Storm Crusaders Rules

Storm Crusaders
Crusade, 32nd Millennium (in the glorious Age of Rebirth), Black Templars Successors, A New Generation
Demeanor: Swift as the Wind
Marines of this Chapter are famed far and wide for their skill with the blade as well as their leadership under fire. Space Marines of this Chapter gain +5 to WS and Fel.

Battle-Brother Progenitor: The figure led an action against an Eldar craftworld, boarding it and inflicting grievous casualties before withdrawing. He and his Chapter are especially hated by the pernicious Eldar, for whom the event is fresh and raw.
Medieval World, Desert planet, Distant rule
Unique Organization (No Psykers, No Techmarines), Under-strength, Special Mounts, The Emperor Above All, Friends of the Adepta Sororitas, Enemies of The Eldar, Loss of Betcher’s Gland, Sus-an Membrane

Lightning Strike
Quick reaction is the hallmark of this Chapter. While in Solo-Mode, the Battle-Brother is considered to have the Lightning Reflexes Talent. At Rank 3, the Battle-Brother receives +10 to all Dodge tests. At Rank 5, the Battle-Brother is considered to have the Rapid Reaction talent. At Rank 7, the Battle-Brother may automatically pass one Agility-Based Test (for Opposed Tests, the Battle-Brother is considered to have rolled an 01).

Squad Mode Abilities: Siege-Breaker, Swift Advance
Death From Afar:
Advance Cost Type Prerequisites
Awareness 100 Skill
Awareness +10 200 Skill Awareness
Awareness +20 200 Skill Awareness +10
Concealment 300 Skill
Concealment +10 300 Skill Concealment
Concealment +20 300 Skill Concealment +10
Bolter Drill 1000 Talent
Hatred (Eldar) 400 Talent
Exotic Weapon Training (Any) 400 Talent
Hip Shooting 400 Talent BS40, Ag40

1 Suleiman
2 Salahadin
3 Mohammet
4 Averroes
5 Aladdin
6 Sinbad
7 Jafar
8 Shahryar
9 Ali
10 Bob

Chapter Trappings (Choose one):
Trophy Streamer Belt: The marine gets +2 to Fellowship Checks
- Robe of Tradition: Choose a Performer(Singer, Dancer, Musician) skill and gain it while wearing this. If he already has the relevant skill, treat it instead as the Talented(Same) talent.
- Robe of the Ascendant-Remembrance: Treat Survival as a trained basic skill.
- Robe of the Sands: Gain +3 to Concealment and Acrobatics tests.

Relic 1 (The Blade of the Soul)

This is an ancient power falchion hearkening back to the days of the very foundation of the Storm Crusaders, when the Black Templars aided in the founding of their chapter by giving several priceless relics and weapons (which, at the time, were not quite as irreplaceable). Its guard is as beautiful as the elegance of the blade itself, mounting the finest Blackwing shards from the Koronus Expanse to form a black-winged Aqulia. This blade may be mounted on one of two available hafts:

Glory: The first haft is one of several “auspicious” ones used during a Storm Crusaders ritual that occurs every 6 years. Six strong, reinforced power hammers are created and blessed, and the fastest and most martial brothers compete to bear the honor of one to destroy captured Eldar Soulstones, an attempt by the Crusaders to spit upon the foolish alien beliefs of Eldar hell. The successful striking attempts to destroy the stones creates an explosion dangerous enough that it can launch a fully-armored battle brother into the air and do him serious damage. The remaining hafts of the power hammers (of whose heads are often destroyed) are used for refitting onto Blades of the Soul. If the Blade of the Soul is attached to a Glory haft, the blade has the Fast quality and the user adds 5 to their WS, Ag and Fel while using it, and demonic entities do not cause the user to test for Fear. Oddly enough, its users often have trouble parting with the blade; after a mission, to return the blade to the Reliquary requires a successful WP test. Otherwise, the user will take 1d5 Corruption points and refuse to relinquish the weapon until after the next mission (again paying in Requirement points as usual to use this weapon; if they are unable, they will do whatever they can to feasibly be given permission to use it on the mission regardless, short of inviting charges of theft) where they may again try to make the WP test.

