Mission 2 Summary

Mission 2: Invasion of Hidule

Note: Normal speech is standard text, Speech in italics is for vox transmissions. Green text are for GM comments.

==== KILL TEAM ====

After the successful first mission, armsmen from the wandering justice have detained all crew from the orbital station. Inquisitor Tellion’s servants have begun interviews to determine the loyalty of the orbital station’s crew. The Rogue Trader has sent an astropathic message to recall his ship (still in the dock being repaired) and the fleet has begun maneuvers to deploy the imperial guard on the surface once the radar is destroyed.

The Kill Team stands in the makeshift launch bay for your drop pod, meticulous work by Omniel has made the launch from the Steel Talisman possible. As final guidance rites are performed the Kill Team takes their oath. Once they have finished Oeris points to the drop pod, “Go proudly now brothers, earn your place in the deathwatch annals and smite those who would stand against the Emperors light!”

The drop pod doors close and is lowered, a blast shield covers the top of the pod before be launched into the void. Konrad states to the others during the decent, “Remember: We are here to bring justice to the Emperor’s foe. Unnecessary deaths amongst the populace, which may still be loyal to the Emperor, should be avoided where possible.” Cadmus concurs with the Black Templar, “Agreed brother, only the guilty deserve death.” while Sinbad replies with “Death to the infidels, peace to the Faithful.” Arkias however reluctantly nods in acquiescence.

With a bang the explosive bolts fire and the drop pod’s doors fly open! Arkias shouts “Onwards to glory!” while striding out, his bolter aimed with one hand. Sinbad moves out of the pod, camo-cloak over himself with Cadmus hot oh his heels. The Black Templar kept his bolter raised, the muzzle sweeping in all directions. As Kill Team leader Konrad focuses on maintaining a tight formation, “Stay close, brothers. We should keep close, and prepare to take either an offensive or defensive pattern.” Sinbad concentrates on his implanted auger array gently pinging in his skull, looking for any enemy contact. Omniel exits the pod as well, bolter in one hand and auspex in the other.

The Kill Team has landed on target in a courtyard, a mere 30 meters away from the Radar topped bunker they intend to destroy. The Bunker complex is above ground with sealed connections leading to other parts of the command and control network. Arkias provides a succinct “Objective sighted.” while Sinbad quips “Oh. Why, look at that. I think that’s something important.”. “The Emperor smiles upon His servants.” Konrad replied, hefting his soundstrike missile launcher as he quickly put away his bolter. “Shall I remove the blemish from here, brothers?”

Sinbad reports his auger findings, “I’m only picking up signals from inside the radar, and the connecting above-ground sections. I see 5 returns in the radar bunker specifically and 2 more moving in the opposite directions through the closest tunnel…”. Arkias responds with “Let the roar of the missile be a prayer to the Throne.” while Konrad Lines up his launcher with the distant radar dish, feeling the heft of the krak rocket in the tube. “In the name of the Emperor!” He shouted, before depressing the trigger. The missile flies true and smashes into the disk, obliterating it and sending shrapnel flying in all directions. there are shouts of alarm in the distance and Sinbad’s auger shows the seven men running for their lives down the connecting tunnel.

Cadmus consults his maps of the city to determine the way to their next objective while bits of radar dish rain down around him, “Success. We should not tarry long, brothers. To the next objective must we hence.”. “Indeed.” Konrad said, looking to the distant ammunition dump, “We should strike there next,” He indicated, putting up a ping on the squad’s vox. Arkias, wishing to hit the Governor quickly before he flees nods reluctantly. Konrad explains his plan “By liberating, and then demolishing, the caches there we can severely diminish the heretic’s ability to resist further incursions.”. “This way brothers, i have an exact direction to the ammo dump.” Cadmus says pointing to the east. Arkias adds, “Heretics burn well. Their supplies, more so.”.

Cadmus found a perfect route to the ammo dump allowing the Kill Team to avoid all the main roads yet maintain an impressive pace. They approach from the least defended side, a single sentry on patrol walking up and down past the fence surrounding the ammo dump. Konrad held his fist up by way of warning to the others, “Hold. I can dispose of this wretch without raising an alarm.” Konrad instructed. Sinbad responds, “Hold, let us scan for more heretics, Elder Brother.”. “A good thought, Brother Sinbad. I shall take aim as you do so.” Switching back to his bolter, the dipolar maglock activating with a flick of the wrist, he abruptly lines up the scope of the silenced weapon. Thumbing the fire selector to stalker shells, he took aim, whispering a mantra of focus- but not yet firing.

Sinbad relays the news brought to him by his auger, “Hold Elder Brother. There are more guard towers. Let’s take them all in one fell swoop.”, “There are 20 men in the bunker in the center of the facility.”. The Kill Team send quick vox transmissions back and forth, developing a strategy to eliminate the guards, deciding to do a quick sweep of the supplies inside before destroying any non-useful munitions. Konrad gives Cadmus his grapnel, the final confirmation of “Acknowledged” is given and the attack begins.

Konrad fired, exhaling as he did so. The bolt flies from it’s barrel, the sound suppressed by Konrad’s modified bolter. The bolt hits the man’s left arm and then penetrates his body exploding from inside and dropping him to the floor in a bloody mess. The PDF defending hear nothing as the man expires at the fence line. Sinbad voxes one of the assault teams, “Dark Angels! Elder Brother has fell the first sentry! Go!”. Cadmus rushes to the wall and fires his grapnel as soon as he sees Konrad has eliminated the sentry, scaling the wall as quickly as his superhuman muscles can carry him. Omniel follows only a step behind, launching his grapnel as well and ascending alongside Cadmus, bolter at the ready.

The two deathly silent Dark Angels hang by the top edge of the tower behind a PDF sentry, Omniel raises his servo-arm in preparation of dispatching the nearest sentry. while Cadmus waits for a signal from Omniel that the tower sentry is down so he can open up. Arkias raises one parchment coated hand, the one holding his force axe. He murmurs quietly, “Let your faith be an inferno with which to sear the unbeliever…BURN IN HIS SIGHT!”. Arkias psychic flames pour forth from his hands enveloping the guard tower and the sentry within it burning the man to a crisp in warp fire. As the guard tower continues to burn, multicolor smoke rising in the air Omniel’s servo arm grabs hold of the other tower sentries body squeezing it until it pops and he falls to the deck of the tower.

Cadmus Hops onto the tower after Omniel kills the poor guard, remarking ‘Nicely done Brother." as he moves to the side of the tower looking into the dump. Omniel brushes aside the compliment, as well as a bit of guard-fluid from his visor. "These heretics are easy prey. Show them the Emperor’s fury." Cadmus’ heavy bolter has little in the way of subtlety, shredding the checkpoint and the men inside it. Shouts come from within the bunker and the half opened door quickly closes. “Checkpoint is pacified.” Cadmus says with satisfaction.

Arkias asks “With your permission, Kill-leader?” while gesturing at the sealed blast door. Konrad replies, “Permission granted, Arkias.” . Arkias focuses, drawing power from the warp, wires leading from his helmet start to hum quietly, “By His grace, BE SMOTE!”. The bolts of light leap from Arkias’ hands and hit the bunker door lashing it with warp energy but not breaking through, “Blasted thing!” he snarls, fist clenching around his axe handle. Sinbad runs forwards, barreling through the chain-link fence with his machine (A Seismic Escalation Detonator, big sonic emitter for destroying fortifications) over his left shoulder after Arkias uses his warp-witchery, slamming his cylindrical machine spike first into the ground outside the bunker door.

Cadmus enquires “Should we bother checking the contents of the depot or just allow Sinbad to level the place with his machine?”. Arkias exlaims, “These petty traitors cannot defy us! We cannot leave them where they could interfere with its workings.” Sinbad knocks on the bunker door gently, but firmly while commanding the Kill Team on the vox “Get over here, Brothers!”. Omniel states “Their soft tissue won’t defy Sinbad’s machine for very long, at least.”. Arkias is more wary “Who knows if these heretics have also embraced tech-heresy?” Konrad replies on the vox “Considering the door is sealed, and the men irrelevant, I feel tempted to let Sinbad’s machine handle the destruction of this place. Form up on Brother Sinbad- Brother Omniel is correct in the fate they shall endure soon enough regardless.”

Sinbad calls through the door, “Hello? Anyone within? We come bringing faith.” as Cadmus and Omniel descend from the guard tower to link up with their Kill Team. A shout comes back out “Fuck you pieces of shit, your all going to die whoever you are!”. Arkias responds “I doubt that heretic, repent and your end will be painless.”. Sinbad calls back “Exit, if you be loyal still to the Imperium!”. The door opens a fraction, 3 melta gun barrels poking out of it, “Who the fuck are you? Why did you kill Ralond?”. Konrad looked to Sinbad, “You are welcome to continue diplomacy, brother Sinbad, unless you would prefer a much more theological approach.”

Sinbad, unfazed by the melta guns pointed at him stomps forwards once in anger while Omniel rotates the clamping manipulator of his servo-arm in a vaguely threatening manner. Konrad continues the ‘negotiations’, “We are angels of the Emperor.” Konrad said, reaching up to unclasp his helmet- a familiar trick. “Know that your brother was a damned man for his sins- sins that the Emperor has sent us to punish, as his angels. Do not become sinners, loyal servants, and damned with your fellow man.”. Sinbad chats via vox to the others, “Mortals misguided, possibly. We can still use them in the Emperor’s name if they yet live, after re-indoctrination.”

The change in visage from the demonic looking Sinbad (His armor causes fear 1) to the human looking Konrad stays their hands and like the orbital station the men suddenly realize their mistake. pleas of mercy erupt from the men as they open the ammo bunker door as one man in particular begins flogging his own flesh in an attempt to repent. Sinbad advises the others “Go forwards, Brothers? I shall minister to his man, the only single one with some real Faith.”. Konrad looked down to the penitent man, reattaching his helmet. He then looked back to the bunker, strolling within. “Their will is strong, but their leadership continues to be misguided. Brother Arkias, if you would assist me in scouring the armory? We shall deal with them in due time- for now, they may yet serve a purpose.” Arkias strides inside “Confirmed, Brother-Leader.”

As they enter the ammo bunker they see it is only half full, still a large assortment of weapons and ammo but a lot of it has been loaded onto a truck the men were preparing. Sinbad begins telling each mortal man around him their sins before the Emperor, and how close they came to eternal damnation. The men form into a semi circle around Sinbad, prayers spilling from their lips as they enter a state of religious fervor while in the presence of the angelic warriors. Omniel enters the bunker as well, to examine the ordnance with a more knowledgeable eye.

Sinbad continues his sermon “…Whip yourselves! Your blood must flow in penance! He does so for you, yet you renege on your repatriations…”. The men grab pieces of metal, slabs of wood from the tops of ammo crates and the nails they were held down with and begin beating and cutting themselves, they cry out in joy though as if the Emperor himself is standing in front of them. Konrad impressed by this display, “Brother Sinbad, your faith does you well, but we may yet have a use for these guardsmen- the penitent in particular. This truck would make for a prime distraction if properly rigged, particularly if it were used as a bomb cart on the front gates of the Governor’s palace.”

Jokes about Sinbad being a terrorist cell leader run rampant through the OOC channel.

Arkias notices the type of munitions stored here, “Look, Brother-Leader. Plasma weapons and meltas. These heretics are well-supplied. This information could prove relevant to the main landing force.” Konrad acknowledges Arkias’ find, “Indeed they are, Arkias. Load the flasks onto the truck, Brothers. The weapons shall be secured for the armories of our Chapters. If you would be so kind as to put the Hammer of Dorn on standby, Brother Sinbad, while we prepare the truck and a penitent?”

