Planning For Next Campaign

Edit and put in your own choices under your name. Staffen has offered to run a 4th ed D&D campaign set in this Deadlands setting Nope, I’ve decided I’ll run Dark Heresy if people’ll play. (-Staffen)

Preferred Systems: (either random or in a 1-whatever list of preference)

Antoine: 40k RPG’s, Warhammer Fantasy 2ed, D&D.


Mir: Rogue Trader, Black Crusade, W40k Ascension, any DH/RT FFG-campaign book run, L5R/Exalted, D&D

BillsPreston: DnD 3rd Edition/Pathfinder, any of the other 40k rpgs, or pretty much anything is fine with me.

Staffen: (In descending order of preference) 1. D&D; 2. Deathwatch/Rogue Trader; 3. Black Crusade.

Bennie: Any of the 40k RPGs, Warhammer Fantasy 2ed, DnD works for me. L5R might be fun. WoD.

Planning For Next Campaign

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