Justice: There are only two of these hafts, and are famous in Black Templar Storm Crusader lore. During the final climactic battle against a powerful Chaos lord who had enslaved a solar system with their glamour sorcery, a Black Templar hero finally did the killing blow to the enemy sorcerer by impaling them through their heretic power armor upon a blessed null rod given by the Ordos Malleus, where it cracked into two parts. Both of which were given to the Storm Crusaders at their creation by their father-chapter, who then gave one to the Deathwatch Reliquaries, where it could be shared by Black Templar and Storm Crusader who had deserved to wield it. This haft gives the blade the Sanctified quality and adds 5 WP for its user, as well as functioning as normal as a Null Rod (as described in Black Crusade, without the ability to use it as a weapon itself). On a To-Hit Roll of at least 2 DoS, the weapon has the Flame special quality (against hordes, add +1d3 to damage).

Melee l 1d10+8 l Pen7 l Power Field, Razor Sharp, Special l Wt 6 l Req 60 l Famed

Relic 2 (The Last of the 5 Ancient Bulls, Jetbike)

The Dark Angels Master of the Ravenwing is renowned for his ancient and glorious jetbike. However, while it is popularly said that it is the only remaining Imperial jetbike, this would be a misunderstanding. It is likely the only “presentable” or “glorious” Imperial jetbike remaining.

Throughout their method of exploration in their campaigns via scouting positions with which to harangue their enemy from afar, the Storm Crusaders have a penchant for stumbling upon ancient relics as opposed to actively searching for them. In this case, a chasm discovered by a squad of Crusaders held a rotting manufactorum from possibly during the time of the Great Crusade, within which there was discovered five olden “Bullock”-pattern Imperial jet cycles still-functioning. Being a small chapter, with little clout, two of the cycles were immediately claimed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Out of respect (and a desire to keep the cycles within marine hands), another was given to the Black Templars as a gift. The two worst of the set were kept by the Storm Crusaders, and one of which given to aid their brothers seconded to the Deathwatch against more insidious and fleet aliens. Very few of even the Deathwatch command are allowed to even see or know the presence of this relic, and it is rarely released.

It is a skimmer with the below profile. It is unarmed, and its foot-pedal based method of steering requires that its user have both the Pilot(Personal) and Drive(Hover/Skimmer) and an Ag of at least 50 to manage the odd and difficult way of steering the craft (which however leaves the hands of the pilot free to use their own Basic, Pistol, or Melee weapons) and gives the user the benefit of the Hard Target talent. The craft has been mounted with a force field of 50 from all sides (with an overload of 1) and meticulously added armor plating that requires that two damage rolls be taken when it is hit directly, and the lower taken. Successful hits through the field have a 50% chance of hitting the rider or bike. As it is Open-Topped, enemies may target the riders of the bike with the Called Shot action, where successful hits make the force fields only have a Protection Rating of 20.

If the bike is destroyed, the one it was issued to must immediately commit honorable suicide or face vengeance by other Storm Crusaders (possibly Black Templars as well) to avenge the honor and ill-luck of destroying such an ancient relic.

Cost: 100 Req, Renown: Hero
Type: Skimmer
Tactical Speed: 35m
Cruising Speed: 300kph
Maneuverability: +25
Structural Integrity: 20
Size: Hulking
Armor: Front25, Side20, Rear20
Crew: One driver and one possible passenger (of whom, cannot use anything other than a single handed Pistol or Melee weapon as they need the other to hang on!)
Carrying Capacity: Personal equipment only.

Relic 3 (The Favor of the Spirit Doop and Throne)

This relic is a reproduction of the apocryphal legendary seal given by the Spirit Doop while it guided the sainted prophet “Red Son” to find and become the first to recover the Imperial faith on Haq after the Age of Blind Apostasy in the fable famous on Haq (where a young youth with red hair would go on a series of fateful meetings and adventures to lead the planet from the Blind Apostasy after the appearance of the fated Black Templar squad thrown from the Warp, and later landing of Imperial-recovery Sororitas, after being chosen for destiny by the Emperor and his Haqqian servant, the ever-popular and sardonic talking Spirit Doop). It is a Jokaerian Field generator as described in Dark Heresy Demon Hunter, where it also provides protection from Warp Weapons and Psychic Attacks equal to the WP bonus of the user.