Konrad goes to work loading the plasma flasks alongside Omniel. “Is there anything I can do to aid in your preparation rites for the vehicle’s machine spirit, Tech-Brother Omniel?”. Omniel logically replies to the question “I trust it to be in working order. Surely they would not prepare loading a malfunctioning vehicle.”, Arkias replies “Never underestimate the folly of mortals, Brother Omniel.”. Omniel thinks the reply over before responding “Very true.”, he pauses the loading so that he may examine the truck in closer detail, to make sure it’s in proper working condition.

Cadmus asks the PDF, "Which of you knows the way to your governor’s palace?, Sinbad silences the men, and directs them to Cadmus’ question. The man who started the flogging is clearly outperforming the others, his body a mess or open wounds. His eyes shift suddenly from glazed over to utterly focused. The man stands and walks out, raising a bloody hand to point down a road, he seems to have reverted to scripture in his speach, “The road for Saint Elona was laid with the bodies of the righteous fallen.” Sinbad comments “…That was an answer, right, Brother? He’s not demented with pain and zeal?”.The mans’ hand quickly motions the correct path through the city on Cadmus’ map, “The winding path of faith has but one destination, glorious death in His name.”. “Aye, but what a death it is.” Arkias rumbles.

Sinbad goes down on a knee and faces the man face-to-face after removing his beaked helmet, “Now, little brother, do you wish to fulfill your repatriation to our God-Emperor, Most-Merciful?”. The mans eye’s widen at the mention of the Emperor, “As The Emperor lifted Saint Elona so that she could serve so are the righteous lifted.”. Cadmus confirms his findings to the rest of the squad “I have the directions to the governors palace. Shall we set out now and tell the man to depart a little later so we have time to arrive before he goes out in a blaze of glory?”

I enjoyed writing the scripture-talk, influenced by the Last Chancer ‘Lieutenant Kronin’, one of my throw away lines for that dialog that would end up being an important part of my campaign’s ‘mythology’ many months later."

Konrad inquires of the techmarine “Omniel: Would it be possible to rig the depot’s vox equipment to jam local signals, should their faith be naught but falsehoods? The true believers shall never falter- but these men may yet bear hidden stigmas, though they wear the faces of the faithful.”. Arkias comments “Be not the lion who allows a viper into his den.” as Omniel responds “Their machine spirits might not be willing…”. The penitent man, his hand raised points to the horizon. “The angels of Holy Terra descended upon wings of fire.”. They follow his hand and see the invasion landers beginning their decent to the surface south of the city. Sinbad pushes the bleeding man towards Omniel and Konrad while telling him “They will tell you your mission, little brother. Take others who you feel deserve repentance.”

Arkias states “We are out of time.”, Sinbad replaces his helmet and goes over to Arkias and Cadmus while agreeing with the Librarian. Konrad follows the mans hand and gives his commands “Time is short, Brother Sinbad- have the man take the truck. It is as armed as it ever will be. These men are irrelevant with the landers in sight- they are likely already seen.” Arkias reminds the kill team of the governor they are after, “The arch-heretic will flee soon, if he has not done so already. We must strike swiftly.”. Sinbad goes outside to recover his machine, and sets it up further down the road about 40m away from the bunker.

Konrad pointed to the back of the truck, “I would recommend we ride in the back, on the truck’s way to the palace. We disembark before it reaches the first checkpoint, and cover the driver as he makes his run to the palace gates. Do you find this plan agreeable?”. The man gathers five others who show promise and leads them to the back of the truck, loading each in turn. Sinbad sets the machine on delay and shouts to the men left behind, “Remaining mortals, if your faith proves true, then survive a miracle as a Son of the Emperor! Then go to the city and preach what you have seen and felt!”

The faithful drives the truck clear of the bunker, bringing it to a stop at the entrance of the compound. “Very well.” Konrad said, “The truck is unlikely to hold our weight. Let it go without us, then, and we shall attempt to cover it as well as possible.”. The Kill Team and the promethium, mortar round and plasma flask laden truck clear the bunker as the ‘Hammer of Dorn’ goes to work and the front of the bunker, closest to the machine comes down with a crash burying the men and munitions inside. The muffled screams of those still inside reach their genetically enhanced ears as the PDF’s supply bunker is sealed from further use in the near future.

Cadmus hands Sinbad’s grapnel back to it’s owner and the truck rolls onwards towards the Palace, marines in tow as Sinbad recovers his machine and makes his way back to the radar to find the command bunker. The truck rolls along the empty streets, everyone appears to be hiding in their homes as the might of the Imperium descends, the Kill Team soon sees the high rockrete outer walls of the palace. “Let’s wait for our friend to ‘knock’ on the palace gates.” Cadmus says with a chuckle. Konrad nodded at this, keeping his hand to his bolter as he waited- attempting to take cover in a building near where the truck was destined to meet its fiery end. “Then let us proceed, and have our guns ready and our minds true for the task ahead.”

Both Omniel and Konrad ready their missile launchers, preparing for heavy resistance beyond the gates. “Squad form up, prepare for either an offensive or defensive pattern.”*. Cadmus moves over to the driver’s side of the car and says “Your chance to show the Emperor your dedication has come. Drive straight and prove your faith!” before he hustles over to join Konrad and the others. Arkias check in with Sinbad, “Brother Sinbad, status?” Sinbad BUSY! * unf *”. Cadmus asks “Do you require aid?” to which Sinbad replies “Not—moment—no. Just—oof.”

The truck sets off with a roar the driver shouting, “His glorious golden gates await us brothers, IN HIS NAME WE RIDE!”. The truck hits the gates as the men in the back fire their meltas at it, burning a molten hole that the explosive laden truck rams. The promethium goes up, followed by secondaries, sending a ball of flame leaping 50 feet into the air and blasting the Kill Team with heat from the explosion, all that is left is a crater and huge hole in the outer wall…

==== SINBAD ====

Meanwhile near the front lines, Sinbad quickly makes his way back to the bunker. As he approaches, he notices a flurry of activity, messengers running this way and that, he crouches in a nearby ditch, 40 metres away, the closest cover available. Sinbad hears shouts from inside and spies through the armour-gals window of the bunker a commander organizing the defense. Sinbad sets his ‘Hammer of Dorn’ to vox-activation, hides it with some mud and then pulls his cloak around himself. The Storm Crusader sets his stummer and moves forwards. quickly vault the ditch and crouch dashing across to the Command bunker, ending up just to the side of the open door. Sinbad jumps into the window nearest him, restraints ready in one hand.

He lands next to a startled Colonel, his vox dropping from his hand as Sinbad looms over him. Sinbad grabs him, applying his restraints with unkind force. Arkias comes through on his vox “Brother Sinbad, status?”, Sinbad responds BUSY!” before shouting “C’MERE, YOU!”. The nearby men are shocked by the attack and go for their guns, drawing lasguns but unwilling to fire at their Colonel. Having his back to the wall protects Sinbad from an open attack. So instead of shooting they call out for reinforcements. Sinbad throws the captain over his left shoulder, and waves “Urm. Hello. Goodbye.” before he hops out of the window, and runs towards his machine. Another 10 men join their others and chase the kidnapping spacemarine out of the bunker, running to try to catch up. Sinbad continues to run past the machine, but still not yet out of its blast radius. Cadmus asks “Do you require aid?” to which Sinbad replies “Not—moment—no. Just—oof.”

The men stop and fire a fusillade at the rapidly escaping Sinbad. The shots miss their mark as the possibility of hitting their Colonel distracts them. Sinbad continues to run, as he cues the machine to begin with a command word. The machine begins to send out shockwaves and the command bunker and begins to slowly crumble. Sinbad manages to turn a few corners and lose the two squads chasing him, doubling back to recover his machine from the ditch and heading back to the Palace, a brilliant ball of flame showing him the way…

==== KILL TEAM ====

Back at the palace gates Konrad roars “In the name of the Emperor, we advance! Forward, into the breach!”, before running towards the now receding flame. Launcher in hand and keeping to a steady jog. “Redemption in death! Purge the heretic!” Arkias shouts while Cadmus lends his own “Glory to the Lion” battle shout. The stern and silent Omniel charges forward towards the gates, missile launcher at the ready. Konrad confirms his squads attack move “Stay in formation, brothers, and be ready to take cover for assault!” to a chorus of affirmative replies. The smoke from the explosion obscures their vision momentarily until they pass through it, on the other side they see two carefully placed heavy bolter turrets obviously slaved to some hidden servitors.

Arkias calls out the positions, “Fixed guns, positions dominus and terminus!”. Konrad simply leveled his launcher- paused for a moment to line up the shot- and then sent a krak rocket screaming at the emplacement to the left. The missile streaks forward, backwash throwing the smoke behind him around in a vortex. The krak charge finds it mark and mangles the turret in the explosion, knocking it out of the battle.

Arkias gives another battle shout, “For Chapter and Primarch!”, one of the two shots from his bolter hits the turret, damaging it but leaving it still operational. Cadmus gives voice to his primarch’s fury once more, “Cower before the Lion’s Roar!” as he opens up on the damaged turret with his heavy bolter. His shots eventually wear it down and set off it’s internal ammo, blowing it sky high. Konrad congratulates the Dark Angel “Excellent shot, Brother Cadmus. The servitors are disabled, but there are likely palace troops coming to counterattack soon enough.”. Omniel declares the need to push on, “We must retain the advantage of surprise.”. Another chorus or agreement flows through their internal comms. However, as the turret falls to the ground with a crash the Kill Team all hear the sound of many engines revving in the distance, like an undulating roar of a slowly awakening beast, many of them sounding as if they are approaching…..

As the smoke from the hole in the wall starts to slowly dissipate they stand in front of the governors palace, a huge structure with west and east wings running off to the left and right. They are connected from just inside the main entrance with the central section extending away from the Kill Team. The great doors to this opulent house stand imposingly before them. The courtyard is mainly open grasses and small low lying plants meant to be both pleasing to the eye and to function as a killing ground. A few statues here and there of major historical figures litter the area close to the entrance of the palace.

As a small gust of wind blows by the smoke from the cratered gate entrance behind the Kill Team. It slowly reveals their brother marine, Sinbad, with a human form over his shoulder entering the courtyard. Arkias acknowledges his brother’s return, “Brother Sinbad.” while Konrad voxes the rest of the squad and Sinbad, “Enemy armor likely to be approaching. Brother Sinbad- status?” to which Sinbad replies “Brothers! I have good tidings!”. He gestures to the bound-tight Colonel on his left shoulder, “And gifts, too, I see.” quips Arkias. The Kill Team discuss the Colonel and the need to quickly take the palace as they hear the distant pounding of artillery as The 55th Graian Armoured’s basilisks go to work on the PDF’s defenses. Konrad kept his bolter aimed ahead, advancing towards the front doorway. “Brother Sinbad, feel free to restrain your prisoner to one of the turret remains.” He said, pointing to one of the destroyed turrets. “Then take a holding pattern alongside myself to either edge of the main doorway.”

Sinbad goes over to some rubble near a turret, and begins to bury the unconscious Colonel slightly, masking him with light debris. The team discusses the Colonel being recovered while they are assaulting the palace but they elect to leave him there for now. As Konrad opens the door he spies a good 30 men behind a barricade in front of him and two parapets with mounted autocannons before a smattering of las fire hits the portion of the door next to his head. “Brothers, hold fast. There are a pair of autocannons, plus a full complement of palace guard present. Standard kit, it appears. I would suggest eliminating the emplacements first.”

Konrad orders the kill team, “Then let us breach! I shall execute the enemies upon the left. Brother Sinbad, please cover those upon the right. Arkias and Cadmus, the regular Guardsmen, if you would?”. With that, Konrad swung around, planting a power-armored boot in the door, bolter in hand. With a cry of, “THE EMPEROR’S ANGELS ARE UPON YOU! SURRENDER NOW OR BE PURGED!”, screeching through his vox, he took aim at the nearest autocannon, ready.

