Mission 3 Summary

Mission 3: Promethium Problems

Note: Normal speech is standard text, Speech in italics is for vox transmissions. Green text are for GM comments.

New Battlebrothers:

Brother Bellerophon: Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veteran and Devastator Sergeant. Ranged Overkill, these two words sum up the Ultramarine’s approach to war. He was a big fan of dakka, the bigger the better. While he did eventually leave the game he played for a long time and is one of the ‘core’ players for the campaign. Due to his seniority/other players generally not wishing to lead the squad he was often left with the thankless task of commanding the merry bad of murderers. Differing ideas on how to conduct themselves led to infrequent arguments between himself and other characters.

Brother Damaskan: Mantis Warrior that played for a few sessions.

Brother Engel: Black Templar that played for a few sessions.

==== KILL TEAM ====

The Kill Team sits in an Aquila lander with their fellow marines as a Navy pilot flies low over the vast plains of Rahas, the world’s valuable crops growing beneath the beast of metal and glass. Over the vox they hear the pilot, “5 Minutes until we reach the outskirts of Weinestadt.”. The day is warm, the summer light and heat entering through the half dome of glass that sits atop the lander, filling the cargo hold with a serene glow.

The engines whine as they power down to rest the Aquila lander upon the open ground near Weinestadt, the ramp lowering to allow the Kill Team to exit. The Squad Leader Cadmus finishes going over the information he’s learned about the Tyranids from conversing with the Inquisitor before standing up and readying his heavy bolter, saying “Here we shall show these foul xenos how badly the’ve erred in drawing the wrath of the Emperor’s Chosen!”. Damaskan echos his sentiments “Agreed, Brother. Let us illuminate them.”

Omniel unfastens his restraints with practices ease, standing to his full height and brandishing his heavy flamer in one cyclopean hand. “This will serve to illuminate them.”. Cadmus nods and descends the ramp, ready for anything. Omniel exits the lander as well, expecting everything up to and including the unexpected, as befits a noble Astartes. Damaskan grins behind his Mark IV helm, and follows his brothers with a chainsword in each hand.

They see a small rural village set around a mighty cave entrance, the lower half obscured by the low lying buildings between them and it. The area is studded with randomly placed hand made hamlets, manufactured hab buildings and nearby they see a shut down and rusted train sitting on tracks headed towards the main city you left from.

Red dirt covers the road, no signs of life are present as the Aquila lander takes off, the pilot unwilling to hang around in a kill zone. Omniel frowns inside his helmet, retrieving his auspex. “I was anticipating a rather warmer welcome. Shall we investigate further?”. Cadmus opines “The villagers may have been killed by the xenos. Let us proceed, and remember to watch your fire around the promethium equipment.”. Engel who until now had been rather quiet in meditation finally steps onwards, his chainsword gripped tight. He stares around in silence before speaking up. “Understood, let us proceed.”

“Defensive pattern 12e Brothers.” Cadmus says as they advance, moving into the center of their formation to cover everyone with his heavy weapon. Omniel stows the heavy flamer on this open ground, forming up with boltgun in one hand and auspex gripped tightly in the other hand. As they advance the Kill Team spots off to their right a rustle in some fields followed by a ping, their visor rune denoting Sinbad has gone yellow with specks of red, a sign of possible enemy contact.

Sinbad voxes “Brothers! We have spotted possible enemy marks. Going to investigate.”. Damaskan whispers the ancient Chogori word for “Preysight”, and begins to scan the area. Cadmus orders “Let us move to back him up if need be.”. Sinbad spots the party from their front right, and rides his doop over to them, “Hail, Brothers. We chased something too here, but it was amazingly fast. Too fast to be human, I feel.”. Engel heads towards Sinbad, sword at the ready. “Then I fear we might yet get some sort of welcome from the xenos.”. Cadmus adds “Some Tyranid types are rather stealthy, so i’m sure they’re waiting ahead.”

Ah yes, the first appearance of a Doop. A large and hardy riding lizard that as it was explained to me looks like an axolotl . It took me a while to get a handle on Doop’s personality, he started off incredibly dumb but as he slowly advanced he reached an average human’s level of intelligence. For the most part he is a lovable doofus.

As they make it to the edge of the village, Sinbad returns upon a mighty beast, his serf riding with him. The grizzled commissar has carapace armour and is wielding a plasma gun of all things, the man looks both serious and very pleased at the moment. Doors and windows swing helplessly on hinges as a soft wind blows between the buildings. If they were lesser men an ominous feeling would flow through them. Omniel asks “House to house? They could be hiding anywhere. A thorough search is the only way to root them out.”. Sinbad states “We are much too large…they would hide as well as they like, knowing we come.”

Damaskan comments “Be alert, Brothers. The xenos love to lay ambushes.” while Cadmus voxes “That would be good, so we know there won’t be any xenos that could attack us from behind before we enter the facility.”. Engel disdainfully adds “Treacherous xenos. They know they would not stand before us in a fair fight.”. Damaskan cracks a grin “Not exactly, Brother. Suprise is one of the deadliest weapons in a warrior’s arsenal, and these xenos use it well.”.

Omniel “There may yet be survivors. I feel that securing the town would serve our mission well, Brother.”. Sinbad reports back his investigations “Brothers…there’s evidence of struggle. There is human blood on the walls, and scratch marks. Long ones.”. Damaskan confirms this with his own sightings “Signs of a xenos committed slaughter.”. Cadmus stumbles upon a more evidence “Agreed, i’ve located some xenos markings in a warehouse leading to a closed section that smells most foul. Form up on me and we shall investigate.”

Sinbad navigates the doop over to Cadmus, flame pistol in one hand as Omniel unslings his heavy flamer once more, in preparation of close quarters fighting. The Apothecary stays back and covers his flamer-equipped brothers. Engel skims around the surroundings not finding anything of note, before turning back to Cadmus. The closed off section is covered by a large metal door that sits on rollers, the warehouse and this door sit 8 meters high at least. The surrounding floor near them is covered in the usual red dust. A sick smell emanates from the edges of the door where it does not seal.

Cadmus orders his brothers forward “Proceed in standard clearing pattern brothers, i have you covered.” as Sinbad inquires into his newly raised serf’s well-being “What is this absurd smell? How are you handling it, Patriclus? You have not the benefit of an enclosed helm.”. They hear the man’s slight wheazing as the less efficient respirators of his carapace helm struggle to match their own, it is likely that he is getting an even worse time of it than they are. “I will survive my Lord Sinbad.”. Engel declares “The stench of the xeno belies its taint. We should hurry and cleanse the area.”

Omniel approaches the door, keeping his heavy flamer at the ready while using his servo-arm to manipulate the door. “On your mark, Brothers.”. Cadmus “Go go go!” Cadmus calls, readying his weapon. Omniel slides the door open all at once, raising the nozzle of his flamer while Sinbad stands in the center of the open door and looks around. As they slide back the door on rusted hinges the scene before them horrifies the Kill Team, a gigantic pod of green and yellow chitin sits before the marines, tentacles protruding from its flanks, its thick carapace slick with slime.

Sinbad shouts “Holy Throne, some sort of demon!”. Engel at command steps quickly inside, its chainsaw roaring to life only to stop as he makes out the shape of whatever lied inside. “What is…this?”. The astute Cadmus informs the group “Caution Brothers, that’s a mycetic spore, a transportation pod for tyranid vanguard elements.”. Two of the tentacles from the 7 meter tall monster lash out, the first deftly dodged by Omniel, the second scoring a hit across his left arm. Omniel grits his teeth as the tentacle lashes his armour but its attacks seem to be no match for his strengthened frame.

Cadmus calls out “Keep back Brothers, let the flamers do their job!”. The overzealous Engel rushes at the spore, his chainblade roaring to life once more. “I’ll take that xeno scumb down! For the emperor!”, his weapons scores a light groove in the tough chitinous hide that surrounds the monstrosity. Sinbad points out the nature of the beast “This monstrosity was meant to survive the Void and planetfall… Elder Brother, our blades may be ineffective!”. The Black Templar admits his failure “Curses, it seems so! It’s hide is sturdier than I thought!”.

The studious Apothecary points out “Hmm, this is stranger Brothers. These spores usually decompose soon after they land. It lasting this long is strange.”. Sinbad shouts “It dies, either way, now!”. Damaskan charges the pod, his two chainswords increasing from a quiet hum to a eagle’s scream. Damaskan’s lightning strikes penetrate the thick chitin, expelling vicious fluids that bubble on the concrete floor. The thing writhes as it’s lifeblood is taken by the Mantis Warrior. Sinbad draws his chainsword with his free hand, and fires his flame pistol into the spore.

10[23:22] * Cadmus makes sure to keep an eye on the wharehouse entrance in case the xenos try to flank them while he opens up on the pod with his bolter, the roar deafening in the warehouse. Cadmus’ weapon opens huge holes in the Gargantuan beast, the explosive bolts tearing open the still writhing beast to reveal its interior, a pool of liquid filled with the corpses of humans half decomposed.

