Mission 1 Summary

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Mission 1: New Beginnings
Hidule Planetary Information

[The loss of characters over this time period is generally not remarked upon in game. We have had some losses and gains but our core has generally held together quite well.]

The Kill Team consists of:
Brother Sinbad Ibn-Hanah of the Storm Crusaders, a desert planet based chapter that make use of extremely agile and fast riding lizards. (Jokes about being a terrorist were hilariously justified in the second mission. Overall he is a pretty bro-marine.)

Librarian Arkias of the Blood Ravens, a warp accident prone librarian who looks down on most human mortals. (One of my favorite characters as he often butts heads with the more merciful characters, creating some interesting moments. His ability to scare the crap out of an IRC channel full of players whenever he rolls for perils is also helarious.)

Brother Apothecary Cadmus of the Dark Angels, the smartest marine alive and a very good apothecary. (He used the Price of Victory deed to get access to a best-craftsmanship cortex implant, giving him Unatural Intelligence. While the intention of the deed to to just replace part of the body like limbs, eyes and ears I thought the request over and allowed it as he linked their implantation to Omniel, creating an interesting backstory.)

Brother Techmarine Omniel of the Dark Angels, a brilliant techmarine. (Omniel is commonly referred to as a tech-savant, he always seems to roll extremely well during tech related tests.)

Brother Konrad of the Black Templars, as zealous as they come, unfortunately his player eventually left the game.

Summary Proper:

==== KILL TEAM ====

After a long transition through the warp to Hidule the newly assembled kill team arrives with the reinforcement fleet on the edge of the system, sitting in their quarters aboard the Steel Talisman a cobra class destroyer. A vox call from their commanding officer, Watch Captain Tauron Oeris, summons them to the bridge for a briefing.

The kill team assembles quickly and move to the bridge where they are greeted by not only their Watch Captain but by Inquisitor Jestilla Tellion, Captain Manuel Lyons and Colonel Damian Turner standing around the Steel Talisman’s holo-projector.

Brother Sinbad is the first to ask for the latest news on the situation. When informed of the sudden outbreak of rebellion the battle brothers react with shock and disgust, Sinbad questioning the sudden occurrence so close to the impending Fleet Dagon attack upon Rahas. The Captain brings up image of Hidule and it’s orbiting station, he describes the grave situation the defending forces at Rahas are facing. Their preparations for the defense against Fleet Dagon rely on Hidule being a safe world to retreat to and regroup if Rahas is lost as well as being a staging area for a counter attack. Librarian Arkias echos Sinbad’s thoughts of the suspicious timing of the rebellion while Konrad makes a contemptuous remark as to the Imperial Guards cowardly thoughts of possible retreat, irking the present Colonel.

The Watch Captain informs the kill team of the unique factor changing the importance of Hidule to the Imperium. The world has a pre-Age of Apostasy missile defense shield that can knock out Battleship sized vessels. The Watch Captain momentarily eye’s the Inquisitor when he states that the importance of staying to secure Hidule rather than run off to fight the Tyranids.

Brother Apothecary Cadmus asks if there was any indication that the rebellion was caused by outside influences, to which the Watch Captain replies that there was none. Oeris outlines the target for their first mission, the orbital station that sits above the planet, providing real-time targeting co-ordinates for the missile shield.

Oeris invites the Kill team to suggest possible insertion methods while Konrad asks what conditions are to be expected aboard the orbital station. The opposition seems to be pitiful, armsmen with shotguns, ill prepared for a single Astartes, let alone five. Arkias also asks after the loyalty of the local population and as to how many have turned from the Emperor’s light. Unfortunately the only messages received were from the Arbites who refused to lend their arms to the native forces and the rogue trader ship that was heavily damaged while orbiting the planet. Both Cadmus and Sinbad evaluate the possible problems with insertion, suggesting ways to get around the stations defenses, suggesting boarding torpedoes before coming upon the idea of using a Caestus Ram. Luckily the ship was carrying one to be used in the defence of Rahas but was still lightly damaged and in need of repair (I hadn’t thought of that option in my head when I had prepared the mission and was so impressed by the idea I gave them the chance to use one). Captain Lyons also offers the assistance of the fleets fury interceptors to provide cover for the boarding action.

Arkias inquires as to the nature and age of the orbital station. The Oeris does not know it’s origin other than it is of ancient human design.Brother Techmarine Omniel offers his assistance with the repairs which the Watch Captain allows, dismissing them to prepare their arms for the mission. The Inquisitor buts in before they leave though, asking for them to acquire the stations logs of ships moving in and out of the system to help determine the cause of the rebellion.