Cadmus opens up on the guards, his weapon spitting a plume of fire and mighty noise with each shot. large portions are blown out of the barricade protecting the guards, and even larger portions out the guards themselves, several dropping to the floor. Omniel shoulders his missile launcher and sights in on the rabble carefully before squeezing the trigger, trying to line up a proper shot. The frag missile flies true and smashes most of the barricade to pieces while cutting down another 10 men from the group. Sinbad turns on his stummer, and does a ghost-run to the right-most path “Death to the Infidels!”, his movement takes him in front the men behind similar barricades in the west wing and east wing corridor. They open up with their lasguns, missing Sinbad as he makes it amongst the devestated enemy men the kill team has been firing upon.

“Brothers, there are groups in the left and right wings, hidden! Walk past the doors, and they are visible!”. Cadmus notes his wish to move faster, “Brothers, i believe if we proceed straight ahead and take the stairs down we can quickly reach the governor.”. “Aye, but to leave heretics in our wake would be unwise.” states Arkias while Omniel adds “Is there danger of the Governor escaping? It might not be wise to spend undue time here, either.” Konrad opens up with his bolter spraying the increasingly dwindling number of palace guards to their front. Arkias fails his psychic attack while the 10 remaining men in front of the kill team break and run. torn between the scary looking space marine behind them and the destruction raining ones in front of them they choose to split up and run to their friends at the entrances to the other wings.

Omniel “Good work, Brother Arkias. You tore their minds asunder!” followed by Sinbad “Amazing! They broke! I underestimated you, Psyker!”. Arkias just stands there, hand raised. “Uh…yes. Purge the unclean.”. The first autocannon fires but Omniel, aided by his holy bionics dodges quickly to avoid the massive cannon rounds.

This banter was from the guys taking the piss out of his failed warp attack coinciding with the failed retreat check from the guardsmen.

The second autocannon fires at Konrad the mighty rounds slamming into the Black Templar. Arkias and Sinbad shout “Team-Leader!”, “Damn you, infidels!” respectively as Cadmus voxes “Fear not Brother, i will patch you up momentraily.” Konrad shouted, the weapon tearing great, bloody holes in the man’s armor- and the torso beneath. Howling like a banshee, the Black Templar stumbles back, bolter aiming for the autocannon that offended him. “I BLEED, AND YOU SHALL DIE FOR THAT!” He roared, firing. Konrad’s righteous return fire mangles the auto-cannon that fired at him and turns the crew into meaty chunks that rain down onto the polished floor.

Cadmus quickly moves over to Konrad while shouldering his heavy bolter on its sling, and then proceeds to start tending to his leader’s wounds. Omniel calls out of his vox “Brother Sinbad, can you take care of that remaining autocannon?”, Sinbad responds“If you desire, Brother! It shall be done.”. Omniel carefully brings his bolter to bear, sighting down it before pulling the trigger once, carefully aiming so as not to damage the autocannon. The gunner explodes as the bolt detonates in his chest, the second crewman next to him falls behind the parapet’s low wall screaming as the shards of bone from his comrade penetrate his face. Sinbad affixes his grapnel to his bolt pistol, and fires up to the autocannon canopy. Once up there he grabs the screaming man by his leg, and hurtles him off the turret tower “THIS. IS. THE. IMPERIUM! SHOO, INFIDEL!”. The man lands with a crack and goes limp while Sinbad reports the weapon’s status “Autocannon secured. Will attempt to fire soon. Glory to the Throne, Brothers.”.

Arkias shouts “Let His will guide yours, and let none escape His Wrath!” while gesturing with the psy focus, “Burn!”. Arcs of lightning fly from Arkias’ hand around the corner at the men on the left. The men closest sizzle and turn to ash as others’ hearts stop and they fall to the floor. The air smells of ionization and something else they can’t quite put their finger on but sends a shiver down their spines. The survivors of the recently electrocuted platoon run for their lives, unnerved by the devastating results delivered by an unleashed psyker.

Off put by the sudden loss of their allies the men put up a valiant effort but fail to hit the lithe marine now manning the autocannon all the while the sounds of engines grow closer as the one sided battle continues. Cadmus finishes off the other group with his heavy bolter, the shots pulverize several men as well as blasting away segments of the hasty fortification. Konrad gives his opinion on the next move “We should finish mopping up these fools, then take a defensive position for whatever incoming enemy armor is approaching us. We can create a barricade of vehicles through the entrance if we position our foe such right!”. Cadmus replies “Should we go for the governor first, Brother-Leader?”, Sinbad joins in to support Cedmus “I say we do! The heretic must be caught so he can pay for his crimes!”. Konrad acquiesces “Agreed. We can always create a barricade later. But for now, let us press on!”

Omniel asks “Which way to the Governor, Brother Cadmus?”, the apothecary consults his map and replies “Straight ahead and down the stairs, Brother Omniel.”. Omniel breaks into a sprint, heading for the parapet, and raising his servo-arm “Brother Sinbad, if you would be so kind? Lower the autocannon carefully, and we may bring it with us.” Sinbad answers “It shall be done.” Sinbad lowers the autocannon carefully to Omniel “Careful, it’s unbalanced!” Omniel nods, using his servo-arm to receive the cumbersome cannon, holding it steady. Sinbad then jumps down from the parapet with is grapnel into a crouch.

Konrad, seeing the others work to secure the autocannon, kept his bolter pointed. Instead of shooting, however, he sprinted towards the direction of the stairs, “I shall secure the stairwell, Brothers, as you secure the heavy weapon!” He announced. “This planet is populated by idiots.” Arkias says absently, “Burning, HERETICAL, IDIOTS!”. Arkias continues his work at turning more palace guard to ash but pushing himself so soon after his last dip into the warp to gain power leaves him with a slight backlash the lightning running up his hand to his head, shocking him.

The men’s sanity on the breaking point, they make a mad run away from the forces of terror smashing their way through the palace entrance. Cadmus “Now that that is taken care of, let’s find the governor.” Arkias slumps over, the noise like someone dropping an anvil.

Konrad “Agreed” Konrad voxed, reloading his bolter before racking the slide. “I have much to discuss with him” He said, not noticing Akiras as he kept his focus on the stairs below. At least, of course, until the impact. Whipping around, he looked to the psyker, “The Librarian is down!” He shouted. Cadmus moves over to Arkias and tends to his wounds with a sigh, muttering “Damned psyker powers.”. Sinbad showing as much compassion states, “They’re always down. They’re bordering on Heresy, Elder Brother. Just give him a good knock.”

Arkias states to no one in particular “Gift…of…the Emperor. And…curse.”. Omniel cuts to the point, “Brother Arkias, do you require assistance?” while Cadmus helps the Librarian “Up you go Brother. Be careful with those powers next time.”. Konrad adds “Indeed they are, Brother Sinbad, but this witch is part of our squad. Brother Cadmus, see to him! I shall not have a daemon erupting on this operation in so delicate a stage.”. Arkias shakily pulls himself back up by the wall, leaving craters as he does so while Sinbad makes an Aquilia at mention of a “demon” intoning “Throne preserve us….”. Cadmus informs the squad that all is well, “Not to worry, Brother-Leader, he’s fine.”. Arkias reports his status, “My apologies, Team-Leader. My control wavered. I shall…exercise caution, and report for penitence and purity-sweeping upon the conclusion of the mission.”

Konrad is remarkably forgiving for a Black Templar, “There are no apologies amongst Astartes. Your penance once we are finished shall be enough. For now, we should press forward, into the bowels of this rebel’s supposed fortress.”. Sinbad picks up one of the plumed helms from the mangled remains of palace guards around him “Look at these ridiculous things… They’re huge and gaudy.”. Arkias kneels and does the same, still slightly disoriented. “As though they want to be shot.” (Apparently the fact that as Astartes they to have strode battlefields in huge brightly coloured armour for most of their lives is lost on them). Omniel lifts the captured autocannon in his servo-arm, pointing in the direction of the stairs. “Downwards, we shall hence. Shall we hence, Brothers?”

The team moves swiftly through the corridors heading down the stairs and ending up in an underground section of the palace, the similar decor seems to suggest they haven’t made it to the missile defense control center yet. Following Cadmus’ directions they end up in front of an ornate if tasteless looking set of doors in a dusty room. They are large but wooden, little obstacle for an astartes kill team. Sinbad puts up a hand in warning. Cadmus inquires “A problem Berother?”, Sinbad informs the kill team “Brothers. Hold. My auspex auger shows a single hit behind these doors.”. Konrad guesses “The Governor, or perhaps one of his more experienced bodyguards?”. Sinbad asks “Should I sneak in? Or shall we move with zeal?”. Arkias voices his suspicions “A trap, more likely.” while raising an un-primed grenade in one hand.

Konrad holds the Kill Team back, reminding them of their objective, “Hold, Arkias. We shall breach and clear- but without explosives. We are to capture, not slay.”. With that, Konrad kicked forward, the door comes down with a mighty crash, splintered off it’s hinges. A single man sits behind a desk, he looks tired, as if the weight of a world burdens him. Konrad verifies through visual check that this man indeed appears to be the governor. “In the name of the Holy Emperor of Mankind and all of His dominions, you are under arrest for the crime of rebellion. Yield, or face purgatus.”. The man gives a disrespectful response of “Oh hello, I was wondering when you would arrive.”.

Sinbad leans over the desk to grab the man by his collar. The man’s eyes bulge at this slight upon him, etiquette forgotten Sinbad hauls the man up. He dangles above the desk with an fearful and exasperated expression. “What are you doing you brute? I am a Governor!”, “You are a heretic.” Arkias corrects. Sinbad slams him to the table “SILENCE, INFIDEL! YOU HAVE FAILED THE EMPEROR WITH YOUR TREASON!”. Cadmus adds “You’re lucky you’re not a stain on the wall.”.“Put the subject in restraints.” Konrad said, for the man’s benefit. “Brother Arkias, if you would do the honor? Brother Omniel- see if you can contact the ship, and have a Thunderhawk extract us.”. Arkias details the punishment ahead for the Governor while restraining him, “Your reign is ended. Your sins of arrogance, pride, and disobedience will see your line expunged, and your name stricken from records.”.

“Understood, Brother-Leader.” acknowledges Omniel while Cadmus reminds the kill team of their other objective, “We still need to take the orbital defense center, Brother-Leader.”. Konrad responds, “Agreed, Brother Cadmus, but we can secure it as the Thunderhawk is en route.”. Omniel steps to the consoles and gets to work, trying to locate the communications station.". The Governor attempts to sway his captors, “Oww, be civil please! Are we not all the Emperor’s servants?”. Cadmus however moves to check a hatch he just noticed in the corner of the room, proceeding to pull the carpet up. Konrad notices this “Have you found something, Brother Cadmus?”. Quickly ripping away the carpet there is a hatch which is akin to a bank vault in terms of size and apparent thickness.

Cadmus replies “Perhaps, it looks like a hatch in the floor.”. Sinbad answers the Governors pleas “You lost that right when you decided on your infidelity and Heresy, fool.”. The Governor continues to rant “Hardly, that fool Lord Command Ebongrave”, spitting the Lord’s name out “would have me leave my world defenseless, I am but seeing to my duties as Planetary Governor.”. Sinbad replies with “Tell that to the Excruciator” before asking Konrad “Elder Brother, may I go retrieve my own captured prisoner?”. Arkias comments “I had expected more from this arch-heretic.”. Konrad gives his approval, "Yes, Brother Sinbad. The rest of you- open the hatch."