Damaskan “We are located at the warehouse, Brother! A Mycetic Spore crashed inside! Follow the sounds of battle!” voxes Bellerophon their position. The Dark Angel Apothercary incredulously wonders “..Dead humans?” as Arkias snarls “Such a foul thing.”. Bellerophon clomps along, tuning his autosenses for the freqeuncy spectrum of bolter reports and murder. Sinbad declares "Brothers, all!! Let this abomination know Holy Fire! “It has tasted of Mankind’s flesh for it’s own sustenance!”

Omniel stoically does not vomit in his helmet, even though that vagina thing is really, really disgusting. Raising his heavy flamer, he lets loose on the beast, dousing the general area with fire. The promethium licks at the Tyranid’s wounds, a strange squelching sound followed by a fluttering of its tentacles in a display of automatic response to pain.

My use of the this picture to give the team a reference to its size/shape led to the spore being dubbed as the “vagina monster”

As Omniel’s flame burst subsides as a warehouse wall nearby is torn to tatters as Arkias and Bellerophon charge through, Bellerophon shouting “OHHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAHHH!”. The Storm Crusader shouts encouragement from nearby “Lay into the beast, brothers!”. Bellerophon stops with a skid, pushes the safety button on his Heavy Bolter from ‘Safer’ to ‘Terminator’ and unloads on the spore. The weapon roars like an angry god of ancient myth, blasting away huge portions of the beast.

“This. Thing. BURRRRRNNS!” Arkias roars as he holds his psy focus high, the skull’s sockets staring blankly. Suddenly Arkias stiffens, energy crackling through the wires of his hood. Arkias reaches out, and flames gush into and through the pod. Arkias’ warp flame engulfs the beast, working with the promethium already spilled upon it to dissolve and collapse the spore. As the flames retract back to Arkias’ hands the warp rushes through him blanketing the Kill Team with visions of worlds wrought of impossible angles, ancient beasts that prowl the immaterium and a hollow laugh echos through their thoughts.

Perils, WP checks for everyone nearby! The first corruption points for the campaign are handed out.

Sinbad shouts at the top of his voice as he attempts to shield Patriclus’ mortal flesh from the psychic flood “STEEL YOURSELVES, BROTHERS!”. Cadmus stands firm in the face of a momentary glimpse of the warp. “Brother Arkias, again??” Cadmus says in annoyance. “Purity check, Brothers!” Sinbad calls out as he renavigates the doop around the party, “Who is our Lord Most High? Tell me!”. Arkias shudders, hands dropping to his side “The…Emperor. He is our father… and protector.”. Engel grasps his head tightly before letting out a moan “Argh…Warp Trickery…Behind my eyes”.

Sinbad rushes the doop over to Engel, “Elder Brother, tell me, how pure are you still?”. Arkias interrupts as his own private struggle continues “Begone, beast!”. The faithful Sinbad continues his faith triage, “Wrestle the demons’ lies!” before checking on his own charge “Patriclus, how fare you?!” as he whirls around at the waist, surveying the physical and mental damage around him.

Patriculus falls to his knees screaming, before reciting the litanies he learnt at the schola “God Emperor our shield, praise his holy word, fear is the mind killer, fear is the path of damnation, show no fear and stand tall as he commands.” He slowly rises to his feet, he looks at Arkias with a sense of disgust. Sinbad pulls Patriclus back up onto the doop, “Good…good. Your faith, let the Litanies re-affirm it… ‘Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.’”. The visions retreat from their minds as their pious words fill the empty warehouse.

Sinbad does one more check around the group before announcing “Good, good! …Brother Leader, we are still whole! Our next orders!”. Cadmus checks the pod to see if it was a pure xenos strain “One moment, let me check the pod’s remains.”.

Engel staggers slightly, gripping his chainsword. His stare fixed on the psyker before taking a deep breath. “No luck with this. Let us continue clearing the village brothers.” Cadmus says, standing from his crouch.

Damaskan shouts “He beckons me to join him and his company of the Damned!” as he stands warily. Sinbad moves over to Damaskan “Are you whole in mind, Brother?” as the stern Cadmus adds “Calm yourself Brother!”. Their honored Librarian informs him “The Warp offers only lies and trickery! Know it for what it is.”. Sinbad continues “The witc—…Brother Psyker says the truth. Deny the Lies, and Re-Affirm your wholeness.”. Finally Damaskan comes around “Worry not, brothers. The lies of the Tyrant of Badab do not sway me from the Emperor’s Light. Not now, not ever!”

The vigilant Omniel asks “How many were inside that thing? There may yet be survivors elsewhere…”. Sinbad replies “Who knows, Brother Techmarine…but I dislike it. Something was obviously feeding it…. It could not move on its own to sustain itself on manflesh.”. Engel walks next Damaskan, still clutching his head in one hand, “That is right remember what you stand for brother, let your faith remain unshaken…” He finally glares at the psyker “Those who play with the forces of the warp can only offer corruption and chaos.”

Arkias tries to placate his fellows “I misjudged the currents, and reached too far. I know where my loyalties lie. It will not happen again.”. The religious Sinbad reminds Arkias of his limits while shielding him from Engel’s and Damaskan’s anger, “It was purged. That is what is important. Know your place, Psyker, as you have in the past. Elder Brother, he has aided us before, despite his warp-play. Judge not while he still fights uncorrupted.”. He continues to circle the tense situation on the slick movement of the doop

Engel replies “…Very well. I shall save my judgment for now. Until the xeno is scourged and we put the souls of those lost at rest”. The chastised Librarian apologises “I will report myself for purity sweeping upon the conclusion of this mission. Until then, we have xenos to kill.”

Cadmus refocuses the team, “Let us continue on brothers, our minds are strong and the mission calls.”. Sinbad asks “Brother Cadmus, permission to go to the entrance and guard?” to which the squad leader replies “We’ll be moving out shortly, but go and scout ahead. Not too far though.”. Sinbad nods before holstering his flame pistol and mag-sheathes his chainsword, and drives his doop outside. Omniel comments “Let us hope that not every building contains one of those, Brothers.”

Cadmus moves out shortly after Sinbad who is stationary outside, scanning the area with his mind-auger. Omniel follows Cadmus out of the warehouse, once again readying his bolter. Sinbad filled with a doubtful inflection comments “Village is empty, at least from auspex augury…”. Damaskan declares “Then the tunnels await us.”. The recovered Engel walks outside of the warehouse taking a deep breath, “I am ready brothers”

Cadmus orders them onwards “Let’s go. The xenos are assured to be waiting for us Brothers, be ready for ambushes at all times once we’re inside.”. The team rattle off a chorus of acknowledgement. Arkias’ mind reaches out once more, tentatively to see what Sinbad’s mechanical sensors cannot perceive, “Team-Leader…there is something directly beneath us.”. Cadmus asks “Something alive?” as Sinbad whirls around to stare at Arkias in incredulity “Throne, what?”.

Arkias “Yes…yes…it is deep below. It’s…clicking?”. Engel having enough of this warp warrior is more direct “Explain yourself, witch. What is this you speak about?”. Omniel, the Dark Angel Techmarine follows the information to a logical conclusion “Are there tunnels beneath us?”. Cadmus tries to rationalize like his brother Omniel, “Easy, Brother Engel. Arkias is probably hearing the xenos creature that is controlling the lesser ones.”. Arkias shakes his head, “I sense a presence directly beneath us, some distance down. For it to register so readily…”

Cadmus commands “It must be something powerful, i guess. Fix it’s position in your mind, and we will go show it how loyal servants of the Emperor welcome invaders.”. The human Patriclus looks around incredulously at the psyker’s claims. “So…to find the thing beneath us…we should find a tunnel or cave of some sort? Or does securing the refinery take precedence?” Sinbad says for Patriclus’ benefit.

Damaskan states “One follows the other, Brother.” to which Cadmus nods in agreement “Agreed. We aren’t leaving until both are accomplished.”. “Well, then…Where next? His Highness desires his Work be Done.” asks the Storm Crusader. The Mantis Warrior comments “We cannot fully secure the refinery without elimnating whatever higher intellegence seized it in the first place.” to which Bellerophon suggests “If we were to retake the refinery, perhaps we could prompt a response.”.

“Agreed, into the tunnels we go.” Cadmus says, starting for the main entrance. Bellerophon, a veteran of Tyranid hunts argues that “A counterattack would expose the true breadth of the infestation.”. Arkias continuing to feel with his warp enhanced senses comments “This may be of little consolation…but the presence I sense is too spread out, too…sporatic to be a single intelligence.”. “Then let us proceed and wipe them out. The emperor wills our success…Least the xeno corrupts His worlds away.” says the Black Templar

“Into the breach, brothers?” asks the Ultramarine. “Into the Hellmouth, that His Will be done.” Sinbad affirms. “Agreed, let’s move.” Cadmus says before starting in. As they approach the entrance the Kill Team sees discarded equipment, lascutters, hand-held drills and the like. Two small tracks for a ore cart run out of the entrance, going to the nearby rusty cargo train. their visors shift to a hazy green to provide an accurate view of the interior.

