Deathwatch game set in the Canis and Acheros Salients of the The Achilus Crusade within the Jericho Sector.


Current XP: 49,600 (Rank 8)
Current Renown: 83
Additional Personal Renown
Sinbad +5 (for his sacrifice of devotion to his Commissar Serf, Protecting the Ethereal, returning Salamander relics, Black Sword was used to Banish a Bloodthirster and an Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine. Threw himself at the Eldar daemon-god to buy Anselm time to recover during the titanic battle.)
Anselm +7 (Norn Queen attack volunteer, Reckless heroism, Banished a Bloodthirster for 1000 years and defeated an Avatar of Kaela Mensha Khaine.)
Bellerophon +3 (Betraying the Kill Team’s presence to the Tau, Best debrief report, Did significant damage to the Bloodthrister, opening the way for Banishment. Tyrannic War Vet Renown bonus)
Omniel +4 (Saving the Kill Team, Inquisitor Oriel and other Imperial assets from certain death, Held down a Bloodthirster on his own to open the way for Banishment.)
Navarre +2 (Maintaining the Inquisitor’s confidence, performing miracle surgery on Elona and Isabella.)
Balmung +2 (Securing the Inquisitor, cobbling together a strike force to save the Kill Team and riding a ramshackle Shark Attack Boat into the bridge of the Dark Eldar frigate. Assisted in the destruction of the Bloodthrister.)

Mission Summaries, Custom Chapter Rules and Raw Logs

Jericho map

Xenos Hunters

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