Omniel offers his assistance “Brother Konrad, communications are yours, whenever you require them. May I be of assistance with that hatch?” as Sinbad dumps the Governor on the table and leaves the room. The Kill Team leader approves and the pair of Dark Angels move to open the hatch. As the Governor continues his squawking Arkias booms “Be silent. Your duties are ended. Your line is ended. Your life would be ended, but higher powers demand otherwise.”

With a tug of superhuman muscles the hatch slowly opens, Cadmus and Omniel ready with their weapons in case of an ambush. Activating the vox, Konrad spoke, “This is Brother Konrad of the Deathwatch, formation leader. We have acquired the Lord Governor, who speaks of a Lord Commander Ebongrave. A possible conspirator. Requesting Thunderhawk for prisoner extraction, and whatever information there may be on this other heretic, Watch Captain.”

Due to lack of fluff knowledge, Konrad’s player does not realize that Ebongrave is part of the Crusade’s High Command.

Nothing but a ladder and a dark hole greets the team. Sinbad informs the team, “Brothers! I have sighted incoming vehicles!”. Arkias asks for their classes and learns from sinbad that Leman Russes and Chimeras are coming towards the palace, their loyalties unknown. Omniel remarks that “The Leman Russ could prove troublesome.”. Arkias suggests that Sinbad hold fire for now while Konrad orders Sinbad to bring his prisoner back while they investigate the tunnel

The Watch Captains voice comes through, the sounds of battle in the background “Oeris here, good work. Lord Commander Ebongrave commands this section of the crusade, making such accusations over the vox is i’ll advised brother. We have no thunderhawk available to extract you.” A crash and the sound of a boltgun can be heard “I am assisting Colonel Turner with the breaching of this worlds defenses please hold a moment.”

“You, where does this hatch lead?” Cadmus asks the governor who informs him, “The missile defense system of course, The brute shut me out after the incident with the rogue trader.”. Arkias: “Treason and heresy, an incident?”. The Governor tries to defend himself, “What would you have me do? sit around like the Lord Commander tells me to? Ignore the defense of my world and keep my people in the dark about the encroaching threat? The rogue trader should have handed the ship over and worked with me for the defense of this world.”, Cadmus asks who the brute was to which the Governor replies “Oh yes him, he’s like you.”.

Cadmus is given permission to head down into the hole as Julius snorts in derision of who he thinks are his intellectual and social lessers. After a few minutes of waiting and covering the hatch while the Governor simmers in silence Sinbad returns with his prisoner. The Governor groans at the incompetence of his PDF’s commanding officer.

Sinbad’s prisoner now with a dusty and grimy uniform looks none too pleased with his current predicament as mechanical sounds reverberate from a distance somewhere within the tunnel they have discovered. Cadmus moves forward carefully, heavy bolter at the ready. Omniel voicing caution at the sound of machinery, switching to his bolter to avoid using the missile launcher in the tight space. As they descend the architecture changes over time, a shift from exposed rock yielding to metal grating on the floor and dusty metal plating on the walls and roof, distinct from the kind they have seen elsewhere in the city.

Eventually as they make twists and turns they spot some lights distant along a corridor, hastily set up lamp packs nailed to the wall. Omniel pauses, peering at his auspex curiously, already anticipating danger. Beyond the lights the Kill Team spy a closed door, Omniel’s auspex bleeps out a single return on the other side of the door. Omniel asks “Brother Cadmus, something awaits within. Standard breaching procedure?”, Cadmus: “Agreed, take point and i will cover you.”. Omniel reaches out to test the handle, feeling resistance, it has been locked. Omniel pauses, then draws back and readies the breaching augur, stating “Brother Cadmus, I shall attempt to force the situation.”

Cadmus acknowledges Omniel, shouldering his weapon, ready to fire at the slightest sign of hostile intent. Omniel applies the augur with unusual gusto, bracing himself as it starts to bite into the door. The drill whirs into life and slowly bores into the door, unlocking it by dint of it now lacking any handle or locking mechanism to speak of. Omniel warns, “Be ready, Brother”, before using one foot to kick in the now-unlocked door, standing off to the side so as to give Cadmus a clear line of sight. Inside they both see a single space marine intently working on a set of cogitators in a small room. The color of his armor a mirror of their own.

==== SINBAD ====

Sinbad guarding the Governor and his Colonel decides to head out the way he came, closing the door behind him, pretending to patrol the outer room. However he crouches by the ornate gold embossed door. He hears some mumbling from within the room, the Governor chastising the Colonel for being captured.

The Storm Crusader hears more mumbling but nothing on note, getting the impression they know a little about space marines as the Governor reminds the Colonel that “They can hear things from a mile away.”

However Sinbad patience does provide small nugget of information. Through the general discourse between the two men, the Governor chastises the Colonel for admitting defeat “We win either way, if they never attacked we were better prepared but now our world is even safer. They will have to leave a regiment behind to ensure loyalty, a full regiment of the best warriors from a distant world.”

Sinbad Ibn-Hanah mutters to himself about heresy. He goes out to the front with his stummer on, quickly making it to the front of the Palace, Peaking out of a side frame window he spots two Chimeras in the courtyard, their fronts pointed towards him and a leman russ about 300m away on the road leading in. Twenty or so men mingling around near the chimeras.

Darting from debris to debris he ends up crouched behind a fallen obsidian statue off the flank of the right-hand chimera about 30m from the guardsmen. He hears the usual chatting from the soldiers as well as men talking of “Black Ghosts” stealing their commander and now shooting up their palace. They seem on edge but seem happy to be far from the front line. He quickly exfiltrates to a safer position 20m away, to be clear of the ‘Hammer of Dorn’ quake machine if required.

He addresses them invisibly, “Mortals! You betray the Emperor! Leave this place! Else the Ghosts of His Holy Rage shall purge you all!”. The men fumble at their guns looking left and right before one of them bolts for it, soon the rest of them follow him. The Chimeras start backing up intending to leave the courtyard one by one.

Sinbad: How hard would it be to sneak onto a Chimera?
Antoine: not terribly, they just lost all the infantry support giving the situational awareness to their flanks and rear.
Sinbad: Cool. I’m going to climb on that fucker and ride it to the Leman Russ.
Antoine: haha

==== KILL TEAM ====

Cadmus booms “HANDS IN THE AIR AND IDENTIFY YOURSELF!”, Omniel brings his bolter to bear as well, admittedly rather confused to see a fellow marine. The marine turns his head to them while he continues working, stating matter-of-factly “Hail brothers, I am almost finished with the simulations.”. Cadmus, confused, asks “What simulations?” The marine replies “The missile defense shield’s of course, the cogitators weren’t designed to handle large numbers, I am calibrating them.”

The Apothecary somewhat suspicious states “I wasn’t aware there was another Killteam deployed for this mission.”. The marine presses a few more buttons, pulls a few more levers before turning towards the Dark Angels. His armor is the same as theirs except a major difference, where his chapter insignia should be is bare black and instead mounts a set of Tyranid scales with a ornate dagger punched through them.

A black shield, a marine who has forsaken their chapter insignia and joined the deathwatch, usually for a past crime or perceived loss of honor. The mysterious and expendable marines turn up at Watch Stations where their expertise can be put to use. Instantly the group’s paranoia begins to build.

“Large numbers?” Cadmus asks, “You mean setting it to work against Hive Fleet Dagon should it reach here?”. Arkias stands back, axe unsheathed but held at his side as the Black Shield replies “Of course, the beasts do not subscribe to the myths of the sector and will not avoid it, thus delivering them to our grasp.”. This seems to placate the Apothecary, Cadmus “I see. Well then, your assistance is welcomed Brother…?”. Arkias is more direct, "Explain your presence, Brother. We are here on a mission as part of our Vigil. What brings you here, to a world of heretics and fools?

The Marine explains “I am Brother Decimus, yes that is why I locked them out.” He leans to look at the now ruined door “Though that now seems to be a moot point.”. The Techmarine apologies for the door as the mysterious marine asks if they have killed the Governor. “We have orders to bring him in alive, but be assured he will suffer for his crimes.” replies Cadmus. A still suspicious Arkias inquires “But enough of our duty. What is your task, Brother?”

Decimus voice with some melancholy to it replies “I must admit some guilt. I encouraged the Governor to prepare the defense of this world, in spite of that fool Ebongrave. He took it too far though when he sneaked in here to launch the missiles at the rogue trader.” He turns his helm to the Psyker, arms spread wide to encompass the room “To attempt to repair this complex, with the coming tendril approaching we hoped to use it against the beasts.”

“You…encouraged the Governor.” Arkias says warily, tone still bland. A more understanding Cadmus adds “You are not at fault Brother, it was the governor that took your recommendation to such extremes.” Arkias makes his suspicions known via vox transmission to the squad, “This is troubling. Proceed with caution, Brothers.”. Cadmus privately affirms his own suspicions “Agreed, i will see if i can contact Captain Oeris.” The Librarian continues, “Brother-Marine, have you had contact with the surface recently?”.

Decimus addresses Arkias’ question, “Lord Ebongrave would have this world sit idly while the threat beats on it’s door, I encouraged the Governor to turn his men to the preparation of defenses and his mind twisted it to result in our current situation. This matters not as this complex will make such measures no longer necessary and no brother I sealed myself in two weeks ago when the Governor abused my good nature and fired on the rogue trader.”

Arkias warns Cadmus that “If the Watch-Captain is ignorant of this, then there are fouler undercurrents than.” adding “He speaks ill of the Emperor’s servants. This bodes ill. Check channel security, Brother-Techmarine.” publicly Arkias keeps his even tone, “I see. Your caution does you credit.”. Decimus however changes the subject, “Might I ask for your names Brothers?”. Arkias feels unworried in providing his name, “Brother-Lexicanium Arkias.” as does the Techmarine, “I am Brother Omniel.”.

Arkias seems to have forgotten that his own Kill Team leader was deriding Lord Ebongrave only minutes before.

Omniel declares that “Our channels are uncompromised.” as Cadmus contacts Captain Oeris, “Captain Oeris, this is Cadmus, come in please. We have encountered a fellow marine in Deathwatch armor that calls himself Decimus. I wish to confirm he is who he says he is.++ Cadmus voxes, trying to get in touch with Oeris.”. While this is transmitted The Black Shield shifts his weight almost imperceptibly as Arkias makes his nature known. Arkias add on seeing this “Be vigilant.”. The Librarian maintains his outwardly accepting dialog, “You cannot be faulted for the mistakes of mortals, Brother. Your vigilance is to be commended.” as the Apothecary provides his name while he waits for word from Oeris.

Cadmus receives a static filled return for a few seconds before a response is forthcoming, lasguns whine and crack in the background, the dull crump and boom of artillery reverbetates through the vox as a bolter chatters, " I am not aware of any other brothers operating on this world, he may be outside my chain of command or perhaps he is on a long vigil and others have forgotten him" replies Watch Captain Oeris. Cadmus continues his report, “Understood Captain. He has apparently kept the missile defenses out of the governor’s hands for two weeks and just recalibrated them to work against Hive Fleet Dagon should it reach here.”

Oeris seems surprisingly non-nonchalant but still inquires for more information, “That is good, what is his name and what chapter does he hail from? I will note it for the next astropathic communique with the watch fortress.”. “What chapter do you hail from, Brother Decimus?” Cadmus asks, lowering his bolter slightly. Arkias adds “Be advised, the governor’s blasphemies mimicked the marine’s own statements.” At Cadmus’ question the marine stiffens “I have none.”