Bellerophon turns on his helmet-torch and moves in, the light bobbing up and down as does so. Cadmus orders “Let our brothers with flamers preceed you, Brother.”. Sinbad moves to the front of the group with the Commissar, flame pistol in one hand, at Cadmus’ mention, Bellerophon let’s them pass. No need to have the purging flame cleanse him. The tunnel breaks off into 4 different directions but the one in front stops abruptly, a massive shaft for a elevator visible but lacking an elevator to transport you.

“No elevatus…” Sinbad states while Damaskan smartly comments “If this mine fed into that train, that means that the train has been inoperative for months. Thus, the Xenos may have had much time to entrench themselves. Be on guard.”. Cadmus replies “Or the equipment was poorly maintained.” while he pulls out his cartograph and consults his maps of the mine. Omniel approaches the elevator shaft, having been in contact with the local Mechanicus before hand “This is our way down, according to the tunnel plans.”.

10[00:54] * Omniel inspects the mechanisms, readying his combi-tool in anticipation of some much-needed maintenance, he naturally performs the holy rite of button-pressing first. Cadmus orders “Brothers, spread out and cover Omniel while he works.”. Sinbad turns the doop about, and watches the pervading darkness while Cadmus moves to cover the elevatus pit incase something comes up with the car. The Mantis Warrior starts scanning between the tunnels, watching for movement as Bellerophon turns and plants himself in the ground, weapon at the ready.

The button causes no reaction from the holy equipment, Omniel continues his work “Maintenance may be required. Have patience, Brothers.”. The Techmarine is a flurry of clanking machinery, his bionically-augmented hands making sweet sweet love to the elevator’s most tender and secret of mechanisms. His combi-tool works in and out, lubricated with holy machine oil as he whispers hot, husky litanies of faith into the machine spirit’s ear. Arkias notes “Your devotion to your task does you credit, Techmarine.”

There were a fair few chuckles in OOC at Omniel’s description.

After a lot of work, Omniel pulls some cables from a nearby box. Sifting through them before reattaching them and giving a short power boost from his own backpack, bringing the elevator to life. “It…does indeed.” Engel says as he stares in awe as the elevatus goes up. Omniel dusts his hands off, sighing in a satisfied fashion. “My apologies for the wait, Brothers. We may embark now.”

A series of compliments from the team are made as they wait. After many minutes the elevatus arrives with a clank, its doors open to invite them in. Arkias declares it clear as Cadmus asks “Does the car look sturdy, Omniel?”. Damaskan gently tests the strength of the elevatus’ deck, Bellerophon looks at the elevatus with hesitation and Omniel peers into the elevatus car curiously. Luckily it holds their weight easily, clearly designed to hold large amount of heavy cargo.

Somehow the players were quite paranoid about ‘elevator falls, party dies’ :P

Omniel enters the elevatus, motioning for the others to follow “It will do, Brothers.”. Bellerophon steps into the elevatus while Cadmus moves onto the car and stands in the center. Arkias follows, boltgun held in both hands with the barrel pointed at the ground. Damaskan waits until his brothers have entered the elevator, covering them until they do so.

Arkias inquires “Brother-Techmarine…is there another entrance?” to which Omniel replies “None, Brother-Librarian. This elevatus is the only way down.”. Omniel adds after a moment, “Well, It is not unthinkable that Xenos might have created an alternate way down. By tunnelling, perhaps.”. Cadmus asks after the Librarians earlier findings, “Arkias, do you have a rough idea of how deep those contacts were?”.

Engel steps into the Elevatus and looks remains akwardly silent while Arkias responds “I would not risk another probe so soon, Team-leader, but they were scattered across 300 and 500 units.”. Damaskan sees that they have entered the elevatus, and backs in to join them. Cadmus voxes his brother Dark Angel, “How deep is the promethium refinery Omniel?”. The half machine Omniel replies “452.5671 meters, precisely.”

As they engage the elevator the Kill Team descend slowly, the meters slowly clicking by. Cadmus “I hear clicking Brothers, expect company.”. A concerned Arkias asks “Confirm contact, Team-Leader?”, Cadmus clarifies “Nothing yet, just noises.”, Arkias turns from side to side, boltgun raised. The stoic Omniel adds “I believe that is the elevatus. Its moving parts require additional lubrication.”. Cadmus is cool as a cucumber waiting for the inevitable attack.

Arkias questions further “Have we no way to placate its machine spirit? The noise would shield any am-” before being interrupted by Omniel “Brothers, can you hear that? I am detecting another noise.” who readies his auspex. Engel starts to hear disturbances as well “Huh…I could swear I hear…”, he slowly gets on one knee, trying to listen to something below. Omniel calmly places the auspex away and readies his heavy flamer, servo-arm uncurling.

The Elevator nears its destination, slowing down to begin its halting procedure. Damaskan describes his own perceptions “I hear a blade. It is being dragged on something, and it keeps skipping….” to which Arkias responds “Nay, brother. It is as the anvils of the Chapter forge…” before shaking his head “Prepare for resistance.”. The Elevator comes to a halt the chain fence style door sliding up to allow the Kill Team to exit.

Now within the promethium refinery Omniel reminds the team “Remember, we are nearing the facility now. Discipline.”. A wide tunnel opens up before them, pitch black but illuminated by their visors and lamps. Damaskan cautiously disembarks as Omniel follows, covering him with the heavy flamer. Arkias follows, boltgun raised. Bellerophon follows the three, ready to protect the flanks. He scans the tunnel before stepping out while shining his torchlight to its best effect.

The Black Templar comments “I…Believe I saw something brothers. We should thread with care.”, “Understood, be wary of attacks from behind.” Cadmus says as they proceed. Its… empty, the lamps play across the walls, long marks of blades that run across them are revealed but no Tyranids are in visual range. Arkias points out the obvious “This is not the work of miners.” to which Cadmus replies “Agreed. They’ve been altering the tunnels.”

A confused Engel asks “But…to what end?”, Veteran Tyranid hunter Bellerophon suggests “Making it more hospitable to their foul biology?”. Arkias graps the gilded, carved skull in one hand, “Their spoor…clouds these depths.”. Engel continues his conversation with the Ultramarine “That we cannot allow. For them to twist and corrupt that which belongs to man”. Omniel points down the tunnel. “The generator is this way, Brothers. We should make haste. The less time spent down here, the better.”, “Agreed, the faster we clear this facility, they quicker we can move to hit the xenos elsewhere.” Cadmus declares.

Omniel takes point, leading at a measured pace down the tunnel. Two tunnels open up the Kill Team’s right, the first on the right and the second …from above… Arkias tightens his grip on the psy focus, straining the reinforced bone token “These thing are beyond foul…”. Cadmus trains his gun upwards while Bellerophon twists his body and heavy bolter upwards, just in case. A substance drips from the lip of the above tunnel, falling to the floor in a repeating cadence.

Arkias looks upwards, boltgun raised as Damaskan questions Omneil “Brother, which way to the generator?”, the Techmarine points to the first right turn. “Here.”.
Bellerophon observes the dripping, “What is this foul substance?”. Cadmus carefully moves to take a quick scan of the substance, the Ultramrine covers the Apothecary while he works. Suddenly, Engel is pulled 5 meters behind to the left, dragged through the air in the space of a second.

A chorus of “Brother!” is shouted across the vox as Cadmus orders them “After him brothers!”. The still alive Engel shouts his own protests “Argh! What trickery is this?! The xeno…it…”. Engel feels the rush of air as something flies past his head, embedding in the ground to no effect upon him “Argh, what the..”. Arkias breaks into a run, boltgun raised “After it!”, “Brother Engel. Come in!” he hisses as he runs.

In a flash the presence vanishes from his side. Omniel calls out “Brothers, remain calm. Do not leave visual contact.”. Bellerophon plays his light across the tunnel, seeing a hazy outline of something that quickly leaves his field of view. Engel tries to get on his knees, grasping still his chainsword. “Where did…Show yourself filthy xeno!”. Bellerophon scans the room with autosenses and torch, “There, brothers!”. Arkias swivels around, boltgun raised.

Bellerophon tries to track the outline as it skitters in and out view as Omniel raises his heavy flamer. “Brother-Leader, what are your orders?”. Cadmus replies “Everyone cover one another, the xenos are here, we just can’t see them well.”. Bellerophon flicks a switch on his heavy bolter, changing the feedlines from regular bolter shell to blessed Hellfire rounds. Arkias raises his boltgun in both hands.

