Space Wolf Assault Marine/Fist Company veteran
WS: 60 +10 when attacking with the axe
BS: 38
S: 62
T: 58
Ag: 52
Int: 41
Per: 56
WP: 43 (may re-roll failed wp tests from psychic powers)
Fel: 43
Fate points: 4
Fate points remaining: 4
Wounds 24 remaining: 17
Past: The Great Hunt
Demeanour: Son of Russ
corruption: 30
XP: 150
Xp spent: 31350
reknown: Famed 69
req points: 35
Weapon skill advance: simple, intermediate, trained, expert
balistic skill advance: simple
Strength advance: simple, intermediate, trained
Toughness advance: simple, intermediate
agility advance: simple, intermediate
perception advance: simple, intermediate
intelligence: simple
Willpower: simple

Advanced skills: Pilot (personal), Common Lore (Imperium, Adeptus Astartes, War), Drive (ground vehicles), tracking, tactics (melee),
language ( high gothic, low gothic), Navigation (surface), Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes), Ciphers (Chapter runes), Tracking (20)
Skills: Dodge (Ag), Awareness, Climb, Concealment, intimidate, Literacy, silent move, dodge (10), Command +20

Traits: Heighten Senses (smell), unnatural strength (x2) unnatural toughness (x2)

Talanets: Swift Attack, Wrathful Descent, Lightning Attack, Lightning reflexes, Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapons Training, Buldging biceps,
hightened senses (hearing, sight), Killing strike, Nerves of Steel, quick draw, resistance (psychic powers), true grit, unarmed Master,
Catfall, Signature Wargear (Master) (Hero), Sound constitution (x3), crushing blow, Hatred (orks) (chaos space marines), Astartes Weapon Specialisation (power), Resistance (Cold), counter attack,
Wall of Steel, hunter of aliens, survivor (strength), two weapon weilder (melee), dual strike, talented (tracking), berserk charge, scourge of heretics, strong minded

Distinctions: Unshakeable

Battle Hardened ability: an old friend: can reroll WS tests equal to rank for the mission for power axe

Weapons: Frost Axe (1d10+11 E Pen 9 tearing, power field)
grenades: astartes krak grenades x3, astartes frag grenades x3
storm shield
armor: 8/10 power armor (fury like lightning (5 ag +1 to intiative rolls), fersian wolf helm
terminator armor 14 all cower not before the enemy -20 to silent movement and concealment +10 to command) 35 shield
Chapter trappings: Totem of the Bloodied Hunter (1 to Righteous Fury damage)
misc gear: Astartes jump pack, crux terminatus, signum link
Iron Skull, Imperial Laurel
Good Reputation (Order of the Bloody Rose)

Followers: Hound: Fersian Wolf, Kant



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