Omniel more concerned with the ancient tech laid before him asks “Brother Decimus, might I be of assistance with those calculations? I might commune with the machine spirits, to assist you in your task.”. The Black Shield addresses him as “No offense honored techmarine but I have spent months on this and I would feel uncomfortable with handing it over to another, you may inspect the cogitators but please do not alter anything.”. Arkias comments “Your knowledge of the tech-spirits does you credit.” as Omniel responds “Of course. I would not seek to disrupt your labours, Brother, merely to offer my expertise.”, Decimus inclines his head in thanks to Arkias’ compliment.

Omniel steps towards the cogitators and looks them over with a trained eye as Cadmus insistently presses for an answer, “None? All Brothers come from a Chapter, which was yours?” The Librarian comments “Brother Cadmus, a direct approach will avail us nothing. Caution is the tool of the wise.”. Decimus replies with almost a cold anger or agitation “Apothecary, you would spit on our traditions?”. Cadmus diplomatically answers “Of course not Brother, i am merely curious. I merely want to be aware of any variations in your geneseed should i need to tend to any injuries you recieve.”

Part of being a Black Shield is that their past is not questioned while they are in the Deathwatch. Cadmus made the mistake of breaking that implied pact but smartly alters his response to characterize it as coming from a concern for the marine’s health.

Decimus cooly replies “I require no ministrations”. Arkias asks “Brother Decimus, do we have your blade in this? Your expertise, and aid, would be valued in bringing this errant world to heel.”. Meanwhile Omniel nods, unable to find anything amiss with the cogitators. “Excellent work, Brother Decimus. Well, I believe that our objective is complete. This missile defense system would appear to be thoroughly captured.”

Cadmus voxes “He does not want to give his chapter, but it appears his intentions are true to the Emperor, Captain.”. Decimus stands for a moment, thinking before stating “We must seal this room from intrusion if we are to leave, but your entrance has made that problematic.” Arkias unclips a melta bomb, holding it up in one hand. To which Decimus replies “We still need to access it when the Tyranids arrive, a less… permanent….. solution is required.”. Omniel examines the ruined door, appraising it to see if any portion was salvageable. He finds it to be mostly intact, it is merely the area near the handle and locking mechanism that have been drilled away.

Omniel grasps it in his servo-arm and lifts it up. “Perhaps we could secure it once more? It is mostly undamaged. Brothers, we could use our repair cement, perhaps…”. Decimus nods “That will be sufficient”. Omniel declares “Excellent. Our task in this room is complete, then? We should make haste.” Arkias confirms their need to move on “Onwards, Brothers. Let none find us wanting.”

While I am not certain this is how repair cement is supposed to work it was an ingenious use so I let it play.

The Storm Crusader Sinbad voxes, “Brothers, I am going to investigate the tank crews that I spoke of earlier… They’re about 300m from the gate.” as the group leaves the complex and seals the door. Omniel informs him “Brother Sinbad, we are almost finished here. We shall be rejoining you momentarily.”. The aggressive and stealthy Sinbad voxes “Be careful, Brothers. Stay hidden. There are two Chimaeras and about 20 men in the courtyard, with a Leman Russ farther out.”

Omniel voxes back “Understood, do you require assistance?”. Cadmus also acknowledes the transmission before contacting Watch Captain Oeris, “Captain, we have accomplished our objectives, but there are tanks and traitor soldiers waiting for us in the palace’s courtyard. Some assistance or an alternate exit would be welcome.” to Oeris. The Kill Team continues down the tunnel as Arkias adds “We should not run from heretics. With the Emperor’s blessing, we should be capable of handling such a force of petty mortals.” while Cadmus argues that “Tanks are still quite dangerous Brother.”. Arkias continues “Aye, which is why the Codex advocates caution. There are several Codex-approved approaches…”

Cadmus declares “I would be satisfitied if we call in an airstrike on them if one is available. I’ve all ready patched you up once today Brother.” Arkias accepts this but adds “Noted. You are, of course, correct, Brother Cadmus. However, should we not limit collateral damage? It is likely that the Guard will be called upon to defend this place, and the fewer flaws in that defense…”. Omniel comments “Our remaining firepower may prove sufficient… I hope.”

The sound battle and the march of thousands of guardsmen boots is punctuated by the heavy thump of sentinels tromping forwards around Oeris as his vox transmission tries to convey his voice “I can have a thunderbolt fighter make a pass at them, flak has been heavy closer into the city though so the Navy won’t commit more than one soul for such a task.”. Cadmus asks the group “Captain Oeris can have a thunderbolt make a strafing runn on them brothers, but he says that flak in the city is heavy. What do you think?”

Arkias asks Decimus’ opinion, the Black Shield however divorces himself of any responsibility, leaving it to the Kill Team to decide. Omniel opines that “If it would remove that Leman Russ, then I advise we try.”. Sinbad intercede in on the conversation, “I am trying to remove the Leman Russ… Give me a few moments and watch the prisoners or watch from the palace windows, should it go wrong. Throne be with you, Brothers.”. Omniel and Akrias bless Sinbad’s bravery “Emperorspeed, Sinbad.”, “Primarchs watch over you, Brother.” while Cadmus tells the Kill Team “Let us move to aid Brother Simbad should he get into trouble.”. Sinbad sends a final transmission “As the people do of my planet…I am going to hitch a ride on something huge and deadly. Wish me luck. Out.”

The Kill Team emerges from the tunnel, Omniel reminds the squad of their task as he scans the room “Our duty is to secure these prisoners, first and foremost… the Emperor will look after Sinbad, for now.”. Cadmus acknowledges him, “Understood, i will order the strike if he is unsuccessful.”. Arkias however brings up an important factor for the combat squad to consider, “And what of brotherhood? His geneseed?” Is the oath of the Deathwatch worth so little?". Cadmus replies with a little heat “If it comes to it I want to recover them, but if there isn’t a decent chance of us survivng the effort is pointless.”

Arkias insists “We should take all possible precautions to aid Brother Sinbad.”. Omniel sides with the Librarian, “I agree with Arkias. The prisoners are secure. Surely there is something we can do to assist Sinbad?”, Cadmus bows to the pressure “Agreed, let’s go see what we can do to help him.”. Omniel readies his missile launcher. “Perhaps fire support?” to which Cadmus approves “Very good, let’s go.”. The Techmaines asks for directions, his fellow Dark Angel informing him that Sinbad is at the Palace entrance. The Team’s heavy booted soles pound the floor as they run for the entrance.

==== SINBAD ====

Sinbad’s power armoured form rips through the grass of the courtyard as he sprints from his position in cover, vaulting one handed up onto the top of the first Chimera reversing out of the courtyard. The Chimera continues for awhile before it suddenly jerks to a stop, a shout coming from the commander on the Leman Russ two hundred and fifty meters away tells the Storm Crusader that they have spotted him and voxed it to the crew below the tactical marine.

Seeking to gain control of the vehicle Sinbad tears the hatch from it’s hinges, tossing the heavy round plate aside to reveal a terrified gunner and driver. He grabs their shirt collars with his Gauntlets of Xirion “Drive back, or I kill you both! FULL SPEED, MORTALS! Please.” before pausing and telling them “Wait, turn around!”. The driver manages to hold his bowels from moving and obediently spins the Chimera on the spot to bring the front armor to face the Leman Russ.

Sinbad shouts “Charge the Russ! For the Imperium!” before spotting the enemy commander calling out ranges for his tank gunners, he quickly voxes the Kill Team before addressing the Chimera’s crew “Oh dear. …Bye, you two.”. The lascannon from the leman russ fires at the front of the Chimera, slicing through the armour and detonating the multilasers capacitors as well as the promethium stores sending the armoured personnel carrier sky high as Sinbad jumps and rolls towards the side of the road.

A lucky (and by the skin of his teeth if I recall correctly) dodge roll allows Sinbad to avoid the worst of the explosion. He also passes a concealment roll at -30 (due to the illuminating explosion right next to him) to hide in a ditch next to the road

==== KILL TEAM ====

Sinbad voxes, “Oh dear.”. Arkias immediately responds “Brother Sinbad. Status? Report!”. Sinbad quickly replies “Help.”. Omniel’s servos whine as he adds “Assistance is on the way!”. Cadmus calls for final confirmation “Should i call in the airstrike, Brother Sinbad?”. Cadmus’ hesitation to not immidately call in the airstrike irks Arkias “Would you do the work of heretics, Brother Cadmus?”, Sinbad interrupts though “Do it! Target the Russ!”. Cadmus calls the strike in “Captain, order the strike and advise the pilot to aim for the Leman Russ.”. Arkias says as he runs, “A Brother in the hands of a mortal.”. Cadmus replies angrily over a personal channel, “I don’t appreciate you questioning my dedication to the health and welfare of the Brother under my care, Arkias.”

The Kill Team returns to the front of the palace where they find themselves presented with a rising plume of fire coming from the furthest Chimera as Sinbad makes a dicey looking roll from the top of it. The second Chimera is between them and Sinbad while the Leman russ is a good 300m from the courtyard wall breach. Omniel addresses his brothers “Brother Sinbad chose his own path. Certainly it does him no good to quarrel amongst ourselves.”. Chastised Arkias replies before being interrupted by the sight of rebel forces, “You are corr-Enemy contacts.”. He then calls for a sit-rep from Sinbad. The Storm Crusader curtly informs the Librarian “I’m hiding next to the Chimera wreck. I was spotted.”

Omniel shoulders his missile launcher, checking the sight. “We must get closer still.”. Cadmus adds as he descends towards the courtyard “We see you, should we provide covering fire to let you get into the building?”. The whine of a pair of engines is in the air as the Thunderbolt fighter in the distance closes the distance between it and the leman russ. Omniel goes to ground, ducking behind the nearest piece of hard cover instinctively as Arkias calls out “Prepare for ordanance!”. Sinbad voxes “Oh Throne.”. The flak fire in the distance turns to track the heavy fighter as it begins it’s decent as Cadmus moves behind a toppled statue.

Omniel voxes the Tactical Marine, “Hold steady, Sinbad. Deliverance is near.”. Cris-crossing fingers of heavy caliber guns reach up into the sky, missing the jinking fighter reach into the sky. The fighter finally commits to a straight path to strafe the leman russ as the hellfire rockets and hunter seeker missiles leave the rails it is hit, jerking up suddenly before tumbling away into the city. Unfortunately the knock scattered the shots, ordnance streaks towards the Kill Team, into the courtyard and the face of the palace.

The rockets pepper the area, saturating it with explosions, rocking the hunkered down kill-team. Sinbad calls out “Brothers?! Are you alright?!”. Cadmus informs the Watch Captain “…The airstrike was spectacularly unsuccessful, Captain.”. Sinbad declares “That mortal pilot will die by my hands for his incompetence!”. Cadmus orders “Everyone back into cover, i’ll patch you up”. Arkias sits crouched and slumped at the bottom of a crater. As the sturdy Omniel states “I am alright, Brother Cadmus.”. The spiraling out of control fighter ends up crashing into a orphanage two blocks away, the big sign calling for donations on top of the building shredded as his plane explodes into shrapnel.

Nothing like a little insult to add to injury

Cadmus moves over to Arkias and starts working to heal the Librarian, Sinbad announces “Call off the bombing run! I think I can disable the Russ!” before Omniel offers “Brother Sinbad, if you require further assistance, I am ready.”. Cadmus ingores the chatter as he works on Arkias, deftly patching up the damage from the explosion. The second Chimera turns it’s multilaser to fire upon Cadmus as he provides assistance for Arkias.

Arkias calls out in a rasping voice that the enemy are aiming for the Dark Angel as Cadmus works, the Apothecary adding, “Someone shoot it please, i’m busy.”. Omniel declares “I have it in my sights.”. Sinbad crouches by the side of the road, observing the Leman Russ Commander’s huge shit eating grin at the current turn of events. He turns and runs along the ditch towards the heavy tank.

