we do wish to pursue this course of action. EDIT: Added Blood of Martyr’s to available books and fixed 2.2, was meant to say start with home-world stat line, not 25 in everything.

Note: Radical characters should be passed by me for approval, considering the generally puritan nature of deathwatch having a extreme radical in the group would likely undermine that relationship.
I don’t want lots of psykers, one or two is fine, five is not.
I suggest you chat to each other about group set up/who wants to be the Inquisitor. If more than one person wants to be an Inquisitor they need to send me their character and backstory for me to judge which best fits the game/is best developed.

Character Generation Resources:

The following is available for player character generation:
Dark Heresy core rulebook
Rogue Trader core rulebook
Dark Heresy: Inquisitor’s Handbook
Dark Heresy: The Radical’s Handbook
Dark Heresy: Blood of Martyr’s
Dark Heresy: Ascension

Creating Dark Heresy Characters

The approach is based on what is defined in the Ascension rulebook and will require the Dark Heresy core rulebook. The character generation will use the Ascension Top Down approach (the most flexible and least time consuming approach) blended with the house rules as follows. Note this is a summary of the Ascension character generation steps with integrated house rules.

1. Choose an Ascended Career.

2. Generate the Character according to the Dark Heresy rules.
2.1 Select a home world (page 13 of the Dark Heresy rule book); alternative homeworlds from other sources can be used. Note bonus skills and talents.
2.2 Generate starting characteristic scores using point allocation schema: Begin with home-world characteristic line. You may allocate a total of 100 additional points to his Characteristics, adding no less than 2 and no more than 20 to any one Characteristic.
2.3 Roll for Fate Points (table 1-7 on page 28 of the Dark Heresy rule book);add +1 to your Fate Point score; note that this replaces the Ascension Rules for adjusting your Fate Point score.
2.4 Roll for starting wounds (table 1-6 on page 28 of the Dark Heresy rule book)
2.5 Roll your Divination (table 1-8 on page 34 of the Dark Heresy rule book)

3. Select a Dark Heresy Career path. (page 24 of the Dark Heresy rule book); alternative careers from other sources can be used. Note your starting skills and talents. (Keep in mind the eventual Ascension career you wish to take and its prerequisites.

If you can justify using a Rogue Trader career (i.e., you can justify why a Rogue Trader character has given up the pursuit of profit and joined an Inquisitional team to pursue threats to the Imperium) I will allow the class but it has to fit the setting and your character’s personality/background/drivers.

4. Generate Insanity and Corruption: In addition to what you currently have…
4.1 Subtract your WB from 8 and that is the number of D10 dice you roll for Insanity
4.2 roll the same number of D5 dice for your Corruption.
4.3 Turn to pages 234 – 239 of Dark Heresy rulebook and consult the rules for Insanity and Corruption to determine if there are any mental disorders, malignancies, or mutations. Please do not share this info with the other players; this should come out during roleplaying.

5. Spend 13,000 XP using the Top Down Approach.
5.1 Select your Background package, Elite Advance Packages, and Alternate Career Ranks.
5.2 Spend XP on Characteristic Advances (you can purchase up to Expert Advances).
5.3 Purchase your advances from your Dark Heresy Career path (Ascension is not available for purchases at this point)

You may spend any amount of XP at any rank. You are not required to select a branch in his career; all branches are open for advancement selection.

You are not required to replace a rank with an Alternate Rank; you may select advances from the Alternate rank as well.
You may not purchase more Sound Constitution Advances than listed on page 2-1 on page 25 of the Ascension rules.
Any skills not listed may be purchased as an Elite Advance at the cost of 500 xp for Trained, 1000xp for +10, or 1500xp for +20.

In the purchase of advances the following are changed from the Ascension rules.

You do not purchase Sound Constitution Advances for 100xp, you spend the cost as listed in your career path & alternate ranks but as indicated above you are still limited by a maximum number you can purchase.
Convert groups of skills into Mastery Skills where you have +20 in all of the listed skills for a given Mastery Group. Reference page 102 in the Ascension rule book.
Note, instead of entering all of the skills on your character sheet, just list the name of the Skill Mastery.
Convert groups of talents into Paragon Talents where you have all of the listed talents for a given Paragon Talent. Reference page 104 in the Ascension rule book. Instead of entering all of the talents on your character sheet, just list the name of the Paragon talent.

Note, for purposes of rank advancement, we are using the Ascension xp table.

6. Select your Transition Package. These begin on page 30 of the Ascension rule book. They come in both Career oriented paths and general paths.

7. The character gains an additional 1,000xp as a level 9 character. These XP may be spent on your prior career path, alternate ranks, and elite advancements available prior to ascending or on your new Ascended Career Path.

8. Equipment:
Add your Ascension careers starting equipment to your character.
Choose 2 pieces of equipment from the pre-ascension rules using the limits below.
1 rare and below.
1 scarce and below.

9. Influence. The Inquisition team begins with a starting Influence of 40.

A Note on Maximums
A Dark Heresy character’s Wounds cannot be greater than 20 + TB.
A Dark Heresy character’s Fate Points cannot exceed 5.

Ascension Character Creation

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