They are left surrounding Engel, two huge dents in the ground next to him, the sound of its skittering soon fades down the winding tunnel. Engel gives his status report “I am…I am fine brothers. But I fear the xeno has returned to the shadows.”. “It will return.” Arkias says grimly, “And the enemy is aware of our presence, if it was not before.”. Omniel optimistically states “We will be ready for it next time.”

Cadmus keeps the squad on their objective “Form up and let’s move on.”. Engel adds to Omniels comment “Yes…That was the last foul play that xeno ever did.” while a more cautious Arkias replies “That remains to be seen. These creatures are cunning.”. Omniel sticks to his logic, “We’ve seen these Tyranids bleed before. If they bleed, we can kill them.”

Arkias, taking the pessimists view says “Where the Tyranids are concerned, nuclear cleansing is the only way to be certain.”. Omniel takes point again, re-orienting himself to the first rightwards tunnel towards the generator once more. Moving on, they approach the first tunnel to the right and follow it onwards. Before moving on Cadmus inspects the substance falling from the ceiling, it bubbles on the floor, hissing and letting off a slight trail of vapor off it itself as it eats into the ground.

The Predator and Aliens quotes had the group both in stitches and groans.

“Acid of some kind.” Cadmus says, not touching it. The Librarian asks “Of Tyranid origin?” to which the Apothecary replies “Naturally.”. Arkias sneers “The infestation spreads.” while a now very eager for revenge Engel states “Then let’s proceed, we got some Tyranids to kill”. To which Arkias announces “Vigilance is the zeal of the wise.”.

They turn down the first tunnel on the right, the sounds of beasts echoing through the tunnel as they move. “On your guard brothers, i’m sure that creature will be back.” Cadmus says as he sweeps the area. Omniel stoically states “We will be ready if it returns. The objective lies this way.”. The tunnel angles further downwards, loose rocks sit abandoned on the tunnel floor and a faint gust of wing blows on their backs. Sinbad reigns in the doop scanning about the darkness “These loose stones…do they have any discernible trail?”. Bellerophon inspects the rocks, maniupulating his autosenses.

Omniel begins down the tunnel at a measured pace while Cadmus follows, since he has the maps. Bellerophon looks at rocks and determines those rocks are rocks. Sinbad asks “No good, Brother?”, Bellerophon responds “Nothing.” eliciting a curse from Sinbad before Bellerophon comments “Perhaps if I…”

a pretty horrible set of perception rolls…

like a termites nest, tunnels large and small branch off in different directions throughout the journey. Bellerophon recalibrates his visor, looks at the correct rocks. Sinbad ‘s doop absentmindedly eats some stones from off the ground, getting a slap from Sinbad. Bellerophon calls for the Kill Team’s attention “Observe, brothers.”, he shines his torchlight on the scratch marks pointing in the direction they’re headed.

“Found something, Brother?” Cadmus says, following the direction of his light to which the Ultramarine replies “Perhaps dislodged by some foul xenomorph.”. Sinbad asks “Wait…question. …How do we tell if they go forwards or backwards?” while he raises his hand innocently. Omniel backs his query up “That is a good question.”.

Bellerophon declares “The direction implies movement congruent with ours.”. Omniel keeps his heavy flamer at the ready as he carries on down the tunnel, having the schematics in memory. Cadmus nods “Makes sense. For all their foulness, these xenos are not mindless gluttons.”. As they turn to take the third left to make their way to the power generator the Kill Team hears skittering. However Cadmus spots two multi-limbed genestealers approaching stealthily from behind while Omniel spots two to the front and Sinbad spots one to the right.

Cadmus voxes “Here’s our welcoming comittee Brothers, let’s give them a warm welcome.” recieving a curt reply from Omniel “Understood.”. Cadmus also spots out the corner of his helms vision two more dropping from overhead “Two more from above!”. Sinbad shouts “Patriclus, arms up! The enemy comes to us!”

Bellerophon leans into his firing stance to aim down his assisted targeting sights at the two genestealers in front of them, and pulls the trigger, sending a Hellfire round downrange, blasting chucks of ichor from one of their sickeningly xenos bodies. The other skittering out of the way of the blast.

“Purge the alien…” Arkias murmurs, raising the engraved skull icon in one power-armoured hand, “LET THEM BURN!”. The warp flame leaps forth to harrass the two at the front but they move with preternatural speed and skitter out of the way, “Be still and be purged, xenos!” Arkias snarls in frustration, psychic hood still humming.

Cadmus curt hands out engagement orders “I will handle above. Omniel, the ones behind. Bell and Arkias, the 2 in front. Sinbad and Patriclus, the last one.” as he opens up on one of the genestealers above. The Apothecary in a Dark Angels robe raises his heavy bolter and holds down the trigger as two attempt to drop from above, the bolts quickly turns them both into chucks of chitin that fall around the devastating Apothecary. Cadmus smiles beneath his helmet at his handywork.

Sinbad draws his bolter with his right hand, and lets loose into the one genestealer approaching from the right “Die, xenos infidel!”. The genestealer dodges the first bolt but Sinbad’s near perfect accuracy slams three more home, blowing the beast apart and sending mulit-jointed limbs flying through the tunnel.

Omniel lets loose with the promethium filled tanks of his heavy flamer damaging the two to the rear and setting one of them on fire which screeches as its body is turned crispy. Patriclus aims at the genestealer to the rear not on fire and sends two superheated plasma shots at the beast. His aim is true to form and hits the monster in the neck and head, evaporating it’s upperbody as it slumps to the floor. Sinbad shouts in excitement “Hahahahah! Good show, man!”

Cadmus manages to evade the slashing claws of a stealer he didn’t see, his body reacting on instinct while Arkias is almost overcome by the shrieking xenos that charged him and sent a flurry of blows bypassing much of his armour. Omniel is similarly assaulted by the genestealer still on fire from his previous attack, his power armour little use against the diamond sharp claws.

Bellerophon turns around, stomps his lead foot into the cave and opens up on the genestealers groping his brothers. The fusillade miraculously avoids hitting Arkias and slaughters the two genestealers assaulting the psyker before Bellerophon blows the smoke off the barrel.

“My thanks, Brother!” Arkias calls, turning and gesturing as he does so. The Blood Raven sends a bolt of lightning that wash over the genestealer next to Cadmus but dosen’t inflict anything but an angry temperament out of the xenos breed. “Burn and die!” Arkias roars, “In His name!”.

Cadmus stows his heavy bolter and in a split second his bolt pistol is roaring in the face of the genestealer that attempted to attack him from behind. The bolt rounds blast away the wretched thing’s body and it slumps to the floor at his feet. Cadmus twirls the pistol around his finger in celebration.

“For the Throne! Our God Is Great!”, Sinbad charges the doop into the remaining genestealer, chainsword in his free hand but the Genestealer ducks low as Sinbad’s strike flies overhead missing the burning creature. Omniel stoically grits his teeth and merely adopts a defensive position, not budging an inch as the creature assaults him once more, “The Dark Angels do not yield in the face of battle!”.

The genestealer ignores the spacemarines words, its actions totally focused upon the evisceration of its prey. ducking and weaving it manages to score a direct hit on Omniel’s right arm sliding through the armour and gouging a deep cut.

The Kill Team hear a muffled roar of outrage from the carapace enclosed commissar as he sees his adopted lords taking grievous wounds and fires another two shots of superheated plasma that rip the legs and body out from underneath the offending monstrosity. Sinbad tries resist the urge to stare at Patriclus in incredulity, for doing what two Astartes could not, “Good….good man. The Emperor smiles upon us.”

Patriclus nailed his rolls, using a dark heresy plasma gun. Soon becoming a mascot for Sinbad whose player was convinced, as was I, that the mortal would not survive a single mission.

“Status?” Arkias pants after a long moment, one hand limp at his side. “Excellent shooting Commissar. Now, let’s tend to your wounds.” Cadmus says, moving to treat Arkias and Omniel. The Commissar gives a quick bow and tries to maintain good over-watch on nearby tunnels.

Cadmus quickly patches us his brothers, and then proceeds to check the xenos corpses, looking for a mostly-intact one. Sinbad drives the doop over to the first genestealer he killed “There’s a lot of holes in this one, but I think it’s alright.”, Arkias follows, warily looking down each tunnel. Sinbad holds up his genestealer like a pock-marked puppet, and jiggles it about while driving over to Cadmus.

“Is this alright, Brother Leader?” Sinbad continues to jiggle the genestealer corpse about. “Brother, you’re getting xeno everywhere.” Arkias says with some irritation, brushing acidic blood from his arm parchment. Sinbad mimics a falsetto before continuing “Oh, witch-marine, you are so scary with your Warp-flames like a spirit, oh I’m so scared!” before jiggling the corpse like a puppet.

