Xenos Hunters

Mission 9: The Hestian Conclave

The mission to hunt down Hardgrave had greater ramifications that could have been foresaw. The Kill Team breached the complex before meeting a Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus who was vague and evasive when questioned. Alarms and an explosion however led the space marines to an underground prison. Inside they found a wide variety of mutants and psykers that were inexplicably released simultaneously.

Fighting their way downwards through the prison block they saved some sisters of battle that were hurt badly by a conflagration summoned by a strong willed witch. Continuing further in to save Canoness Commander Isabella Chevalier of the Order of the Bloody Rose they came upon a horrific scene of butchered and hanged sisters. Those still alive were being tortured by a group of massively oversized mutants which the Kill Team dispatched quickly. Though the ministrations of the Apothecaries and Techmarine the Canoness was stabilised and her armour patched up so that should could accompany the group.

At this point Hardgrave’s Interrogator, a Gottfrid Swedbourg, turned up with a force of normal prison guards and then escorted the Kill Team to his master. The ensuing verbal sparing led to a physical confrontation between Brother Anselm and the interrogator. Gottfrid died and this triggered a daemon summoning to occur with lesser daemons of Khorne appearing, all the sisters and guards ran while the Canoness held her ground as did the serfs alongside the Kill Team. Hardgrave activated some acro-flagellants while retreating down a hidden passageway. The lesser daemons were destroyed just as a Bloodthirster burst through the warp and the serfs were ordered to retreat in the face of this foe.

Omniel grappled the daemonic entity while urging his brothers to escape, they however stood by the techmarine’s side and worked together to slowly bring down the bestial looking creature. Anselm took up the Black Sword of the Imperial Blood-heirs from Balmung’s belt and used it to banish the daemonic general. The unique sword, hand forged by Sinbad, was powerful enough to accomplish this feat and lay low the titanic monster.

In the aftermath the staff of the entire complex were rounded up and ferried back to the Venator to be incarcerated including a reticent Magos. It took several days of void patrols through the asteroids surrounding the planet for Lady Captain Basilicus to track down Hardgrave hiding in the back of a powered down Arvus Lander that had attached itself to a large asteroid.

Inquisitor Oriel conducted private interrogations of Hardgrave, initiating the first through fourth and sixth Actions on the journey back to Watch Station Hestia. Oriel took his leave soon after arriving, stating his desire to contact associates to continue the search for the Chaos Frigate. Sinbad, Patriclus and Tellion also returned to the Watch Station not long after your arrival.

On arrival at the Watch Station the Ordo Malleus Grand Master Lothar Constantine of the Jericho Reach begun interrogations of the entire prison complex’s staff in an effort to find any trace of taint, many of them were granted the Emperor’s mercy, lest their infection grow. Watch Commander Mardon has spared you the indignity of such interrogations while the Canoness has renounced her Commandery’s oaths of protection for Hardgrave and was awarded special dispensation to remain at the Watch Station during your stay there.

A Conclave has been called with Masters of Ordos Xenos, Hereticus and Malleus all present. Grand Master Constantine has been joined by Lord Inquisitor Revan Thysser Nuroman of Ordo Xenos and Lady Inquisitor Lugenbrau Isis of Ordo Hereticus. They have brought two Inquisitors each with them and a few hangers on for the trial of Inquisitor Hardgrave, with Tellion submiting a Carta Extremis declaring him Extremis Diabolus, guilty of consorting with daemons and witchcraft most foul for which there is only one punishment. Death…

You have been called in to not only provide security for the gathering but also provide testimony during the trial.

+++Author: Inquisitor Tellion+++
+++Subject: Private/921

Primary Objectives:
1. Testify at the trial
Secondary Objectives:
1. Provide security for the trial

Terrain: Watch Station Hestia, void station.

Insertion: Leave your room and go down the hall on your left, then take two immediate right turns. Follow the winding staircase down (don’t worry, it is space marine rated) and then take the second turn on your right… If you come to the beast pens filled with orks you have gone too far.

Gold aquila Thought For The Day: “We must be as unsleeping in vigilance, swift in judgement, merciless in deed.”

[Req 50 per kill team member. Shine your armour bitches, gotta look good for the trial. Parade inspection quality at least.]

You may pool Req as normal.

[Court Room]
Trial room   copy



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