The Blood Raven shouts over his vox “Stay clear, brothers! I will burn these heretics in their metal box!”, Sinbad quips METAL BOXES!”. Arkias stretches out with the hand holding the psy-focus, but something appears to be wrong. Suddenly he is blown back from where he is standing, smashing into the steps at the foot of the palace, grimacing in pain. Omniel hardens his resolve, despite Arkias’ misfortune, and zeroes his aim in on the Chimera, letting the Emperor guide his krak missile. The Apothecary adds “Brother, it seems something is wrong with your powers.”

Arkias shakes his head as he struggles to rise, “My focus…a flaw…Through focus, we gain discipline! Through discipline, we prevail!”, Omniel’s missile smashes into the drivers compartment heavily shaking the vehicle but not disabling it. Cadmus quickly moves into new cover and fires off a burst of fire at the Chimera, sparks fly but nothing more than scratches appear after the fusillade. Decimus sprints forwards however making good distance and finding cover but not close enough to do anything yet.

Sinbad climbs the rear of the Leman Russ, the silent marine crouching directly behind the turret and the commander in it. He fires a single point blank bolter round which explodes the man’s head, his upper body flops down onto the top of the turret, arms spread wide however stop him from falling in. Sinbad plucks him up and tosses the body aside. The Storm Crusader yells at the men inside to come out, or I kill them all with a grenade. The men rush to make their way out, one driver, three gunners and a loader in all. Sinbad tells them “Go away. You sicken the Emperor, sinners.”, firing bolter rounds over their heads. The men scamper from the “Black Ghost” that is running ruin through their regiment.

The Chimera lashes out with it’s multilaser and misses but the front chassis mounted heavy bolter slams rounds into Arkias as he stand upon the steps of the palace. Arkias roars in anger and pain as the rounds hit home “Your arms…are weak! Your faith false!”. The psyker fires his boltgun further adding the the defaced look on the frontal aspect of the Chimera, “Blasted box!”

Sinbad readies his boltgun for a volley on the Chimera’s exposed rear as Omniel’s second krak missile flies true, destroying the turret mounted multi-laser. Omniel remains silent, even as the missile strikes home, preparing a third shot to try and destroy the cursed vehicle. Cadmus races from cover, working as far around the Chimera as he can before dropping behind another piece of debris to protect him.

Decmius rises from his cover sprinting through the gap in the wall and running alongside the vehicle before turning and slashing with his powersword at the rear of it, the feedback from the multilasers capacitors ruins the vehicle and electrocutes the crew inside, the smell of burnt flesh escaping from the gap torn by the power weapon. Cadmus comments “Well done, Brother Decimus.”, the black shield marine moves back into view from behind the vehicle, nodding to the apothecary. The Blood Raven asks “Confirm threat neutralized?” to which the marine replies after having looked through the rent he tore through the rear “Confirmed, the crew look like they passed out.”.

The second chimera sits there, promethium leaking from a ruptured fuel tank, the gash cut into it’s rear opening it up to the outside world. Decimus moves to rejoin the group sheltered in the rubble in front of the palace. Sinbad pings his brothers through his vox “Are you all alright, Brothers? How goes the second tank? It stopped.”. “Nicely done, Brother Decimus.” Cadmus says, impressed before addressing Sinbad “It’s taken care of Brother.”. Decimus nods his head to the apothecary.

Sinbad asks “Good! I shall rejoin you on foot. …What shall I do with this Leman Russ I liberated? Should I disable it? It seems a pity.”. Omniel shoulders his missile launcher, emerging from cover once the coast appears to be clear, “Is it functional?”. The Storm Crusader replies “Indeed. It’s crew was cowards. It is in perfect functionality.”. Cadmus asks his Chapter Battle-brother “Omniel, could you disable it so that it can be repaired by a loyal crew at a later time?”

Omniel mysteriously intones “I will commune with the machine spirit. Perhaps we may come to an accord. Brother Sinbad, where are you located?”. Omniel hoofs it down the street, in a very solemn way, perfected after many years of getting around while wearing a giant robe over his armour. Cadmus moves to cover Onmiel as he works. Sinbad trades off his watch over the Leman Russ and retrieves his earthquake machine near the castle gate before he walks over to the Chimera disabled by Decimus.

They hear a rumble coming from behind some habs nearby, the Kill Team puzzled as to how how a vehicle managed to get so close without them noticing it. Cadmus calls for haste “I hear more vehicles, hurry Brother.” Sinbad waves to Decimus to get into the Chimera, then runs full-out to retrive the rebel Governor and Colonel. The sound of twisted metal and rubble being knocked aside approaches rapidly, the driver is not messing around. Omniel nods and quickly empties a few bolter rounds into the Leman Russ’ treads, hoping that will be sufficient to disable it.

Sinbad calls out, “Brothers, I am going to get the rebel prisoners. I— Damn! They’re already here?!”. Omniel double-times it back down the street towards the Chimera, Cadmus right on his heels. Sinbad returns with the Governor and Colonel, Konrad in tow they try to get into the Chimera. Omniel asks “Who will drive?”. About one hundred meters down the road a hab wall explodes outwards and a leman russ drives through the gap, the menacing vehicle skids to a halt on the road, it is followed by men but unlike the normal PDF the vehicle and the troops are all in black.

Sinbad drops the rebels onto a bench, and mans the Chimera’s tiny, mortal-sized driver’s seat. Omniel folds his servo-arm as he climbs into the Chimera, ducking low. The Leman Russ slowly turns it’s chassis to face the chimera’s rear, the troops spreading out from the cover of the vehicles to encompass the road. Omniel works quickly with his combi-tool to make the Chimera operational once more, continuing his record of stellar work, patching and rerouting fuel lines in no time.

Sinbad in the undersized driver’s seat asks “Has the machine’s spirit been placated, Brother Techmarine?!” to which Omniel replies “There is only one way to find out, Brother Sinbad.”. Cadmus comments, “Hmm, they appear to be arbites, Brothers. Not sure if that’s good or bad.”. Sinbad declares “There would be no Arbites in the drop forces! They must be PDF!”, “There’s an Arbite Precinct on this planet, brother.” Cadmus says with an audible roll of his eyes. Omniel seals up the hatch now that his work appears done stating matter of factly “They appear to have us outgunned.”

“Can we contact them through the chimera’s vox?” asks Cadmus. Sinbad dismissively adds “Mortals, regardless!” before rotating the APC, grabbing the microphone vox to talk to the ‘Arbites’. The Leman Russ along with the men, shields and shotguns at the ready advance on the rapidly rotating Chimera. Sinbad presses the vox button “HALT, IN THE NAME OF THE GOD-EMPEROR!”. A man on top of the Leman Russ shouts something to his tank before a vox blast come back, “WHO DARES TO COMMAND A COMMISSAR? WHO GOES THERE?!”. Cadmus calls for diplomacy “Don’t antagonize them Brother.” while Omniel correctly comments “If he is a Commissar, we can trust he will bow to the proper authority.”. Sinbad asks for Cadmus to take the wheel as he moves to stand out of the once multilaser wielding turret hatch.

ONE OF HIS HOLY ANGELS DARES, MORTAL! If you stand by the Holy Throne Most High, lower your weapons!”. Cadmus watches the Russ closely for signs of it preparing to fire on us. The infantry alongside the tank murmur for a moment before dropping to their knees in supplication. The commissar calls out using just his parade ground voice to project his message “At last! Praise him on Terra, the Space Marines have arrived!”. Sinbad works the crowd, “PRAISE HIM! I trust you to be Loyalists, then?!” while Cadmus quips “I have an inkling that they’re on our side.”.

The Leman russ lurches forward, the turret no longer aimed at the Chimera, “Most verily! I am afraid however that other than some civilians we are all that is left.”. The Techmarine states “An unusual bit of luck. The Emperor truly watches over us.”. The man in the turret salutes Sinbad, " Commissar Patriclus at your service.". Sinbad replies “At least you have remained true to His Light. I am Brother Sinbad, with His Deathwatch.” before removing his helmet for the Commissar. Cadmus remarks with the Chimera’s vox “That is sad to hear. We must reach loyalist lines in order to complete our mission, and you are welcome to accompany us.”

Commissar Patriclus, one of the many minor characters I created that ended up being far more important than he was initially designed for due to the player’s actions.

Sinbad asks “What is your aim in assembling this force, Commissar? How did you assemble so many other Loyalists?” As the tank approaches they see a man in a resplendent uniform, a grizzled veteran by the looks of him. Looking around at the carnage the Commissar raises an eyebrow, “Dosen’t look like you need much help but it would be an honor to escort you. I have been in contact with the underground resistance since the failed assassination attempt on my life not a month ago. When we heard the weapons fire and saw the thunderbolt fighter go down we knew something was up so I gathered my men and women to see if we could hit the palace while the rest of the army was busy.”

Sinbad, impressed, remarks “You are a bold man, Commissar Patriclus, to assemble underneath the Heresies of the Rebel Governor.”. The man looks like he is on the verge of tears at the compliment, it is slightly strange to see such a hard looking man so close to nirvana after a simple compliment. Cadmus addresses the root of the Commissar’s objective, “Fear not, we have the governor is custody and intend to turn him over to the proper authorities. We have also managed to liberate another Leman Russ from the traitors, perhaps your men could man it and follow us?”

Patriclus points to a few men, surely the ones that were qualified to drive a Leman Russ and they start jogging over to the empty one, black spray paint is quickly used to mark an Aquila made on the flanks of the tank. Cadmus brings up the issue of the damaged tracks which Omniel quickly repairs, a trivial problem for someone of his ilk. Soon the column of vehicles is lined up, the Commissar stating “We are ready when you are my Lord.”. Sinbad kindly offers “Commissar, would you like to ride amongst us? Or shall you lead your men on foot? You have earned the right well enough to lead from the hatch, in my opinion.”

The Commissar however declares “I will have a greater ability to command from here, thank you my Lord.” indicating the open hatch he is standing in. Sinbad replies “His Will smile upon your service, Commissar Patriclus! Survive, and I shall honor you myself!”. “Brother, switch with me so i can make good use of my heavy weapon.” Cadmus says as he hops out of the driver’s seat. Sinbad slides down the burned turret-hole, and lowers himself onto the driver’s seat.

The arbites on foot clamber up on the sides of the two leman russes and they prepare to roll forward. Cadmus orders Sinbad to use the Chimera to scout for the Leman Russes, it soon pushes forwards down the road while Omniel moves up into the driver’s compartment with Sinbad to provide assistance if necessary.

The not small column tries its hardest to make it through the city to bypass the enemy lines and find friendly forces. However a quick wrong turn puts them right into a large open plaza, guardsmen fighting from houses on one side while PDF fight from houses and trenches on the other. They also spot a Leman Russ supporting the PDF, the guardsmen are making little headway against the magnificent machine. More importantly is the large statue of the Emperor in the middle of the plaza, somehow with all the ordnance being thrown around it has barely been scratched. It seems neither side wishes to bring the emperors wrath down upon themselves.

Cadmus asks if they should assist or merely avoid the fight to ensure their objectives are met, Sinbad replies “They are just simply a small dug-in rebel force. We shall destroy them quickly. Which side is the Loyalists?”. “The guardsman Sinbad.++ Cadmus says with a sigh. Sinbad replies _”I cannot see through the tiny mortal peephole! …Is that left or right?“_. Cadmus adds _”And remember we have the governor with us, we shouldn’t be fighting unless we have to.“_. Sinbad argues that _”Then the Leman Russes will be more than enough to handle it. Let them lead, and we shall guard their flanks from sappers."_

Cadmus informs Patriclus, “Commisar, we should focus on the traitor’s Russ if we are to assist our brother’s in the Guard.” as Cadmus calls down to his battlebrother “Omniel, pass me your launcher, my bolter won’t do much against it.”. Omniel passes up the missile launcher, “Here you are, Brother.”. Sinbad attempts to organise some co-ordination as he man’s the Chimera’s hull mounted heavy bolter “After you fire the shot, I will suprress the PDF, Brother.”