Cadmus snorts in laughter while an unimpressed Arkias adds “Amusing, Brother Sinbad.”. Omniel maintaining his focus comments “Retain your composure, Brothers. There may yet be more Xenos afoot.”. Sinbad asks “In seriousness though, what is a good sample? Even this one is one of the better corpses we have, and it’s still barely holding itself together.”. He holds the corpse over to Cadmus, awaiting his inspection, “Still better this than that one xenos abomination of a drop pod.”

Arkias turns, mind stretching out… before he frowns, jerking back slightly “The hive’s stench clouds this place.”. Sinbad mocks “Sense something?”. “It is not what I sense, blunt-marine,” Arkias snaps “It is what I cannot. The stain covers all.”. Sinbad continues “On my planet, we used citrus fruits for that.”.

“Hmm, it’s pretty degraded. Let’s hang onto it in case we don’t find something better” Cadmus says after giving the body a once over. Sinbad without skipping a beat “Or bitterwater.”. Arkias frowning says “Your levity does you, and your Chapter, no credit.” before Cadmus cuts them both off “Enough, let’s move on.”

Omniel informs the group “We still need to reach the generator, but we’re close now.” before Cadmus adds “Same place and formation as before. Lead on Omniel.”. Sinbad picks up the corpse, and compresses it slightly to fit into one of the doop’s saddle bags and falls in behind Omniel, Immolation Rifle in one hand.

Omniel nods and moves on again, taking a moment to get his bearings before continuing on “This way, Brothers.” .Cadmus follows along while Arkias takes up position directly behind Omniel, boltgun and focus in hand. Continuing down the tunnel, leaving corpses in their wake the Kill Team makes it to their final turn in the journey to the power generator.

Arkias voxes “Target sighted.” as Omniel raises his auspex quietly, scanning the area. A single life sign pings back from in the room through the slashed heavy steel doors that separate them from the power generator control room, the darkness beyond unyielding to their vision as they approach. The Techmarine makes his report “Brothers, there is something within. A single life-sign. Brother-Leader, how should we proceed?”

Sinbad comments “I dislike this. The xenos know surely of our coming, and have fortified the area.” while Arkias remarks “More likely, it is an ambush.”. Cadmus orders the team in “Let us set up to breach the room together Brothers. And remember to avoid damaging the machinery inside.”

A cautious Arkias comments “Team Leader, we should be wary. Does the Codex not state to engage the enemy on a field of your choosing?” but Cadmus’ hands are tied “I understand that, but we need to take that room.”. Sinbad readies his Immolation Rifle again “Either way, we are ready. " while Arkias raises his boltgun “Understood. By your command, team-leader…For Chapter and Emperor!”

Cadmus moves into position, motioning Omniel to go first since he has the flamer. His brother Dark Angel nods, and enters the room with his flamer at the ready, prepared to blast anything that looks like a Tyranid. With a shout from Cadmus they breach the room “Go go go!”. Arkias is next, with Sinbad close on his heels. Cadmus follows in close behind, heavy bolter at the ready.

As they enter the Kill Team sees stack upon stack of power generators in front of them like city blocks, narrow paths for maintenance crews are the only space between them, off to the far left they spot the end of a set of cogitator stacks. The Librarian points out “Our foe hides. Be wary.” while Omniel calmly states “This terrain is not to our advantage.”

The entire room is silent and dark, nothing seems to stir in the room as they enter. Arkias asks “Brother-Techmarine, does your auspex tell of the foe?” as Cadmus focuses on achieving their objective “Very true. Where do we need to go to reactivate all this, Omniel?”. The Techmarine turns his head down and consults his Auspex once more.

Sinbad has picked up something on his auger though, “Problem. Five contacts inbound. Five from the tunnel, five scattered about the room.”. A vindicated Arkias adds “An ambush, as expected.”. Bellerophon questions “Are they small or large problems?”. A troubled Sinbad replies “Can’t tell. Brother Techmarine, what do you read?”

Cadmus reverts to combat doctrine, “Do you detect somewhere we could use as a chokepoint?”. Arkias comments on the fact they are standing in a doorway, “This location would do well, Team-Leader.” as Sinbad finally narrows his sensors “To mine own augur…they’re all human-sized. And five yet are still scattered within this chamber.”

Bellerophon consults his own auspex. in the hopes it will shed better detail while Omniel replies over his static laced vox “Brother Sinbad, my auspex is only detecting one large signal.”. Sinbad somewhat unnerved “…I dislike this intensely. Brother…Psyker! Ready by the door with me! We shall trail near the end of the formation, holding the flanks. Is that alright, Brother Cadmus?”.

Arkias unhappy at being ordered by the religious fanatic replies “Know your place, Blunt. Brother.” gaining a clipped response from Sinbad “As to you. Brother.”. Cadmus orders the team once more while moving to cover the door. “Let’s set up to hold this door, and then we’ll figure out how to reactivate all this once we don’t have to worry about being surrounded.”

Omniel nods “Agreed. The door will make a better strong point.” as he begins withdrawing from the room, placing his auspex away so that he can ready the heavy flamer once more. Arkias tightens his grip on the skull and begins to murmur a litany of focus. Bellerophon’s auspex provides no relief “Bad news brothers.” as Cadmus orders the Storm Crusader “Sinbad, keep an eye out for any xenos approaching us through the room.”. Sinbad agrees in a grunt through the com web.

As he reaches the door Omniel spot 5 genestealers sprinting towards him. The Ultramarine Devestator announces “You are all right. To the door.”. Omniel declares with a deep mechanical rumble “Genestealers, Brothers!”. Arkias turns, skull-focus raised as Cadmus moves up to the door and readies his bolter.

BURRRRRNNNNN!” Arkias roars. Omniel pours flame down the corridor they came from, burning three of the five xenos causing a fair amount of damage and dousing one of them so thoroughly that it is set alight. Arkias clutches the skull token and raises it as though to show to the xenos “For it is written that the alien loathes the smoke of the pure flame!”. Arkias focuses a expanding flame that washes over the xenos and takes three down and heavily damages the two on either end of the group charging forwards at Omniel.

Sinbad readies a frak grenade, and lobs it through the doorway at the advancing xenos, the explosion sends shards of metal at the two beasts but for the most part the damage is shrugged off without much effort. Bellerophon turns to the higher priority and establishes Overwatch “Brothers, you will have the stragglers. I will meet the xenoforms from the room.”. Cadmus turns and covers the room with Bell.

As two strange looking barbed hooks shoot out from the darkness at Patriclus, Sinbad move with preternatural speed to intercept them, hacking them off with a single chop of his ceremite clad forearm. A screech of pain echos through the room as what is left of the tendrils quickly shoot back into the darkness. Patriclus looks up in amazement as Sinbad saves him from certain death at the hand of the vile xenos breeds hiding in the darkness.

“Lictor!” shouts Arkias as Sinbad roars “I’VE GOT YO—INSHALLAH WHAT IS THIS XENOS?!”. Cadmus instantly opens up along the path that the hooks shot from. Bellerophon follows suit, though to less effect than expected. As the heavy bolters shots probe the darkness they see sparks coming off of the power generators and hear the inhuman howls of pain from the creature that attacked patriclus.

Sinbad’s player, distraught at losing his Commissar when he had made it so far asked if he could burn a fate point to prevent the mortal from being taken. I allowed it and the pair of heavy bolter totting marines fired at the beast with -30 to their BS test due to the darkness/no visual. Managing to damage it and the surrounding power generators, but more importantly they used up their precious overwatch for this turn.

“There’s more where that came from, you xenos coward!” Cadmus mocks as Arkias declares “Camoflague is the colour of cowardice!”. Bellerophon remains quiet, Tyranids don’t speak high gothic. The two burnt genestealers charge Omniel, a flash of a claw and his right leg is torn, making a mockery of the Kill Teams armour once more.

Arkias shouts “Know when you are beaten, XENOS!”. As the rest of the team covers the room suddenly bursting from behind power generators five genestealers and a larger more imposing genestealer crawl over the generators or through the narrow corridors and leap at the frontal guard kill team.

“Team-leader, by your command…” Arkias murmurs, concentrating intently. Cadmus nods “You have approval you unleash your full power Arkias.”. The genestealers manage to wound both Cadmus and Sinbad with their razor sharp claws, most of the attackers however are deftly parried or dodged by the liquid fast kill team.

Patriclus, seeing his master hurt by one of the xenos lets out a muffled roar “DARE TOUCH HIS HOLY SONS AND YOU SHALL BE DESTROYED BY RIGHTEOUS FURY” before he fills the stealer with plasma and it disintegrates on the spot. Sinbad face is a mixture of joy and confusion as the mortal man destroys the hated xenos better than he can, hidden behind his beaked helm.

Omniel with a wir of gears along with a more human grunt sends a set of furious blows with his real and mechanical extremities but fails to kill the genestealer assaulting him. Sinbad maneuvers away from the hideous monstrosity attacking his small group “The Light of the Emperor burn you, foul thing!”.

