Black Sword Rules

Name: The Imperial Blood-heir Sword
Weapon Class: Melee

This weapon is meant to be able to be used by both humans and marines to varying effect. Marines would find it a little small and awkwardly unbalanced, and humans would find it greatly oversized. However, its balance also allows users to be able to put an almost impossible amount of heft behind it in the right situations.

– Anointed: This best-quality weapon (+10 to attacks) has power against Slaaneshi demons (and gains the Unstable quality against them), and its purity causes demons to take a -20 penalty on Dodge and Parry tests against it.

Marine Rules:

Damage: 1d10+5R
Pen: 5
Special: Anointed, Sanctified, Unbalanced, Honor of Challenge**

*Counts as a relic if lost
*Users gain the Fearless talent when using it against a singular enemy with more wounds than they or of Master-difficulty (or as per determined by the GM)
*Cannot be Requisitioned; can only be issued

*A space marine may have the choice to use the above damage profile or make one less attack attack per round (to a minimum of one) to:
a. strike at WS-10 to add Tearing to the attack, OR
b. strike at WS-10 to add Razor Sharp to the attack, OR
c. strike at WS-30 as if the weapon used Unnatural Strength(x3) and +1d5 damage.

The third choice requires that the user wield it with two hands, or the WS test to hit becomes -40 instead. Note that the weapon’s quality gives this weapon +10 to WS test regardless.

**Should the enemy the character attacks with this weapon escape or be victorious/the user fall while in close-combat, the user counts as 1d5 Renown points lower (rolled upon enemy escape/victory) and -1 to Squad Cohesion until the enemy is hunted down and defeated/dealt with

Human Rules:

Damage: 2d10R
Pen: 5

Special: Anointed, Santified, Razor-Sharp, Unwieldy*, Volatile, Tempered in the Blood of Angels**

*Due to its incredible size, only characters in power armor (of any sort, so long as it is both powered and offers some sort of strength or stability in terms of fluff or mechanics) with a modified SB of 6 or greater may use the weapon. Characters with Pure Faith and/or the pair of Unshakable Faith/Insanely Faithful may need only a modified SB of 5, but still must wear power armor. Characters with a modified strength bonus of 7 or higher count it as Unbalanced. This is a two-handed weapon.

*While using this sword, the Swift Attack, Lighting Attack, and any other abilities that would allow extra attacks are not used with the sword (it’s just too heavy!) and essentially means that any character using it only gets one attack with it in their turn. However, due to this weight, it allows the user to let the guiding hand of the Emperor (and his servants, Momentum and Gravity) give extra weight behind the striking force, giving it the Razor-Sharp quality.

**Treat the weapon user as if they were carrying the Astartes Blood relic from Blood of Martyrs, since the weapon is tempered in Astartes blood as well as holy oils and water

Black Sword Rules

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