Omniel quickly fixes the Caestus Ram, his tinkering improves the speed, re-engages the frag assault launcher and optimizes the Firefury missiles battery to intercept flak from the defence station. The kill team assemble in the hanger and practice boarding drills straight from the Codex Astartes, finally taking their oath of the Astartes over the holy tome with Captain Oeris. Boarding the Caestus Ram they lock themselves into the suppression clamps while Captain Oeris stands at the foot of the ramp bidding them farewell.

Konrad makes a quick speech to his battle brothers after having been made the leader of the kill team for this mission. “We are the Emperor’s chosen: And from here on out, we are sworn brothers. Know this well, for I have sworn an oath upon the Emperor’s name. Only through righteous fury and this bond shall we survive.”

Loaded into a launch tube the ship sits for a minute while Konrad rallies his squad before the engines engage and the ship lurches suddenly from the Steel talisman. Omniel’s improvements may have been too good because they almost overtake the fury interceptors that are making a run to distract the stations guns. They hear the Caestus Ram’s missile battery fire, before a suddenly crash announces their arrival at the station. The restraints disengage and the ramps descends, screams are heard as the frag launchers do their work.

Sinbad offers to scout the breaching point, pulling his camo cloak around him. As the others disengage their harnesses Sinbad informs them of the dead orbital station’s crew, minced by the perfectly aligned frag launchers. Sinbad picks up movement incoming from the left bulkhead on his auspex. Konrad orders the squad to assume a defensive formation.

The bulk head opens and 20 armsmen run though about, they have a sudden look of shock on their faces when they see five angels of death, warriors straight from their grandmother’s stories to keep them in line standing in front of them. Konrad and Sinbad call for the armsmen to hold their fire and submit to questioning while the armsmen’s Sergent calls for them to fire upon the “Traitorous black armored marines surrounded by their dead shipmates”

Sinbad responds aggressively to make the mortals submit, informing them that they are deathwatch marines which only makes the men more suspicious. Konrad attempts to lie to the armsmen by telling them that their dead shipmates attempted to attack the marines.

Konrad removes his helmet with one hand this human gesture manages to finally bridge the gap and stay the armsmen’s trigger fingers. Cadmus checks to see if there are any survivors of their explosive entrance but finds none while the Sergent attempts to fathom the deaths of so many of his ship mates. The idea dawns on the men that they almost fired on the Emperors chosen and they fall to their knees, sobbing.

Vox communication between the brothers continues throughout the scene as they try to figure out ways to justify the deaths of possibly loyal servants of the Emperor to the armsmen. Arkias questions the Sergent finding out that the “Captain” runs the station and that they are preparing for the Tyranid invasion. The kill team begin to wonder if the men they are facing have been mislead, their leaders gone rogue. The group discuss whether they should purge the group and anyone else they meet on the station but mercy prevails and they let the men go while retaining the possibility of murdering the poor fools if they find them guilty later on.

They ask the Sergent to take them to the bridge while ordering him not to inform the station’s authorities of their arrival. The hab rooms that come across are dark, illuminators turned off after the attack as people hide in their homes, expecting a Tyranids to come knocking any minute. The Sergent mistakenly takes them to the standard elevator before realizing it will not hold a battle brother or five. This so called “mistake” heightens the paranoia within the group of a trap being set for them but Omniel suggests that the man was merely shaken by recent events and the error was not born of ill thoughts but of a weakened psyche.

As they pass this section of the orbital station’s security room they hear shouts coming from inside. “Let me out NOW! I will stand this indignity no longer!”. Sinbad and Konrad questions the increasingly uncomfortable Sergent who seems unwilling to part with the information of the identity of the man inside, apparently under orders from the governor while Sinbad makes an auspex sweep. They investigate the room finding the anxious forms of the 20 armsmen they met eariler. The kill team guesses that the governor has just stored political prisoners up on the orbital station. Eventually though they manage to obtain the identity of the prisoners from the Sergent, a Rogue Trader Vito Rolf Hurst and his lackeys. Apparently detained for the last two weeks because he did not hand over his ship to the governor, the battle brothers are surprised by the outrageous demand. The Captain of the orbital station had met with the Rogue Trader but several times but no one else was present. The kill team decides to let the man languish for awhile longer while they head to the bridge and negotiate his release.

Investigating Vito was one of the many secondary quest lines throughout the campaign that the group ignored. Had the group helped him the trader could have been called upon for help further down the track.

Arriving at the hangar and it’s freight elevator the squad see the usual arvus lighter and aquila lander’s that are found in most void hangers but are surprised by one ship in particular. A guncutter with adepts and deck hands poking around it sits in the middle of the deck, Cadmus surmises that it is the property of the Rogue Trader. The group takes the freight elevator, soon arriving at the top of the shaft, the great doors opening to reveal a cargo room. Quickly moving through the room they reach a bulkhead and it opens to reveal a curved corridor, the Sergent heads to the right and brings them to a bulkhead with the gold plate to the right of the door reading “Bridge”.