Bellerophon drops a hand to his leg, quickly pulls out his bolt pistol, and dumps a trio of bolt shells into the closest genestealer’s body. The shots punch through the right thigh and abdomen of the genestealer, it’s hissing cries soon silenced as it dies on the rock floor.

Cadmus whips out his pistol and fires a burst at the stealer closest to him but it is too quick and he only manages to graze one of this enemy combatants. Arkias shouts at the top of his lungs “I swore an oath, creature! You shall not make an oathbreaker of me this day! No Brother falls! NO. BROTHER. FALLS!”. The Librarian sends a blast of energy that envelopes the broodlord before he blinks out of existence, leaving the kill team a man short for awhile.

Perils of the Warp! Poor Arkias suffers Chronological Incontinence, gainging 1d5 Insanity and 1d5 permanent Toughness damage, Ouch.

Cadmus comments “…That is strange even for Arkias.” while an angry Sinbad shouts “Where in the Flamehells did he go? Has he retreated?!”. The calm and stoic Omniel states “He simply disappeared. This does not bode well.”. Out of the darkness a hunter emerges with chameleonic-like skin, mantis-like claws and scything talons. It’s mouth covered in feeder tendrils, the tall and lithe creature charges at Patriclus but misjudges his position badly and the his lightning fast strike goes wide.

Sinbad swears “Holy Throne…!” as Omniel bravely holds the doorway by himself the hurt genestealers unable to make it past the stoic dark angel holding the narrow passageway into the room. The two genestealer’s attacking the Apothercary bear down on the weakened Cadmus, knocking him to the ground before they sniff the air and turn towards new targets. More shouts of disbelief from Sinbad “Noooo! You accursed wretches!” as Cadmus coraks “Forgive me Lion.” before passing out.

The large genestealer chases after sinbad and his mount but the oversized lizard manages to evade the careful strikes. Patriclus stows his plasma gun as the Lictor bears down on him, drawing his bolt pistol but the creature contemptuously evades the heavy rounds spewed by the pistol.

Sinbad’s doop skitters across the rock floor to end up right next to Omniel as the broodlord is left in the middle of the defensive circle. Omniel draws his bolt pistol and sprays it at the two burnt genestealers assaulting him, center mass body shots take both down and open the way back up to the surface for the Kill Team.

Bellerophon shouts for assistance “Brother! Get this tyranid all up off my grille so I may violate the broodlord!”. Sinbad lands four shots on the genestealer, turning it into minced ichor and chitin that falls to the ground with wet squelches before bellowing “Now, please return the favor. Before we get eaten, if you please!”

Bellerophon replaces his bolt pistol in its holster and resumes his heavy bolter warface. He stomps his foot down, and points the business end of his heavy bolter towards the lictor currently trying to absorb Patroclus’ tasty biomass and pulls the trigger. The heavy bolter buckles in his hands, the reverberations from firing the oversized weapon running through the gound. The Lictor is torn to pieces by the bolter rounds leaving only Patriclus standing in surprise as his enemy falls to the ground around him.

The two genestealers that assaulted Cadmus turn and rush the new threat of Bellerophon as the Broodlord gives up his elusive prey for something more easy to catch… Patriclus. Bellerophon chestplate is penetrated by one of the charging genestealers, knocking him on his heels and sending waves of nausea up from damaged organs, his internal biosystems working with his power armor to get him back to fighting shape before the genestealer has even retracted its arm from his chest.

The brood lord jumps after Patriclus slicing a claw down his midsection and making a mockery of his carapace armor but leaving the wounded man alive to continue the fight. Sinbad scream in horror “No! No! Patriclus!”. Omniel hears the commotion behind him, and holsters his bolt pistol, spinning and drawing the boltgun in one fluid motion before the weapon booms his reply to the alien ambush.

As Omniel whips up his bolter and lets loose on the broodlord the bolter rounds crash into it and it staggers under the new weight of the fire from the Omnissiah’s servant. Sinbad faces his doop about, and readies his bolter at the Broodlord “You and your foul kin die, here, by my hand!”. Sinbad lands a single round from his spray but it hits the deadly fiend in the arm and sends it spinning to the floor before it raises itself on its hind legs and prepares to charge.

A single genestealer from the two attacking bellerophon charges omniel but is deftly parried by his servo arm. The other knocks Bellerophon to the ground, hissing in joy as it does so. The Broodlord leaps up at Sinbad but the mounted warrior knocks the beast back to the ground with the flat of his chainsword. “I won’t die like this, to the likes of you!”

Cadmus and now Bellerophon are down, with Arkias lost in the Warp. The threat of a Total Party Kill starts to build.

Patriclus’ shot plasma gun shots go completely wide as the doop moves underneath him. Sinbad tries to steady his mount “Stay calm, Patriclus, we’ll see this beast’s death!”. The doop retreats once more, this time towards the rows of power generators. Omniel draws his close defence bolt pistol once more, scoring a grazing hit on his opponent but nothing more.

Sinbad so too draws his own bolter again, hoping to finally fell the Broodlord. The beast takes another 3 bolter rounds to the body and legs, it sways in place but remains standing, a murderous intent in its eyes, “Damn you. DAMN YOU! WHY WON’T YOU DIE?!”

The genestealer who took down Bellerophon turns with a glance to his lord and charges the agile lizard Sinbad rides but misses, the broodlord once again charges Sinbad, hoping to wear the warrior down but its attacks are parried by the space marine just as Omniel also parries with his own opponent with the trusty Techmarine servoarm.

Patriclus fires two superheated balls of plasma at the broodlord but his basic military issue gun seems to lack suficient firepower against such a sturdy foe or the magnetic coils are in desperate need or maintenance. The doop runs away at its masters behest once more, carrying him and his charge to a temporary safe distance 9m away from the broodlord and its daughter.

Sinbad’s player: “WTF it’s female?!”, Arkias’ player: “jeanstealers!”

Arkias suddenly returns from his brief disappearance, he looks slightly odd for a few moments before his appearance returns to normal, staggering forwards a step as his hood smokes. Omniel continues his amazing performance and slays the genestealer attacking him with another swift bolt pistol shot to the torso.

Sinbad puts down the last normal genestealer, leaving only the broodlord between the kill team and victory. Arkias takes in the scene before he drops his psy-focus and force axe. He breaks into a run, mentally begging forgiveness from the weapon’s warspirit “I WILL NOT BE MADE AN OATHBREAKER!”.

Arkias has a krak grenade in each hand “Choke on these and die, xeno!”. The Librarian stretches out both arms and squeezes the firing studs. The krak grenades go off in his hands spraying the area around him with concentrated explosive that blows the upper limbs off the brood lord and leaves the creature wailing in pain on the rock floor, its keening wail echos through the synaptic link which crosses the edge of Arkias’ psychic senses before the foul abomination finally dies.

Arkias falls to the ground next to his foe, his armour burnt almost beyond recognition, his ceramite plate pitted and scored by the mighty blast. A concerned Sinbad shouts “Psyker! Are…are you alright?!” before turning to the Techmarine “Brother Omniel! Scan the place, while we gather our brothers!”. He hurriedly gathers the bodies of Cadmus and Bellerophon, laying them onto his place on the doop, while carrying Arkias’ body.

The downed members of the squad slowly awaken over the next minute, their armor torn and shredded in some cases. Their muscles sore from battle they slowly emerge from temporary unconsciousness, their victory at the promethium pumping station almost complete. Sinbad looks to his serf “Patriclus, can you still walk? We need as much space as possible.”. Patriclus lowers himself to the rock floor with a hidden grimace, “yes my lord”

Sinbad keeps the heavily damanged squad on course “Brother Omniel, I detect nothing on auspex. Can you revive the refinery’s machine spirits?”. “Uhhh, Holy Emperor it feels like The Rock dropped on me.” Cadmus says as he comes to and begins the process of determining his status. Sinbad conformts him “Easy, Brother Leader. Just lie on the doop. Forgive our weakness this moment, Patriclus. Even His Angels bleed. Sometimes.”

Arkias whispers “Emperor…” as Sinbad gently places the psyker before Cadmus. The Storm Crusader won over by his heroics “Your bravery belies your warp-sin, Brother. Where did you go?”. Arkias, mindful of their secondary objective croaks “The Broodlord…Brother Sinbad.”. Cadmus readies himself and starts work on his battered body, quickly and deftly patching up his injuries enough that his implants will handle the rest “That can wait, i must tend to all of you first.”.

Bellerophon groans with displeasure as Cadmus quickly sutures up the stab wounds to Bell’s chest and gives him a hit of painkillers to help with the pain until his body takes care of it. Sinbad inquires after the Techmarine “Brother Omniel, how goes the reviving of the refinery’s spirits?” as Omniel goes to work at the cogitators “It is difficult.”

Some negative modifiers caused by battle damage to the facility.

Sinbad moves about the refinery space, hoping to find entry paths from the xenos while Cadmus gets to work on Patriclus, quickly patching up the brave man’s wounds.