Cost: 70 Req, Renown: Hero

Relic 4 (The Als-Johnson Jump Pack)

This is a very old, very rare jump pack pattern kit that fell out of use with the Imperium during the Great Crusade due to how unruly it was. It functions as a normal jump pack, save for that when moving directly straight forwards, it adds +1d10m to the possible movement rate and gives the Berserk Charge talent. It as well mounts a vox-operated twin-linked grenade launcher on each leg of the user with the following weapon profile for each:

Basic l 45m l S/-/- l Damage(Frag or Krak) l Pen(Frag or Krak) l Clip 2 l 3Full l Twin-Linked l Wt 8
Cost: 25, Renown: Distinguished

Ranged Weapon (Dhakaa Bolter)

This bolt weapon is a relatively “modern” STC template design discovered thousands of years ago in incredibly damaged and fragmented form in the depths of a gigantic, sprawling pre-Imperial hive ruin on Dhakaa where a team of Storm Crusaders were dogging their enemy. At the time, while its certainty as an STC template were irreproachable, it was in such decayed and destroyed hand-copied form, that it was written off as a loss even by the Adeptus Mechanicus, taking the hard copy only as a relic. The Storm Crusaders maintained a detailed pict-cast of it, and through millennia of secretive trial and error by countless of their most skilled artificers, believe they have reproduced a working copy of this bolter. The Storm Crusaders find it to be a gift from the Emperor, as it has proven incredibly useful in the fight against their long-time enemies, the Eldar, and to the own personal campaign style of the Crusaders for the past 500 years. As independent creation of new weapons is slow by the normally import-reliant and great forge-lacking Crusaders, these weapons are given to their most respected brothers. As of now, it is still being reviewed by the Adeptus Mechanicus for its purity, as it is a largely estimated reproduction (despite its functionality) from the original STC template.

It is a long bolter with a Gatling tri-barrel that uses a special thinner, longer express bolt round, trading a normal bolt’s explosive potential for sheer speed. These bolts (which are not usable in other bolt weapons) travel quickly enough that targets are at -10 to Dodge them. However, these weapons are relatively unreliable, due to the incredible ammo gluttony of the machine spirits that work them (requiring a large box-style magazine, normally seen in use by Sternguard Veterans of other chapters). It will jam on a To-Hit roll of 94+. As well, the special caliber of the bolts (as yet only manufactured by the Storm Crusaders) means that the only special ammunition available for it is Witch Bolts, and Implosion Shells at +5 Req cost for a full magazine.

It may not mount a Melee Attachment, Silencer, or Fire Selector (it’d be too ungainly!). As well, since each one is already a carefully-made weapon, its quality may not be upgraded further.

Basic l 120m l S/3/6 l 1d10+6X l Pen6 l Clip 60 l 2Full l Tearing l Wt 36 l Req 20 l Distinguished

Melee Weapon (Astartes’ Kiss)

This power-weapon variant of an ancient spring-loaded and concealed weapon favored for centuries by the merchant-nobles that occupy the bazaar-keeps of Haq, brought to the Storm Crusaders after several generations of the rare merchant-noble son that both secures an Angel’s Token and survives the trek across the Judgement Desert and become an Astartes applicant. Merchant-nobles in Haq’s cities are trained from birth to survive in a brutal world of subterfuge and deadly (but silent) in-fighting by and as assassins, fighting for gain or to defend bitterly what could be worth hundreds of years worth of property and power with each silent blade in the darkness. These are forearm-mounted power needles similar to an Apothecary’s reductor that normally are withdrawn into a thin, innocuous sheath on the underside of the forearm. However, they can be deployed with a gesture in a flash and are difficult for enemies to properly dodge, despite the weapon being notoriously fragile.