The Commissar seems to relish this opportunity and vox’s back “On our way.” The second leman russ take up a position alongside the Kill Team’s vehicle to provide covering fire as the Commissar’s vehicle barrels through the plaza at breakneck speed. Cadmus sets his heavy bolter aside and shoulders the launcher after making sure krak millies are loaded. Sinbad tries to warns the mortal “Commissar, stun that rebel Russ! We must not let it fire back before we neutralize it!”

Cadmus takes careful aim at the enemy Russ a lets fly, watching with approval as the missile flies true and strikes it. The missile punches through the armour but does only a little damage to the mighty beast. Sinbad’s heavy bolter sprays across the PDF lines but they have enough numbers to bolster their spirit and hold their ground, that is until the Leman russ next to them opens up, blasting huge chunks out of the enemy position, it’s heavy bolters scything through the enemy lines, only the lascannon missing.

Cadmus quickly prepares for another shot. The Commissars shouts “Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!” He brandishes the weapon from the open hatch as the leman russ rams the PDF’s machine in the flank a few seconds after Cadmus’ krak missile hits. As the Leman Russ hits it gouges chunks of armour from the side of the other vehicle and the commissar leaps up and across to the other tank, stabbing the opposing tank commander and dropping some frag grenades in the hatch before jumping back, covered by the shotgun blasts of the men holding on for dear life.

Sinbad laughs and declares “That man is worthy of bravery of an Astartes!”. The PDF look like they are faltering but they are still holding their ground. Sinbad lets loose with the Heavy Bolter as Cadmus adds his own fire “Agreed, I shall note his bravery in my report.”, grinning as a frag missile lands in the PDFs midst. The frag hits a trench, sending shrapnel down it’s length and the men begin to flee from this onslaught. Sinbad gives no mercy, cutting down as many of the fleeing men as he can with the rattling heavy bolter. The Commissar seems quite intent on making a few executions of surrendering PDF with his bolt pistol before he has his Leman Russ turn and move back to the rest of the column.

Sinbad asks “Where to now, Brothers?” as he fiddles with the dashboard, yelling Litanies of Rage at the fleeing rebels. Cadmus hands the launcher back with a grateful nod to Omniel before saying “Let’s talk to whoever’s in charge of the guard force, they should know which direction our lines are.”. Sinbad traverses the Chimera over to the dug-in patches of Guardsmen. The guardsmen cheers from the houses, the righteous fury brought down upon their enemies lifting their spirits.

Arkias comments “Remember, brothers, that we have yet to complete our primary objective. The sooner the Inquisitor breaks this wretch, the sooner we can move to our true purpose here.”. Sinbad addresses the Librarian, “I know of much greater heresies of the wretches while you were recovering the missile controls…The Excruciator will make the depth of his rebellion known with his screams.”

“Well met brothers. The Emperor smiles on his loyal servants this day. We need to speak to your commanding officer, we must make our way to your headquarters.” Cadmus calls to the guard force. The men have dark fatigues and a junior officer steps forward, vox operator in tow. "Our thanks my Lords, The Emperor truly smiles upon us. We are the Maccabian 19th Janissaries, I will take you to our commanding officer. He jumps up to their chimera, directing them a block away from the front line to a old manufactorium where the 19th are running to and from.

As they drive the ever curious Blood Raven asks for more details “Brother Sinbad, explain.”. “I hid in plain sight while you were gone. They thought I had left. I listened, and they discussed why they brought the planet down.” replies Sinbad. “Continue.” Arkias says intently. Sinbad informs him “It was all a ploy to draw Imperial resources away from the Tyranid front to his planet for its protection. The Rogue Trader seems to been have part of it. His ship was desired as an extra warship by the Governor.”. There is a telling pause as Arkias processes the information before he adds “We must inform the Watch-Captain. Have you shared this knowledge with our…brother?”, meaning the black shield. Sinbad states “I shall share it with the Watch-Captain and Inquisitor once we meet them again.”

“My thanks soldier. Brother, follows this mans lead.” Cadmus says to the soldier and then Sinbad. Sinbad voxes a loud, “HELLO” over the loud speeker. The space is large enough to fit all the vehicles, the Captain of the Janissaries looks up from his charts and vox equipment at the announcement with a raised eyebrow. “Greetings Captain, my brothers and i have recently completed a mission we were sent here on, and we need to return to the main headquarters to report to our superiors and hand over our prisoners.” Cadmus explains with a nod of greeting.

The Captain straightens himself, “My thanks for your assistance with the breakthrough. We are going to start moving the Dragoons through here soon to make effective use of it, I believe your commanding officer was riding with them.” He turns to the junior officer, “Johnson, take them to the Dragoons staging area.”. Cadmus, pleased with the news replies “Excellent. Continue the good work Captain. Onward Brother.”. Sinbad adds “Commissar, come with us as escort, and to re-link with the greater command of the drop forces.”

The junior officer salutes and moves back to the chimera, ready to direct the Kill Team all the way back to the Brimlock 7th Dragoons forward staging area. He takes them through shattered streets and hab districts turned to rubble, Colonel Damian Turner wasn’t messing around when he unleashed the big guns. Soon they arrive at the edge of the city, passing through broken defense lines the Dragoons, their chimera’s and their sentinels are all forming up for a big push. Arkias remarks at the devastation “At this rate, the Tyranids will find their work done for them.”

The Dragoons sit on a big field outside the city, the open ground stretching all the way back to the orbital landers. Cadmus wary of a loss of morale tells Arkias “Do not think such thoughts Brother! Things are never hopless.”. Sinbad calls for Omniel to take the wheel as he moves to the rear of the transport. Arkias responds to the Apothecary, “I do not despair. Despair is for the weak minded. I merely meant that we must bid haste.”. They soon spot Oeris directing the Dragoons to form up, his terse commands met with renewed effort from the tired troopers.

Cadmus calls out “There’s the Captain, let’s pull up nearby.” Omniel bring the Chimera to a stop next to the Captain, the arbites forming up nicely on their flanks as an honor guard. Sinbad addresses the Black Shield “Brother Decimus, Elder Brother, please secure the prisoners so we can present them to the Captain.”. Outside the Captain turns, surprised but happy to see the marines, “I was readying this force to link up with you, it seems it was not required as you made some friends along the way?”

Sinbad steps out the back hatch of the Chimera and salutes as Arkias bangs one fist against his chestplate in a salute. Cadmus hops out of the Chimera and says “Yes sir, we met up with them as we were leaving the Governor’s Palace. I’m happy to report our mission was a success.” with a salute. Omniel climbs out as well, “Mission accomplished.”. Arkias immediately brings up his other concerns, “However, Brother Sinbad has made some…disturbing discoveries, Watch-Captain.” Oeris returns the gesture, “Well done men, I will have a few aquila landers brought forward to take us to orbit, we can talk on the way back to the ship.”

Sinbad explains Arkias’ comment “The Governor and his Colonel are not quite true Heretics, but damned just the same for their actions…” before stating “A moment, Brother Captain. Go on ahead, I shall rejoin you in a moment.”. As the landers are brought forward a furious looking Commissar draws his bolt pistol, “The Colonel lives?”, “I owe that man a field execution.”. Arkias turns, hand raised “The Astartes do not answer to the Commissariat. His fate is in the Watch-Captain’s hands.” before adding “Your suggestion is noted.”.

Sinbad breaks his formation to go over to the Commissar “He will face far worse after my testimony, Commissar. Your zeal is commendable however.”. The mortal replies “He sent 5 men to kill me in my sleep, they did not survive. Make sure he does not either.”. “You can be assured of that.” Cadmus says as he waits to board the lander. while Sinbad adds “He will face much, much worse, Throne helping. Your testimony shall add to mine own.”

Oeris, watches this commotion from afar, somewhat amused by the hardass Commissar. The Landers touch down, ramps descend and they sit ready and waiting. Cadmus heads into the lander and straps into a seat. The Watch Captain nods to Sinbad that he has his leave and directs the rest of the men to the landers, he points to the black shield, “Follow me brother if you please”

Sinbad nods to the Captain gratefully, and talks to the Commissar. Pulling his combat blade from its sheath and holding it before the mortal. Arkias trails after Cadmus, frowning under his helmet. Absently, he touches the side of his psychic hood. Omniel follows Arkias, after a moment. Sinbad goes over to the Watch-Captain’s lander and gets in, the Commissar follows and takes a seat. The ramps raise themselves and the landers push themselves towards the ship.

Arkias questions the presumptious mortal “Does the mortal have clearance for this?”. Sinbad replies “He has. I vouched for him, and the Watch-Captain has assigned him to my jurisdiction.” The Librarian accepts this but warns him “Understood. The choice is yours, but it is ever the way of mortals to falter and stumble. I advise vigilance.”. Sinbad accepts this “Of Course.”

The Captain take off his helm before speaking some battle cant to the blackshield, a pitch of curiousness to his voice. Arkias comment “Perhaps it would be prudent to inform the Captain of your discoveries now. Away from…prying eyes.” turning his helmet as he speaks into his vox, attention instantly diverted. Sinbad grunts in affirmation, and then relates his discoveries of the Governor’s and Colonel’s rebellion through the vox.

It is a moment before the marine responds in kind using the same strange dialect. The Watch Captain seems to be satisfied with the answer, before returning his helm and activating his vox “Interesting Sinbad, a collection of events that is most troubling, the presumptuous Governor will pay for his subterfuge but he is correct, we will have to leave a regiment behind to maintain order.”. A dissapointed Sinbad remarks “A shame. The Damned Heretic has meet his goals regardless.”

Arkias however continues “With respect, Watch-Captain…Permission to speak freely?”. Oeris gives the Librarian leave to express his thoughts. The Blood Raven explains “I do not believe this world is capable of withstanding a determined assault from any foe in its current state.”. Cadmus answers him “Thus leaving the regiment behind Brother.” while Sinbad inquires “…Do you mean we should conscript the entire planet?”.

Arkias continues “I merely state my observations, Brother Sinbad. Its defenses are lacking, its forces untrained, and generally disordered. They were incapable of mounting an organized defense to our targeted strike until it was far too late. They would fare worse still against a foe bent on destruction.”. _"True, but we cannot conscript the entire population in time due to Lord Ebongraves insistence of not informing worlds not Directly threatened by the hive splinter of its existance. We must however ensure its tithe, one that has been lacking for the last few months is paid in full"_

Arkias presses his point “And, beyond manpower and the relic system, this world has little value?” to which Cadmus replies “It’s our fallback point if things go badly when we confront the splinter, remember?”. Sinbad has one of his creative ideas “This may border on heresy, and sacreligiousness at best…but may I suggest something?”. The Watch Captain comments “It has a collection of natural resources and modest manufacturing capacity.” before turning his head to Sinbad. The Storm Crusader continues “…Could we gain the attentions of the Cult Mechanicus onto the missile system? They would inadverdently be able to bolster the defenses of the planet, should the missile system be used as leverage.”

Oeries replies to Sinbad’s idea “The Watch Commander would not like the handing over of the defense system, his instructions to me were explicit I am afraid.”. Sinbad adds another twist to his forming idea “What of the Lady Inquisitor? Would she be able to leverage a zero-sum agreement with the Mechanicus? At this rate, the world is already weakened.”. The Watch Captain considers the ingenious plan “Perhaps Sinbad, she has ties to the geneticists of the mechanicus. I would have to speak with her. I am still loathe to violate my orders and I would have to contact the Watch Commander.” The Storm Crusader finishes his thoughts in reponse “Common sense tells us to compromise in battle. ‘One cannot defend his home with a shield of his pride.’”