Konrad tells the Sergeant to wait while they enter the bridge. The bulkhead opens and reveals a large circular room with the Captain in the center sitting in his throne, concentric circles of cogitators and screens manned by servitors and men lead out from the center.

The two guards either side of the door are shocked as they enter, fumbling for their weapons. These ones have plumes on their helmets, apparently a mark of prowess or rank and of little threat to a Deathwatch kill team. The group shouts for the occupants to stand down startles the Captain who gets up and shouts at his men “What is this?”, “A boarding party, how did they get here unnoticed!?” “They come to take our weapons and leave our world defenseless, KILL THEM!”. The Captain thumbs a rune on his chair before picking up his plasma pistol, more armsmen soon rush in from the opposite end of the room, only Konrad’s mighty shout stops their immediate attack. A mix of threats and commands from the group almost manages to sway the armsmen, Konrad in particular walks straight up to the Captain who is attempting to figure out the odds with 30 armsmen at his back against five space marines.

The kill teams accusation that the Captain is a heretic for aiming a plasma pistol at the group sends him over the edge. “Heretics? you come to destroy this Emperor loving world, YOU ARE THE HERETICS!” the Captain attempts to punctuate his sentence with a blast from his plasma pistol but the Emperor smiles upon Konrad and it overheats, the backwash burning the mans hand as he cries out. All hell breaks loose as the shotgun wielding Armsmen fire, hitting Konrad in the chest, the weight of fire barely registered by the huge warrior.

Omniels bolter sprays across the deck hitting a few men but for the most part the enemy group manages to keep their wits about them while the explosive bolts make holes in the opposite wall. Sinbad takes advantage of his armor’s gift of speed, and runs forwards towards the captain. Konrad roars as he closes the distance with the Captain before launching a flying left kick against the man’s pistol-wielding arm. The attack pulverizes the Captain’s hand, snapping two fingers. Cadmus’ accurate fire drops 4 enemies in succession as they run towards cover, they bodies exploding messily on the bridge floor. Arkias roars at the top of his lungs, charging in a full sprint.

The armsmen run to the furthermost bank of cogitators for cover, hiding from their wrath. Sinbad charges the final distance to the captain to join Konrad, grabbing the abused Captain in an Astartes bone-crusing bear-hug, “I will…show you…the Emperor’s…EMBRACE!”. Omniel lowers his bolter, not wanting to harm the valuable machinery, and breaks into a trodding gait, heading directly towards the armsmen at top speed. Konrad, with a hum of mag-locks, draws his Soundstrike launcher came into his hands in one smooth, instant motion. Taking aim before depressing the trigger. The missile fires, reaching it’s destination in the blink of an eye and turning a huge section of the armsmen into mush, the shrapnel slicing off limbs, decapitating heads and puncturing bodies. The remainder of the men quickly rout from the action, running towards the doors they entered from. The kill team quickly decides the men must be silenced and the group’s bolters scythe down the fleeing men.

Konrad organizes the securing of the bridge while ordering Omniel to retrieve the logs from the cogitator. Brother Sinbad squeezes the Captain who passes out. Cadmus stabilizes the unconscious Captain while Omniel quickly brushes aside the orbital stations networked cogitators security protocols. With full control of the station now in the Kill Team’s hands they secure the shuttle bay doors to prevent escape and open a vox channel with the fleet leaving the communication audible throughout the entire orbital station. Konrad passes the now cooled plasma pistol to Omniel in thanks for his work.

Konrad: “Steel Talisman, we have secured the bridge of the orbital station, and the cogitators with them. The crew appear to be Imperial loyal- I repeat, crew appear to be Imperial loyal. Captain has proven hostile, and was incapacitated, pending interrogation. We are in control of the defensive systems, and it is my recommendation that the crew be screened for potential infection- but otherwise spared. They are loyal, if misguided.”

Captain Oeris: “Very good men, you made excellent time. Are the orbital stations turrets and relay for the planetary missile shield disabled? I will pass on your recommendation to the boarding parties.”

Konrad: “The planetary Governor appears to also be involved in the unknown detainment of a Rogue Trader currently onboard the station. I would recommend inquiry on this subject- in addition, we have full control of the turrets and shield. Pending Brother Omniel, they will be fully disabled.” Omniel nods, shutting down the station’s turrets as well as the relay.

Captain Oeris: “Alright I will soon be on station to discuss our plans for the planet, the fleet will be in orbit soon. The Emperor smiles upon us this day brothers.”

A pretty quick and easy run but I wanted to ease myself into the gameplay while providing the players with a session that included opportunity for both combat and investigation.

Mission 1 Summary

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