They are different to the reductors they are related to in that instead of withdrawing tissue from their target after punching through armor, they instead may electromagnetically fire from a cartridge inside their arm-housing an infinitesimal globule anti-matter that can rip apart their opponents from within. It is however with no small amount of chagrin that many have named this weapon an “Astartes’ Kiss,” due to the similarity of use to an Eldar Harlequin’s Kiss.

These weapons are thin and difficult to see, weaving in and out of an opponent’s view, and are Fast. However, they are very fragile and cannot be used to Parry, as well as that the user’s Strength Bonus is not added into their damage. The first time the blade is used in an encounter, if the opponent did not see the blade deployed previously or otherwise know it was there, the opponent gets -10 to Dodge or Parry the first attack if they were not otherwise unaware. This bonus disappears after the first use (the opponent knows it’s there and is on guard!).

After successfully striking and before damage rolls, the user may choose to fire the anti-matter into their opponent. If the damage done by the main weapon profile was at least one point after armor and toughness, the opponent takes 1d10 damage mitigated only by toughness with Felling(1). However, the anti-matter firing cartridges can only be loaded one at a time and must be reloaded after a single use. This takes a full 30 seconds and cannot be done inside of a combat encounter, as handling the fragile and dangerous anti-matter cartridges is dangerous and even more-so by clumsy power-armored fingers! If the user is not wearing gauntlets (at most, work gloves), the reload of cartridges requires only a Full reload action, but still cannot be done inside combat (else risking 1d10 on a failed Ag Test at -20).

Melee l 1d10+2E l Pen10 l Fast, Power Field l Wt 3 l Req 10 l Distinguished


Sandstorm Field Modulator

This power field modulation generator came about from the Storm Crusaders’ constant tinkering with the weapons supplied to them by the Adeptus Mechanicus in order to discover new uses and abilities of standard weapons (since they lack the ability to create new, purpose-made weapons). Whereas the “storm” field upgrade favored by numerous heretics is a (dangerous) overcharging of a power field, the sandstorm field is instead a clever undercharging.

It relies on the generator unit to purposely randomize and intermittently modulate the power field threshold. This creates a very visible, hazy halo around the power weapon it is attached to, making it appear and sound to the Crusaders as if the weapon were wrapped in a miniature “sandstorm.” The field then has a grinding matter disruption flow due to the abrasive quality given by the agitated field wave-particles. This random modulation and larger field is different than a “honed” and blade-like normal power field in that it creates larger, grind-like rends in enemies it hits.

*Due to the fact that the sandstorm field obscures the power weapon, it is considered in poor taste and ill-fated for Storm Crusaders War Priests (Chaplains) to obscure their Crozius symbol with them, as well any other Imperial weapon gilded or etched with Imperial icons and imagery.

Cost: [Weapon Cost]+5 Req, Renown: Respected
On weapons upgraded with this, on each successful strike, roll a 1d10 and decrease the Pen value of the power weapon by that much for that strike (to a minimum of 1) . The weapon then gains Tearing to its attacks. Exceptional and Master-Crafted versions of the generators change the power field Penetration reduction to 1d5 and 1d3 respectively.

Warchief Turban

Req: 10
Renown: Distinguished

This is a large turban made for space marines. As in, it is absolutely massive. A man crouched into the fetal position could fit inside.

This turban is chosen by the mightiest warlords of Haq, who pronounce their might to any challengers to their home and hearth and honor. It is made of fine cloth wrapped around a central inner hat which provides structure and holds the crown of the person who wears it. It is decorated around its circumference with three bands of white cloth with golden trophy tokens hanging on them.

It is at once absolutely absurd and oppressively huge, yet majestic and grand. Regardless, it is certainly a sight to behold on the battlefield, giving allies a marker of their war-leader’s presence and leadership, and enemies the sight of a strong warrior.

This turban gives +10 to Fellowship tests. However, due to its ungainly size and weight, it forces -10 to all physical action-based Ag tests. It can be worn over a space marine helmet or on one’s head.

Storm Crusaders Rules

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