Omniel follows the rites given to him by the refinery’s tech priests and with some power re-routing due to damage caused in the fire-fight he manages to bring the station back online. bulbs hammered onto walls glow in a artificial yellow along the sides of the man-made tunnels, the sound of rushing liquid soon meets their ears alongside the creaking of mechanical movement and the hum of power generators.

Sinbad impressed congratulates the Techmarine “Good work, Brother Omniel.”. Omniel adds to his earlier comment “Well, not that difficult.”. Arkias slowly strides to where his discarded force axe fell, his gait off slightly. Murmuring litanies of apeasement, the Librarian carefully kneels and retieves the weapon. Sinbad calls over to Cadmus, “Brother Apothecary. Will any of these bodies suffice as a xenos sample?”

A weak signal via vox reaches the Kill Team, interlaced with static “shzztt….Beg………urn……face…..nids….”. “Hmm, let me check.” Cadmus says before he starts checking the corpses. Arkias staggers back to his fellow Team members, the shards of his shattered psy-focus placed in a belt pouch and force axe slung at his side. “Excellent! The broodlord is genetically pure, we’ll take that one too, if your Doop can handle it, Sinbad.” Cadmus says with pleasure.

Omniel, grim, comments on the static filled vox signal “Brothers, I have a bad feeling about this.”. Arkias places one armoured hand against the wall, not caring as the metal deforms under the weight. Sinbad replies to Cadmus “So long as it is dead, it may bear placement upon my doop.”. “Very good.” Cadmus says before he helps load up the body.

Sinbad ,concerned, asks “Arkias? What is wrong? Get over here, with the group. Or are you summoning the Warpstuff again?” as he goes to load the massive broodlord on the doop. Omniel moves to assist Sinbad, using his Servo-Arm as Arkias responds "I am no warp-cultist, brother … to which Sinbad merely shrugs.

“We should bring the remains of that Lictor, i might be able to glean something useful with proper faclities.” Cadmus says as he goes to load its pieces. “We may need to just drag it… The noble doop is strong, but I’m not sure it can both hold and drag these massive fiends.” states Sinbad.

Arkias leans harder against the wall, eyes flickering open and shut again. “Do you sense something Arkias?” Cadmus asks. The Librarian whispers “Silence. The purity of the void. The spoor withers and fades. Only the Emperor’s will…remains.” before he blinks and declares more coherenty “The xenos are gone.”. The Blood Raven is bare-headed, his ruined helmet clipped to his belt.

Sinbad harrumps “There is no more glorious fight to be had here. Let’s be gone, then?”. “Most excellent. Let us return to the surface and look into that transmission. Form up Brothers, best to not drop our guard even though i trust Arkias’ skills.” Cadmus says.

Sinbad nods, and gathers up genestealer bodies to carry physically. Cadmus informs him “You can leave those Sinbad, the stealer corpse we all ready have is enough.”. “And leave precious trophies?” Sinbad stares aghast from behind his beaked helmet. “Allow me, bl-brother.” Arkias says as he takes up one of the shattered corpses.

Cadmus captiulates “Ah, right. Take what you wish.” as Sinbad replies to the Librarian “Ah, yes. I will make you a good knife from the xenos’ claws, Arkias.” before addressing the squad as a whole “The rest of you will need to drag or carry the lictor. The doop is loaded already with just the broodlord.”

Arkias, contrite, adds “I do not merit such a trophy, brother. I have much penance to conduct for my lapse in concentration.”. Leaving the now operating station they head back the way the they came, encountering no resistance or obstacle on the Kill Team’s way to the elevator.

As they ascend they get occasional vox messages breaking through, slowly becoming clearer. “Wand….gon…..shzzttt…..sabot….” to which Sinbad comments “I dislike these vox messages…”. “Everywh….from the….turn at once…+”. “Looks like we’re still too far underground.” notes Cadmus. Omniel makes his own predictions “Something tells me we may yet encounter more resistance.”

Cadmus tries to make contact “This is Team Leader Cadmus, we can barely hear you, but our mission is complete and we’re on our way back.”. As they reach the top of the elevator the doors slide open and reveal the rural town of Weinestadt once more. Cadmus continues to hail the vox broadcaster, “This is Cadmus, please repeate your message again. We’ve left the mines.”

The sound of rumbling reaches their ears as the Kill Team heads out of the entrance and into the evening’s dying light. A wash of green and yellow tinges the sky far off into the distance and a heavy darkness descends over the horizon. “This is Watch Captain Oeris, return at once. The Tyranids have arrived and the fleet has retreated, you must return to Lensberg at once.”

Sinbad curses “Throne damn them, Patriclus. The Xenos have descended, and the Navy has retreated.”, the Commissar replies “That’s fly boys for you sir.”. Cadmus voxes back “Understood Captain, we are ready for retrevial.”. “An aquila lander will be arriving shortly, you achieved all of your objectives?” asks Oeris. “Affirmative Captain.” reports Cadmus.

Sinbad reassures his serf “We are going to be retrieved soon, Patriclus.” as Cadmus adds an addendum to his report “Oh, the refinery was damaged somewhat in the fighting. It was unfortunatetly unavoidable.”. Oeris’ voice is soon blarrede by their voxes once more “Well done, the only good news it seems…the Inquisitor will await your arrival while I am co-coordinating the defense of the city.”

Soon the whine of an aquila lander’s engine greets them and the pilot slams it down onto the deck, lowering the ramp as he lands. He dosen’t seem too happy to be away from the safety of the city of Lensberg. There is just enough space to fit the Kill Team and all of their luggage. Sinbad shouts “You don’t seem happy, mortal! Be so! We brought gifts!” as he waves a gruesome genestealer trophy before entering the lander with the doop and Patriclus.

The pilot calls from his cabin, “Their fliers and spores are coming down everywhere, I don’t want to be outside the range of the hydras anymore than I have to my lord.”. Arkias drops his genestealer on the floor, where it starts to leak ooze “Your courage does you credit, mortal.”. Sinbad examines an arm fallen off the genestealer, and tries to determine the way to best turn it into a trophy or blade

Cadmus calls out “Stand firm pilot, the xenos will regret the day they decided to attack one of the Imperium’s worlds. Now, let’s get back to the city.”. As the Kill Team settles in the pilot takes off, spinning the craft around to head back to Lensberg. Pushing his craft to it’s limits more than once to avoid flocks of leathery winged gargoyles or falling spores.

With a slowing whine of the engines, sympathetically accompanied by the sigh of the pilot you are set down inside the edge of the city’s defense line, ramp descending to show Inquisitor Tellion and her hangers on waiting for the Kill Team with glee. “Inquisitor, i come bearing gifts.” Cadmus says as he unstraps and strides down the ramp. Sinbad exits down the ramp, doop and Patriclus in tow, behind Cadmus. Arkias strides down the ramp, having picked up one of the genestealer corpses at Cadmus’s verbal cue while Omniel follows behind.

The hangers on have grav tables prepared to receive the xenos subjects and Inquisitor Tellion gives them a sharp salute as they make their way down the ramp, bloodied, scarred and with barely functioning armor. Cadmus returns the salute and Arkias follows Cadmus’s lead, banging his fist against his shattered chestplate aquilla.

Omniel assists with the loading of the xenos as the Inquisitor gives the team a wide grin “The Order’s thanks for retrieving these samples honored Apothecary and my congratulations on a successful mission. Obviously circumstances have changed more rapidly that we hoped but we now have the upper hand thanks to your team.”

Arkias’s gaze pans across the scene quickly before returning to the Inquisitor. A loud call come from the edge of the landing ramp “BLASPHEMER, HERETIC, YOU DEFILE THIS CITY AND YOURSELF.”. A man in robes marches towards the Inquisitor, battle sisters wearing battle plate coloured with deep red in tow.

And a new element comes to the fore for the campaign, politics.

Cadmus rounds on the man “Who dares insult the Emperor’s Chosen?!”. The man proudly declares “I, Inquisitor Markus Hardgrave, this filthy woman has blasphemed once again!”. Sinbad’s armor, while broken, growls in anger at the impoliteness of the Inquisitor. “You will explain yourself.” Arkias says tersely, his tone hardening as he cradles his boltgun.

The man stops a few meters from the Kill Team, he points at their Watch Captain’s favorite Inquisitor, “This woman defiles a holy city with xenos breed, she brings into our midst the foulest of creatures to STUDY of all things. She is a heretic for attempting to fathom the mind of the xenos.”

Cadmus tries to placate the man “We only seek to understand how to better kill them, not how their society works. As a Dark Angel, the only xenos i like is the ones i scrape of the soles of my boots.”. Sinbad, mollified by the appearance of holy sisters of battle replies “An Inquisitor of the Ordos Xenos is wrong to study xenos? With all due respect, Inquisitor, to do otherwise would be against the wishes of the Emperor.”

