Blood Raven Rules

Blood Raven Rules
When was the chapter founded: Unknown
Progenitor: Unknown
Geneseed Deficiencies: Mutated Catapeslean Node (Total recall, no REM sleep)
Homeworld: Fleet-based
Homeworld Relationship: Stewardship or distant rule
How closely does the chapter follow the Codex Astartes: Codex Chapter
Combat doctrine: Codex combat doctrine
Current Status: Nominal
Beliefs: The Emperor Above All
Friends and Enemies:
Friends: Adeptus Mechanicus, elements of the Inquisition.
Enemies: Alpha Legion

Stat Bonuses: Warrior Scholars +5 INT, +5 PER
Starting Bonus Skills/Talents: Total Recall (Costs 500xp, So 500 xp remains to be spent)

Chapter Demeanour: “Victory Through Understanding”

The Blood Ravens Chapter is known primarily for its focus on the search for knowledge and hidden lore, especially that with a connection to its own past, which the Chapter is largely ignorant of prior to M36. Blood Raven commanders are skilled in the creation of intricate battleplans from such accumulated knowledge and the wisdom of the Codex. These plans are rarely deviated from, and contain contingencies for almost any scenario. Perhaps as a result, the Blood Ravens are reluctant to take to the field without first obtaining and analyzing all relevant information on the foe and the battleground, a trait which has proven its worth a thousand times over. This tendency may lead to conflicts with more zealous members of the Kill-Team. (especially those from such Chapters as the Space Wolves)

Off the field of battle, Marines of the Blood Ravens are generally withdrawn and introspective, something amplified by the dark suspicions and hushed-up incidents which seem to follow them across the Imperium. Their ignorance of their origins leads them to venerate all the Primarchs equally, and the Emperor above all. While many among their ranks respect the sacrifices of fellow defenders of the Imperium, the individual universally venerated by the Chapter was a Chief Librarian and Chapter Master from the Chapter’s early years, the Great Father Vidya.

The Blood Ravens hold his teachings in high esteem, and their current organization owes as much to his philosophy of victory through understanding as it does to the Codex.

Chapter Advancements:
Knowledge is Power Advance, with Hatred (Dark elder) to be replaced by Hatred (Chaos Space Marines)

Solo Mode:

Chapter Solo Mode Abilities: Eternal Vigilance
Chapter: Blood Ravens
Effects: A Blood Raven’s will to seek out the unknown is legendary. The battle brother gain a +10 to all Perception tests.
Improvements: If the Battle-Brother is Rank 4 or above, gain a +20 to the test and at Rank 8 or above a free increase in degree of success.

Squad Mode:

Chapter Attack Pattern: Truth Begets Hatred
Chapter: Blood Ravens
Action: Free
Cost: 2
Sustained: Yes
Effects: The Blood Ravens’ strive for clarity of mind and the truth of all things, focusing their attention upon the enemy to find their weaknesses. While active, all Blood Ravens (including the leader) within Support Range may make called shots upon the enemy at difficult (-10)
Improvements: At Rank 4, this bonus increases to Challenging (+0).

Defensive Stance
Knowledge is Power
Action: Half Action, Cost: 3, Sustained: Yes. With knowledge of secret and forbidden lore, the Blood Ravens are able to more easily avoid sorcery and witchcraft. While under the effect of this ability, the Battle-Brother and any Blood Ravens within Support Range of him receive a + 10 bonus to any Tests made to resist the effects of a psychic power (this can include attempts to Dodge). At Rank 4, this bonus increases to + 20.

Chapter Trappings:

The Fated 5th company Redemption Badge: Add +3 WP to any Willpower Test to resist fear effects and Cohesion damage

Philosopher’s Scriptures: Add +3 to all Logic and Foresight tests

Gemmed Raven Icon: +3 to Awareness Tests

Token of the Unknown Primarch: Counts as a Charm

Chapter Relic: Hate of Xenos
Battle Brother Trythios was the first Blood Raven to serve in the deathwatch, his trusted sidearm was a Plasma Pistol he named “Hate of Xenos”. In the centuries since it has been passed down to all Blood Ravens serving in the ranks of Deathwatch.

Hate of Xenos Pistol: 30m, S/2/-, 1d10+12, Pen 8, Clip 12, 3 Full Reload, Volatile, Felling (1), Accurate. Hate of Xenos gains the Toxic Quality against Xenos opponents. Requisition 60, Hero.

Psyker Powers: Ultramarines psychic powers.

Primarch’s Curse:

Level I: Need to Know – The Blood Raven develops a desire to collect and possess knowledge. He must pass a Challenging (+ 0) Willpower Test in order to forgo the chance to learn something new. If this knowledge is obviously corrupting or dangerous, or his hesitation would put his fellow Astartes in danger, the Willpower Test becomes Routine (+20).

Level II: Lost Knowledge -This is identical to the Level I Curse except that corrupting or dangerous knowledge never makes the Willpower never becomes Routine.

Level III Dark Secret – The Blood Raven’s quest for knowledge has led him to a secret so terrible it would shake the very foundations of the Imperium. The nature of the blasphemous secret is left to the GM to decide. Outrageous and horrible fates await the character should anyone discover what he knows.

Blood Ravens Past Events – Roll a 1d5 and consult below.

1. “The Endless Search”
As a battle-brother, you were part of one of the Chapter’s search-teams sent out in search of a relic, be it tainted by the enemy or a potential link to the Chapter’s past. You fought with honour and courage, playing a vital role in the successful retrieval of the artifact.

2. “The Quest For Knowledge”
The Blood Ravens chapter is known to be close to the Adeptus Mechanicus, in part because of their shared philosophies. You were part of a formation of Marines that accompanied one of the Cult’s Explorator fleets beyond the light of the Astronomicron. Though many of your brothers did not survive, you helped to ensure that their geneseed returned to the Chapter, gaining valuable knowledge from your experiences.

3. “The Gate Unguarded”
Though psychic powers are more common among your bretheren than with other chapters, few are truly immune to outside influence. Whether from xeno mind-clouding or the taint of the Warp, one of your brothers fell from the Emperor’s grace and became a puppet for dark forces. You fired the final bolt-shell, and in doing so delivered him from his unwitting sin.

4. “The Future of the Chapter”
The Blood Ravens recruit from a myraid of sources, from jungle-choked deathworlds to towering planethives. You were part of one such recruiting mission. Your group succesfully brought back a full batch of initiates, despite unforseen complications.

5. “Agent of the Secret Masters”
Before coming to the Deathwatch, you came to the attention of one of the Secret Masters of the Chapter, a hidden council that guides your brothers and advises the Chapter Master. You were sworn to secrecy and given orders from this hushed body, orders you faithfully carried out despite your misgivings.

Blood Raven Rules

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