Arkias continues to press his ideas as the conversation shifts “If this world’s populace cannot be saved, or used in His service, then should they not be denied to the alien?”. as Cadmus’ begins to grow suspicious of where Arkias’ logic is going “What are you suggesting Arkias?”. The Librarian contines “That the Deathwatch deny the xenos this worlds’ biomass. The martyrdoom of those useless souls through the usage of holy virus bombs or an equivalent agent.”. The Apothecary and his oaths rise to combat the suggestion “That is foolish in the extreme! You would kill an entire planet because they MIGHT fall to the xenos?!” as Sinbad resists the urge to stomp in disgust.

Arkias implores them “They have already turned from His light! Through this, we could both remove those too weak or traitorous to fight in His name, and deny the xenos their use! The Codex Astartes tells us to deny the foe resources we cannot use!”. Cadmus counters this “And we have just brought them back! There isn’t a limitless number pf planets in the galaxy brother and we can stil make use of this planet’s resources.”. Arkias asks “Have we? Or have we driven the heretics into hiding? The relic shield and manufactorums are all the Imperium can be sure of taking from this world.”. A mortified and angry Sinbad replies “That is still more than a dead world is worth!” as he strains at the Lander’s seat buckles in anger

The Watch Captain cuts his hand through the air emphatically “I will not willingly destroy the servants of The Emperor, they may have been misled but I will not put this world to the flame because of a corrupt Governor”. Sinbad falls back into his seat at the Captains hand. Arkias bows this his superiors command “Of course, Watch-Captain. We obey your commands.”, Sinbad and Cadmus nodding in agreement with the Captain, relieved that he feels that way. Arkias adds “No matter what, the xenos will be denied their prize…”. Cadmus confidently assures him “We shall deny them by slaughtering them before they ever reach this planet.”

An interesting little philosophical debate and ideas being tossed around, Sinbad’s was particlarly smart and displayed a level of political savvy to the Watch Captain that was unexpected. It was nice to see some non-combat banter to explore the different characters.

The landers soon break through the atmosphere, rattling the craft before they turn and make for the Steel Talisman. The landing bays loom before the two craft before they are set down and ramps descend once more, the Governor and Colonel are soon taken into custody, their shoes scrubbed of dirt before they are hauled to the bridge, The Watch Captain nodding to the men taking them away. Arkias comments, “A fitting fate for traitors.” as Sinbad privately voxes “Should I inform the Lady Inquisitor of my testimony?”

A couple of men approach with hoses and scrubbers ready to clean their feet per The ship Captain’s orders but look a little scared of carrying out their orders. The Watch Captain states “You man do so” before addressing the entire Kill Team, “All marines, you have a day to make your post battle prayers and to re-sanctify your bodies in the holy oils of our order.”. Sinbad lifts up a foot and awaits their ministrations. Cadmus willingly allows the men to clean off his boots, well aware that dirt=germs. The men quickly move in to clean the soles of Cadmus’ and Sinbad’s feet. Arkias pays no attention to the wretches with the hoses, instead looking ahead.

Sinbad nods, as the men clean his foot, then directs the Commnissar to do the same. Cadmus heads off to perform maintenance on his gear and restock his medical stores.
Arkias heads through the ships corridors, footsteps echoing ahead of him through the candle-lit corridors of the cruiser. Omniel however retires to his quarters, for a quiet evening of prayer and polishing his servo-arm. Sinbad leads the Commissar about, explaining to him his duties, disappearing off into the corridors of the ship.

A full day passes and the Kill Team is called by the Watch Captain to the Bridge. “All marines”, he falters for a moment “and their personal serfs to the Bridge”. Arkias emerges from his cell, again making his way through the corridors his boltgun and force axe holstered, gauntlets empty as he strides along.. Cadmus leaves his cabin and heads for the bridge, armor and weapons freshly polished and in fine condition. Sinbad emerges as well, clad in his traditional tabard, Patriclus in tow. Omniel rises and shines, making his way down to the bridge at a brisk pace.

As the team enters only the Admiral, Inquisitor and the Watch Captain are present in their usual formation around the holoprojector. Sinbad sits down in a chair, and tells Patriclus to sit in a row behind and watch. Cadmus moves to the projector and slautes the Captain, saying “Reporting as ordered sir.”. The Blood Raven stands towards the back, saluting the watch-captain. Sinbad offers a warrior’s salute before sitting, motioning for Patriclus to bow.

The Watch Captain salutes, “Again our congratulations on a well executed mission, the guardsmen are merely mopping up thanks to the lack of leadership and supplies you removed from them. The Inquisitors agents are working on the prisoners now and we have new arrivals from the Watch Commander. They were sent to ensure the successful capture of the missile shield but now they are now under my command to bolster your kill team.”

Arkias nods while Sinbad is curious, but silent. The Captain spreads and arm to present the new arrivals. “New Brothers? Excellent.” Cadmus says, turning to regard the new arrivals. Damaskan enters the bridge, silenting saluting the Watch-Captain.
Engel arrives on the bridge, nodding silently as he aproaches the rest of the Astartes. As he nears, he gestures a brief salute to them “Brothers”. Arkias returns the salute with a clang. Damaskan removes his Mark IV helemt, revealing a face and moustache worthy of the Khan.

Damaskan introduces himself “Brothers. I am Brother Damaskan of the Mantis Warriors. I have been sent by my chapter into the services of the Inquistion to further our penance.”. Another new brother adds “I am Brother Engel Reimer, of the Black Templars chapter. I serve here by the will of the Emperor.” Arkias nods warily to the Templar. while he inquires with Damaskan “Penance?”

Some confusion here mid-game about timeline issues and if the Mantis Warriors had been involved in the Baddab War yet. Answered by with “Warp time shenanigans”.

The group continue to greet the newcomers, Engel nods as each of the remainder astartes present themselves. That is until the librarian introduces itself. The black templar pauses in akward silence. Sinbad “Hail, Brother Damaskan, and Elder Brother Engel. I am Sinbad, of the Storm Crusaders, a decendant of the eternal crusaders. Honor to Dorn.” Engel seems to ignore the librarian instead addressing the storm crusader “Yes brother…Honor to Dorn.”. Sinbad points an irreverent thumb to Arkias and remarks with a stunning lack of tact"He’s alright for a witch. So far. We have not met demons summoned by him yet."

Arkias quips with his own compliment “And your wild charges have brought you much glory, Brother Sinbad.” as Engel shakes his head slightly “There is no such thing as an ‘alright’ witch, brother…But I shall tolerate him, as long as he proves his worth.”. The Black Shield stands to the side, his mood unknowable. Arkias replies somewhat cooly. “I seek to serve the Emperor, with what tools he has granted.” as Sinbad addresses Decimus “Introduce yourself, Brother. We are all of the Deathwatch.”. “I am Brother Decimus” The marine continues his laconic respones.

The Watch Captain continues “We will have this planet secured in short order and leave the The Maccabian 19th Janissaries to hold it, we look forward to Rahas now.”. Sinbad asks “The Xenos-besieged battlefront?”. “I eagerly await taking the battle to the xenos scum.” Cadmus says with eager anticipation in his voice. The Watch Captain lays down the situation, “The Hive splinter looms so very close to the planet, we lost communication with the planet a week ago and now we race to its defence”

“What was the situation on Rahas like before the Shadow fell upon them?” asks Cadmus.
The Ultramarine Watch Captain answers him “We do not know what we will encounter as the last astropathic messages were merely screams for help, no confirmation of the enemy within the system was made though so we hope we have time to make it there.” Engel piously adds “The xeno stand no chance against the emperor’s finest. Let us into battle, that we might face them as soon as possible. His light will guide us through the shadow.”, Cadmus and Damaskan nod in agreement.

Oeris continues “We will have several plans of attack ready to deal with different situations, I will need Omniel to repair the recovered Caestus Assault Ram to make us ready in case of ship to ship combat.”. Omniel acknowledges the order “Understood. It should be a simple matter.” while Sinbad connects the dots and asks “A Caestus Ram boarding…onto a Tyranid ship?”, Damaskan grins at the idea. Arkias replies to the Storm Crusader “There is precedent, Brother Sinbad.” as Damaskan remarks “The xenos will never know what hit them.”

The Watch Captain explains “A possible necessity if we are enveloped upon arrival.”. “Taking the fight directly to the xenos, i like that.” Cadmus says, a grin in his voice. Sinbad somewhat unconvinced remarks “Before or after we are overrun with chittering xenos? We’ll need more than a little bit of flame.”. Arkias adds “That would be wise. Support weapons such as the holy missile launcher and heavy bolter are of little use in the confines of a boarding action.” At this point a new arrival, an Ultramarine Devestator named Bellerophon comments “That is…partially true.” while an eager Cadmus joins the chorus “Please Brother, a heavy bolter is never useless.”

Oeris finishes the Casteus Ram issue with “It is my sincere hope we will not be forced into a disadvantageous position but we must follow the Codex Astartes’ instructions and prepare for these eventualities.”. The Ultramarine formally introduces himsef “I am Bellerophon of the Ultramarines. I am the acting Devastator. The heavy bolter is never useless.” to which Cadmus supports with “We are of the same mind on that.”. The new Ultramrine has hair, and is wearing what appears to be fairly normal attire of pants, shoes, and a shirt. The sleeves are rolled up to show an Iron Skull in blue on the left shoulder.

The Watch Captain continues as the Commissar sits wide eyed and intently listening “So, as soon as possible we will break orbit and head for Rahas with the fleet in tow. Any questions?”. Sinbad states “I have none, despite I feel we should bring more specialized weaponry.” while Arkias asks “Brother-Captain…do we have schematics of other examples of these…creatures?”. Bellerophon also notes that “The Codex is…less clear in regards to the tyranid menace.”

The Watch Captain addresses Sinbad’s question “Inquisitor Tellion has said she will supply me with whatever information she has on the vile Xenos, I will compile them with the mission brief and provide them as soon as possible”. Bellerophon adds “The Ultramarines have a long and sordid affair with the enemy. I could consult a Codicier for his wisdom.”. Cadmus focuses on his area of expertise “Very good. Should I examine any intact xenos corpses we enounter in the field if time permits?”

The Librarian ask “Has there been a cogitator analysis of the likely situation in-system?”. To Cadmus’ question the Watch Captain replies “You may as long as it does not unduly delay the mission provided.” while to Arkias he says “I am afraid we lack information on the forces strength and disposition to create accurate simulations, we expect at least a main ship of the line and escorts.”

The Black Shield also pipes up “I have… experience with this foe, I will provide counsel to the Watch Captain if he wishes it so his brief will have field experience backing it up” the angle of his helmet giving off the feeling he is staring at the Inquisitor. Arkias turns to look at the Black Shield, frowning under the helmet. The Watch Captain wraps up the de-brief “If there are no other questions you may return to your quarters and prepare yourselves for the journey, with The Emperor’s blessing we will prevail!”

Decent Mission I think, reflecting my attempts to give the team lots of options and having logical consequences follow combined with ever increasing challenges to the group. There was the option of heading in on foot through a mountain pass if they wished to land further out with a vehicle. The choice to attack the ammo depot meant the guardsmen counter attack contained no special hand held weapons/lacked a possible sustained mortar attack.

The decision to not attack the tank park mean the counter attack was instead mechanised and armoured in nature as well as meaning a larger concentration of hydra batteries, increasing the chance of the Thunderbolt failing in its attack run. If the team had removed both of those threats the extra time taken would have led to a ‘chase’ scene where they would have to hunt down the fleeing Governor. With obvious exceptions made if they figured out an ingenious way to quickly achieve both of those objectives.

Mission 2 Summary

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