Arkias states “Knowledge is power.”. The Hereticus Inquisitor responds “I order you to allow my subordinates to burn that foul body and clean its foul presence.” Looking directly at Tellion “If only I could do the same to you.” before turning to Cadmus and Sinbad he continues his rhetoric “Ignorance is the foundation of faith, your study begets doubt in The Emperor.”

Arkias sneers “The Deathwatch does not answer to your kind, witchhunter.” but Sinbad goes to a knee in deference to the man “Forgive me, Inquisitor, but this is a matter of the Ordos Xenos. Nothing other than a divine sign or seal of the High Lords shall allow us to break from our orders. Throne be Blessed.”.

Cadmus unwilling to let his team’s sacrifice go without a fight cooly states “That’s not happening, my team and i fought too hard to just let you burn what could give us invaluable insight into how their biology works.”. Arkias adds “As for your claims…know you nothing of the calling of the Ordos Xenos?”.

The man sneers at that, “Your pets talk a lot Tellion, you would subvert the faithful Angels of Death to your own bidding?”. “Pets?” Arkias grates. Cadmus booms “We are NO ONE’S PETS, mortal.”. Sinbad rises to his feet in a flash, roaring “WE TREAT YOU WITH RESPECT, AND YOU DARE DEMEAN THE ANGELS OF HIS HOLY MAJESTY?! YOU GO TOO FAR, MORTAL!”

Bellerophon thumbs the safety on his heavy bolter on and off in anticipation. At this Tellion responds “Your flagrant disregard of my jurisdiction here and the insulting of the honored Deathwatch will be your undoing, take your sisters and go blind fool.”. The highly logical and somewhat detached Omniel simply turns and looks at the Inquisitor, seemingly nonplussed by the insult.

Bellerophon “Power without constraint leads to insanity and corruption, Inquisitor. As Ordo Hereticus surely you are familar. Or, perhaps worst of all, hubris.”"
Sinbad addresses the sisters “Lady Sisters! This man, he has spoken Heresy!”. “You court death. It would be unadvised to make a habit of folly.” Arkias holds his boltgun steady.

Sinbadpaces back in forth in absolute anger. The man squints at Tellion as several superhuman warriors shout at him, “When your political clout falls away Tellion I will have the conclave finally declare you excommunicated, you can be sure of that.”. Sinbad advances on the Inquisitor, armor shrieking at the joins in rage but keeping his hands open.

Cadmus tries to calm the situation and prevent it spinning out of control “Steady Brothers, if violence occurs allow him to initiate it.” as Arkias tries to distance the team from the apparent political infighting “The Deathwatch has no place in your squabbles.”. As Sinbad looms over the Inquisitor both the sisters of battle and the Inquisitor retreat in shock and fear of the dreadful figure.

Bellerophon laughs “He invites ridicule at his own leisure.” as Sinbad continues his tirade “BE GLAD I HAVE NOT THE CLOUT TO BURN YOU FOR YOUR DISRESPECT, LITTLE MAN-THING! YOU DEMEAN HIS SERVANTS, AND YOUR SEAL!”. Cadmus however is glad his helmet conceals his grin at their reaction to Sinbad.

“Focus your attention on the xenos that still live, Inquisitor.” Cadmus says, sneering the last word. Inquisitor Hardgrave stammers for a moment before ushering his personal guard back away from Sinbad while muttering “You are all on a fools errand anyway, this world will burn in the holy fire of exterminatus once the Tyranids take it.”

Sinbad gasps in absolute horror “You…you…YOU ARE A DEFEATIST AS WELL?” while Arkias disdainfully adds “We will stand, and we will do what you lack the steel to do.” already regreting his words, but he does not amend them. Cadmus declares “That won’t happen because we’re going to slaughter every xenos that sets foot on this planet.”

Sinbad rushes the Inquisitor, and grabs him by the cloak collar, lifting him above his feet, and above Sinbad’s own head “You! You, you, you, you! You shame the very vestments you wear, with your COWARDICE!”. Arkias shouts “No!” and raises hit boltgun. Cadmus maintain his calm “Put him down Sinbad, the man has a lot of work to do.”

Bellerophon thinking with how badly the situation has gone quips “If you’re going to do that, Brother, might as well finish the job.”. Meanwhile the battle sisters raise their weapons, aiming directly at Sinbad’s head. Seeing the situation escelate Cadmus shouts “NOW.”.

Bellerophon pulls out his combat knife, voxing “Either kill him or put him down.” and holding the knife out for Sinbad to take. Sinbad lowers the man, slowly. Omniel worried about their schedule voxes “Brothers, stop this. We have no time.”

Sinbad stomps back to the group, uttering thanks to his Brothers for keeping his sense. Bellerophon nods “The proper decision. I have no desire to expend more ammunition.”. The leader of the sisters moves and stands between the Inquisitor and Sinbad before they retreat, not once removing Sinbad from their sights.

Cadmus castises the Storm Crusader “I said not to start anything Sinbad, are your ears malfunctioning??” followed up by the Blood Raven “Brother Sinbad, such rashness shames us all.”. Sinbad implores them “Brother! He is a defeatist, and a coward!” as Bellerophon sheathes his knife

Arkias comments “We should not sink to the level of fools.” as Sinbad continues “Were he not an Inquisitor, I would have crushed his skull!”. Cadmus does not relent “Then let him go die like a coward. We have more important things to do.”. Sinbad broods silently, but nods and complies, falling back into formation.

“I take it he is not a friend of yours, Inquisitor.” Cadmus says to the woman. Inquisitor Tellion holds up placating hands, “My thanks for your support but that plump fool is a distraction from what is at hand. We must focus on our objective to the exclusion of all else or his prediction of this planets fate will become a reality. Yes he has been hounding me for years, the puritan idiot would have us destroy everything The Emperor has built in a ‘holy crusade of fire’ to satiate his need to be sure only ‘faithful’ remain.”

Cadmus nods “Agreed. Shall i assist you in examining the bodies?”. She nods to Cadmus “You assistance would be welcome, this way. If your team wishes to discuss anything with Oeris before retiring to your barracks you can find him at the bunker complex east of here.”. Cadmus turns to his brothers “Thank you Inquisitor. Team, you are free to attend to whatever tasks you like while i help the Inquisitor.”

A chorus of acknoledgement echoes through the squad before Arkias addresses the Inquisitor “…Tellion. I suggest that you resolve your squabble, lest it interefere with my brothers’ calling.”. The woman replies “I can keep him at bay by feeding him bogus reports of dissidents outside the cities walls, you never know we might get lucky and he could actually kill xenos instead of The Emperor’s own subjects for once.”

Sinbad goes over to Patriclus, turning over their samples to Tellion’s servants, saving a claw from the broodlord and Patriclus’ genestealer. “One can only hope.” Cadmus says with a chuckle. “What if the fool comes back infected by genestealers? We could lose the poor Lady Sisters that way, in his hubris.” Sinbad calls from the lander, overseeing the sample turnover.

Arkias coldly replies “Then we perform our charge.” as Cadmusadds “We aren’t their babysitters, but we will clean up the mess.”. Sinbad nods and goes to Cadmus. Tellion continues “Genestealers and their infiltration has been kept at bay thanks to you and your fellow kill team, now the threat of conventional attack by waves of tyranids is our primary concern.”

Sinbad still repentant asks “Permission to attend to our personal tasks, Brother Leader.”, Cadmus waves him away “I all ready gave it Sinbad. Off with you.”. Sinbad nods, and goes to the barracks to remove his armor and prepare its spirit for maintenance. Arkias nods “With your permission, I would conduct my penance upon completion of debriefing.”

Cadmus merely nods in reply, distracted as he begins sharing his preliminary readings of the bodies with Tellion. Omniel retires to his chambers for a long night of oiling, drilling and buffing. Arkias conducts the rite of decomissioning for his helmet under the watchful gaze of the Machine God’s servants “Blessed guardian spirit of this most holy helmet, accept my offering and be at peace… Holy preysight, hunt no more. Your charge is complete. May all servants of the Emperor do as well.”

Well third mission done. The genestealers ‘razor sharp’ claw quality that doubled their penetration if they rolled well to attack was deadly and I was worried for a moment there that the team would all die. I enjoyed the dynamic this session, Arkias’ major failures when dealing with the warp followed by his heroic action was very well role played.

This session also saw the introduction of some new players in the greater game, Inquisitor Hardgrave being the principle one. I added him to provoke the Kill Team and give them a challenging social encounter to navigate and it turned out great, eliciting some good role playing and creating some unresolved tension.

There was one other possible scene I had in mind that never came about, if the team’s Aquila lander was shot down during their approach or departure it would have likely led to a chase scene aboard the rusted cargo train. Fighting off harrassing gargoyles flying overhead and burrowing tyranids leaping from the dirt. The group also really got into the ‘Aliens’ feel of the game which was great.

Mission 3 Summary

Xenos Hunters Antoine